SaraBethYoga: 20 Minute Full Body Morning Yoga Stretch | SUNRISE YOGA

20 Minute Full Body Morning Yoga Stretch | Sunrise Yoga is a really nice and gentle yoga practice from Sara Beth. I loved it and it was just what I needed this morning. My entire body is sore from a week of Caroline Girvan‘s Beastmode workouts, plus my feet hurt from being on them all day yesterday (I have screws and plates in both heels). This practice gave me some gentle, feel good stretching and no complicated poses. I felt really good by the end. I followed this up with Sara’s 10 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga for Hips which is a short yin yoga practice to really open your hips up. Together, they did an excellent job working out some of my soreness and left me feeling so good and refreshed.

20 Minute Full Body Morning Yoga Stretch | Sunrise Yoga is 20:29 minutes. This practice is actually 19 minutes; the last 1:30 minute is Sara talking about one of her other yoga practices. Equipment: fitness mat.

  1. Sit cross-leg on mat; add neck mobility stretches
  2. Seated cat/cow (hands on knees, round and arch back)
  3. Still seated cross-leg, do side bend, reaching arm overhead to other side
  4. Shoulder rolls
  5. Clasp hands behind you then bring hands over to one side and tilting head to side, stretching shoulder (trapezius)
  6. Still seated cross-leg, fold forward over legs, arms crossed on floor in front of shins
  7. Reverse tabletop (or crab, pushing hips to ceiling)
  8. Downward facing dog
  9. Forward fold rag doll-style
  10. Stand with hands in prayer taking deep breaths
  11. Reach arms overhead then forward fold
  12. Low lunge with hands on floor; lower back knee to floor and reach arms overhead into modified crescent pose; place hands on front thigh and continue taking deep breaths
  13. Still in kneeling lunge, hands together in prayer, twist torso toward front leg and place tricep against front leg so you are in modified twisted crescent
  14. Still in kneeling lunge, lift back foot, holding foot with hand, pulling foot into glute
  15. Still in kneeling lunge, shift hips back so you are in half split
  16. Warrior 2 pose
  17. Right angle pose
  18. Reverse triangle
  19. Forward fold
  20. Repeat #12-18 on other side of body
  21. Forward fold
  22. Puppy pose
  23. Child’s pose

For more info on SaraBethYoga and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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