Rebounder HIIT + Core Workout | Mini Trampoline 20 MIN Cardio

Rebounder HIIT + Core Workout | Mini Trampoline 20 Min Cardio is a fun and intense cardio interval workout from Michelle Briehler. This workout is done differently from any of her other rebounder workouts that I have done so far. The workout is all music, no talking. There are no graphics and no exercise previews. There are beeps to alert you when the intervals begin and end. I’ll be honest, though this was an excellent workout and I really enjoyed it, I also really missed the graphics I am accustomed to in other trainers’ workouts–timers for the intervals and recoveries, previews of the next move, a timer or graph counting down the workout time. Now, Michelle never has those things in any of her workouts that I’ve done but she does normally talk and cue. Some cuing would have been nice sometimes, but overall still I really liked this workout a lot. Especially the cardio portion. The cardio is done interval style; each exercise is done for 30 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. The core work is also done interval style but the intervals are longer: 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. I really like the 30/10 intervals for the cardio. And none of the exercises were complex or difficult to do. Michelle usually started an exercise a few seconds for before the timer signaled you to begin the interval so you at least had an idea of what was coming. The core work was tough! Those 50 second intervals seemed an eternity sometimes–which is why a timer would have been welcome!

This workout does not contain a warm up; however, the first few intervals are low key enough that they work well as a warm up. I used this as my morning workout so I needed something to round out my hour anyway so I started with a short cardio rebounder workout from San Fran Fitness. It worked well as a warm up and brought my workout time up to 53 minutes. Michelle gives you a thorough stretch at the end of this workout. In 40 minutes I burned 261 calories and spent a total of 9 minutes in my peak heart rate zone.

Rebounder HIIT + Core Workout | Mini Trampoline 20 Min Cardio is 40:24 minutes; no warm up, 25 minutes HIIT cardio, 10 minutes core work and 5 minute stretch.

HIIT Cardio:

  1. Basic bounce pushing arms overhead
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Alternating knee raises, raise arms overhead and pull them down to knee when leg raises
  4. Scissor run
  5. Single knee pull
  6. Repeat #5 on other leg
  7. Hopping hip twist hops
  8. Knee raise bringing opposite elbow to knee when it raises + side leg lift pushing both arms overhead (same leg)
  9. Repeat #8 on other side of body
  10. Squat jacks with a double jump when legs are wide
  11. Cross jacks (your arms will be crossing, too)
  12. Alternating low front kicks crossing straight arms in front of you
  13. Alternating knee raises, raise arms to side and touch fingers together under thigh when leg is raises
  14. One hip twist + one tuck jump
  15. One knee raise + one front kick (same leg)
  16. Repeat #15 on other leg
  17. Alternating side leg lifts, push arms overhead
  18. Lateral ski hops, reach arms in front of you and pull them down in time with hops
  19. 180 squat jumps
  20. 2 knee raises bringing opposite elbow to knee when it raises + one front kick pushing arms overhead + one side kick pushing arms out to sides in a T (all on same leg)
  21. Sprint
  22. Repeat #20 on other side of body
  23. One jumping jack + one air jack
  24. Double jacks
  25. Hop on one foot
  26. Repeat #25 on other leg
  27. Side knee raises, raise arm overhead and pull elbow down to thigh when knee raises
  28. Repeat #27 on other side of body
  29. Double hop forward + double hop backward + 2 jumping jacks
  30. 8 high knee runs + 8 hip twist hops
  31. Sprint
  32. Squat and place hands on rebounder frame, jump feet back to bear pose, jump feet back into squat and stand and jump
  33. Monkey (wide leg high knee run–legs are wide, knees are turned out to sides, arms are open to sides in goal post, bringing elbow to knee when it is raises)
  34. Knee raise hops while rotating to side (raise knee while facing one direction, other leg does a quarter turn hop, lower leg while facing other direction, reverse this back to start)
  35. (no rest/recovery) Sprint
  36. (the next 3 are cool down moves, so no rest/recoveries) “Joyful” jumping
  37. Alternating side leg lifts, arms raise and lower to side in opposition to each other
  38. Random jumping


