Rebounding Cardio Workout #4 (23 MIN) Bounce to the Beat. Beginner to Intermediate.

As the title of this workout indicates, this is one of Kat Gates-Buettner‘s easier rebounder workouts. Rebounding Cardio Workout #4 is another fun cardio workout but it is slightly lower intensity than her other 3 that I have done so far. I am doing her #5 tomorrow and after previewing it, that one is definitely her most advanced and intense. But even though this was the easiest of hers that I’ve done so far, it was still tons of fun. This workout is set to motivating music and cued voice over. I was again surprised by my calorie burn–238 calories in only 23 minutes. You jump right into this workout, starting the first combo immediately; but that is part of this being an easier, beginner level workout–the first moves serve as a warm up. And since Kat builds the routine over the course of the workout (and you repeat the routine frequently), you return to those low intensity moves multiple times, giving you lots of recovery. There are no complicated or difficult to perform moves, but she still puts together a routine of fun combos.

Rebounding Cardio Workout #4 is 23:37 minutes; there is no designated warm up and 2:20 minute cool down (includes #50 & 51).

  1. Hip shift hops side to side
  2. Double hip shift hops, alternate sides
  3. Repeat #1 & 2 to a single-single-double tempo
  4. Basic bounce
  5. Repeat #3
  6. Hopping hip twists, arms are raised to shoulder level and move in opposition to hips
  7. Basic bounce
  8. Repeat #3 & 6
  9. Basic bounce
  10. Repeat #8
  11. Basic bounce, alternate raising and lowering arms in front of you
  12. Single leg side leg lifts while also raising opposite arm out to side
  13. Repeat #11
  14. Repeat #12 on other side of body
  15. Repeat #11-14
  16. Basic bounce
  17. Repeat #8
  18. Repeat #12-15
  19. 8 hard bounces raising knees while also pushing arms down + 8 basic bounces
  20. Repeat #17-19
  21. Alternating hopping knee raises
  22. Alternating hamstring curls, reach arms forward and pull them back
  23. Repeat #21 & 22
  24. 4 hopping single knee raises
  25. Repeat #22 for 4 reps
  26. Repeat #24 on other leg
  27. Repeat #25
  28. Repeat #24-27
  29. Repeat #24-27 but only do 2 reps of each
  30. Repeat #20-27
  31. Repeat #29
  32. Alternating heel digs while swinging arms side to side; changes to pushing arms overhead
  33. Fast alternating heel digs while punching arms in front of you in time with heel digs
  34. Scissor runs, alternate raising and lowering straight arms in front of you
  35. Basic bounce
  36. Repeat #32
  37. Repeat #33 but punch arms high then low
  38. Repeat #34
  39. Basic bounce
  40. Repeat #30-33
  41. Repeat #37 & 38
  42. Jumping jacks
  43. Repeat #34 & 42
  44. 2 jumping jacks + one squat jack + 2 bounces
  45. Basic bounce
  46. Repeat #40
  47. Repeat #43 & 44
  48. Basic bounce
  49. Repeat #46 & 47
  50. Basic bounce
  51. Hip shift side to side

For more info on other (free) Kat Gates-Buettner workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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