Barlates: Standing Barre Glutes

Standing Barre Glutes is part of Linda Wooldridge‘s Standing Barre Series. There are 5 workouts in this series and so far I have done this workout and Standing Barre Abs. They are all available for free on YouTube and you can also get all 5 workouts on a single DVD.

This was a great barre workout that hits your glutes hard. It was burning Linda’s glutes out, too! It killed my standing/stationary leg worse than the working leg. Throughout this workout Linda frequently reminds you to tuck your hips while doing the exercises. This hip tuck really makes the exercises hit your glutes deeper–both glutes btw, working and stationary. And like I have already mentioned–it was seriously burning out my standing glutes. Another great and painful barre workout!

Standing Barre Glutes is 28 minutes long; w/ 1 minute stretch. Equipment needed: chair and a resistance loop.

  1. Stand w/ feet shoulder width apart, toes turned out and do plié squats, touching fingertips to ground; this changes to step out side lunges (step one foot out 3x, further each time, fingertips still tapping floor), alternate sides; open feet into wide plié and shift side to side tapping hand to opposite foot; add a pulse to each shift
  2. Bring legs together and do a narrow squat, touching fingertips to floor; keep fingers on floor and pulse squat
  3. Place loop around ankles, face chair w/ hands on back of chair and raise and lower straight leg behind you; hold leg out and push in toward other leg; changes to lifting leg behind you then pushing it in toward other leg; lift leg out behind you and bend and straighten knee
  4. Turn leg out to side (in attitude but leg is straight) and lift and lower (it is still behind you, but top of foot/knee are facing side); changes to circles; lift leg out and bend and straighten knee
  5. Repeat 3 & 4 on other leg
  6. Place loop above knees and lean on chair back, bend one knee and push it out behind you; hold leg out, lifted behind you, and bend and straighten knee; point toe and raise and lower straight leg; place loop under bottom of foot, bend knee and push in and out behind you (loop is still above knee of other leg)
  7. Repeat 6 on other leg

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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