  1. Lay on back on rebounder, hands grip rebounder frame above head, both legs are raised straight to ceiling, do a reverse crunch, lifting hips
  2. Lay on back on rebounder, hands behind head, shoulders elevated and knees bent w/ feet raised off ground, alternate lowering one leg to tap floor with toe, alternate legs
  3. Lay on back on rebounder, hands grip rebounder frame above head, both legs are raised straight to ceiling, lower legs while also opening them wide drawing a circle so you bring legs together again when they are in line with hips, reverse this motion when raising them back to start while also lifting hips into a reverse crunch
  4. Jack knife (rest on one hip on rebounder, legs extended straight, forearm on rebounder, raise and lower straight legs, reaching top arm to feet when legs are raised); when there is 20 seconds left, keep top leg raised isometrically and raise and lower bottom leg
  5. Repeat #4 on other side of body
  6. Sit on bottom on rebounder, torso is leaned back slightly, knees are bent and raised, push legs out straight while also lowering torso then return to start, arms are extended straight along sides; when there is 20 seconds left, hold V sit isometrically while opening and closing bent legs
  7. Lay on back on rebounder w/ feet together and bent knees open to sides, hands are behind head, pulse crunch
  8. Lay on back on rebounder, hands holding frame overhead, lower one straight leg and when you raise it, ankles are crossed and you do a reverse crunch
  9. Repeat #8 with leg positions swapped
  10. Sit on rebounder, torso leaned back, knees bent and feet raised off ground, rotate arms and torso side to side, twist knees in opposition to arms; about halfway through interval Michelle just twists arms/torso and legs remain stationary

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “Rebounder HIIT + Core Workout | Mini Trampoline 20 MIN Cardio

  1. Good morning! ☺️☀️

    Today I did Caroline day 42 Epic III UB disrupt tempo training. Excellent workout! I really liked how she varied the tempo. It really made the time fly! And she didn’t do a ton of push-ups which was welcomed for a UB workout from her. Although my elbow is starting to feel better, I still babied it a bit where I had to but otherwise heavied up.

    I finished with Heather’s day 8 strong core which is another super finisher. I’ve done 3 or 4 of her daily 10’s and really liked all of them so far.

    Seeing as I asked Santa for a rebounder for Christmas, I was hoping you could recommend some good starter rebounder workouts? I really don’t know where to begin. Thanks!


    1. There are a lot of good rebounder workouts to introduce to rebounding. If you are already in great shape and used to intense workouts then you do not really need beginner workouts other than for a brief intro. I’m pretty sure that describes you! So here are a couple that can introduce you to rebounding. AngieFitnessTV: 15 Minutes to Fit Rebounder Cardio is a great, short intro to rebounding. SanFran Fitness has several beginner level rebounder workouts that are a good intro: 25 Minute Low Impact Bounce Fit Class with Stability Bar, 25 Minute Beginners Bounce with Weights. Then of course, my favorite trainer Naomi Joy has one beginner level workout: Beginner Trampoline Workout / Balance Bar / Stability Bar. She has another workout labeled beginner but it is not as easy as the others I’ve listed so far but it is a great one to try once you’ve done 1-2 (or all) of the ones I listed and you feel you can do more. Rebounder Workout Beginner // All Cardio. If you are able to handle that with no problem then you can handle the more advanced workouts. Here is Naomi’s page where I have listed all of her workouts. And here is the page I created for every rebounder workout I have reviewed. Between those two there are tons of rebounder workouts to try. Naomi’s are my favorite. Michelle Briehler creates some great ones, too. SanFran Fitness has a lot of rebounder workouts I like as well. Those are the 3 trainers I primarily use for rebounder workouts.


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