Trampoline Workout 40 Min / Cardio & Core

Currently Michelle Briehler only has 4 rebounder workouts on YouTube and I have now done 3 of those 4 workouts. This is her newest one. She shares that this is all unchoreographed–she put this whole workout together on the fly, keeping the moves in time with the music. Which is pretty impressive. It is a great workout. Lots of fun and she cues really well for this being unplanned. This is a steady state cardio workout with some core work. The cardio does get intense sometimes but never HIIT level intense. However, she has squat jumps and those always burn me out–they did in this workout, too. Between a few of the songs she gives you a short break to get a drink of water. I got an excellent and fun cardio workout and some good core work. According to my FitBit I burned 304 calories.

Trampoline Workout 40 Min / Cardio & Core is 42:10 minutes (the last minute is Michelle talking so the workout is actually approx. 41 minutes); 1:15 minute intro (but you can obviously be bouncing and warming up during this–I was), 30 second warm up (not sure when warm up ended and workout began), 8:30 minutes of core work and 2 minute stretch.

  1. Double jacks; changes to single jacks, pushing arms overhead
  2. Single knee raise bounce, tap opposite hand to knee as it raises (stay on same side until she tells you to change sides)
  3. 2 single knee raise bounces, reach both arms overhead and pull them down to knee as it raises, alternate sides
  4. 4 front kicks on one leg before changing legs; changes to 2 front kicks each leg; changes to single alternating hop front kicks, reach arms overhead and pull them down to thigh when kicking
  5. Double jacks
  6. Wide leg hops, reach arms overhead and pull elbows down to sides (lat pull)
  7. Double hip twist hop to side, double hop to front, double hip twist hop to other side; changes to single hip twist hops in each direction; add bow and arrow arms
  8. High knee run
  9. Alternating knee raise hops, reach opposite arm overhead and pull down to knee as it raises
  10. Basic bounce
  11. Scissor runs to single-single-double pattern
  12. One knee raise + one kick (both on a diagonal), alternate sides
  13. Repeat #11 & 12 two more times
  14. Repeat #12 but remain on one leg (do not change sides)
  15. Repeat #11
  16. Repeat #14 on other leg
  17. Repeat #11
  18. Jumping jacks
  19. Repeat #12 & 11
  20. Repeat #18
  21. High knee run with directional changes
  22. Repeat #18
  23. Repeat #21
  24. Tuck jump jacks (jack legs wide and narrow while also bringing knees up to chest)
  25. High knee run
  26. Repeat #24
  27. Repeat #21
  28. Basic bounce
  29. Squat jacks, touching fingers of one hand to rebounder when in in squat
  30. Repeat #14
  31. Repeat #16
  32. Repeat #29; add directional changes
  33. Repeat #30-32
  34. Repeat #33 but the squat jacks change to squat jumps
  35. Repeat #21 & 32
  36. Hopping hip twists, bent arms are raised to shoulder level and move in opposition to hips/feet
  37. High knee run
  38. Monkey (wide high knee runs (legs are wide, knees are turned out to sides), arms are open to sides in goal post, bringing elbow to knee when it is raises)
  39. Repeat #37
  40. Double jacks
  41. Double hop lateral ski hops with legs/feet together, arms raise overhead and lower in opposition to each other; changes to singles
  42. Basic bounce with speed bag arms
  43. High knee run, alternate punching arms overhead
  44. Repeat #38
  45. Continue alternating #43 & 44
  46. High knee sprint
  47. Repeat #40
  48. Single jumping jacks
  49. Repeat #40 with directional changes
  50. Repeat #48
  51. Repeat #46
  52. 2 hopping side kicks–same leg, alternate legs (with bow and arrow arm)
  53. Alternating hamstring curl hops
  54. Hopping knee raise while raising opposite arm overhead then bringing to knee as it raises + hopping insole tap, same leg, alternate legs
  55. Alternating insole tap hops
  56. Basic bounce with hip shifts
  57. Repeat #52-55
  58. Hop on one leg while other leg does a knee raise into a side kick into a knee raise, alternate legs
  59. Repeat #56
  60. Hopping knee pulls bringing opposite elbow to knee as it raises, stay on same side for 8 reps
  61. Repeat #60 on other side of body
  62. Single leg front kicks, 8 reps
  63. Repeat #62 on other leg
  64. Repeat #60-63 for 4 reps; changes to 2 reps
  65. Basic bounce with legs wide
  66. Basic bounce with legs together and arms extended straight overhead
  67. Double hop lateral ski hops with legs/feet together, arms raise overhead and lower in opposition to each other
  68. Repeat #64 for 4 reps only
  69. Repeat #66
  70. Repeat #67
  71. Basic bounce
  72. Double jacks; changes to single jacks; add directional changes
  73. Sprint
  74. Squat jump, pushing arms in front of you when jumping

Core: (8:30 minutes)

  1. Lay on back on rebounder, knees bent and raised, hands behind head and head/shoulders elevated, alternate lowering bent legs, tapping toe to floor
  2. Bicycle maneuver
  3. Scissor straight legs (hands are holding rebounder frame above head)
  4. Continue scissoring legs but this time open them out wide to side and bring them in, crossing one leg over the other (legs are still straight)
  5. Bring legs together, knees slightly bent, do reverse crunches, raising hips and pushing feet to ceiling; keep hips raised isometrically
  6. In straight arm plank with hands on rebounder and feet on floor, alternate tapping hand to opposite shoulder
  7. Straight arm plank to elbow plank back to straight arm plank (continue alternating)
  8. Hold elbow plank and alternate tapping toe out to side; changes to elbow plank jacks
  9. Modified side plank on rebounder (bottom hand holds rebounder frame, bottom knee is on rebounder mat), extend top leg straight and top arm overhead then bend top knee and bring top elbow to knee
  10. Still in modified side plank, extend top leg straight and pulse leg up (top hand is behind head, elbow to ceiling)
  11. On hands and knees on rebounder (hands are holding rebounder frame, knees on rebounder mat) pull one knee in under body then lift leg out straight behind you; keep leg extended out straight behind you and pulse leg up
  12. Repeat #9-11 on other side of body
  13. Sit on rebounder with feet on floor and bounce bottom on rebounder

More bouncing + balance work (4 minutes):

  1. Basic bounce with hip shifts
  2. Pendulum leg hops w/ various arm movements
  3. Single leg hop with various arm movements
  4. Repeat #2
  5. Jumping jacks
  6. Criss-cross hop the feet
  7. Repeat #3
  8. Repeat #1
  9. Alternating knee raise hops
  10. Repeat #1
  11. Health bounce (basic bounce but feet do not leave the mat)
  12. Squat with knee raise, alternate legs (no jumping)
  13. Balance on one leg with knee raised
  14. Balance on one leg while other is extended to side
  15. Balance on one leg with other leg lifted and extended behind you

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “Trampoline Workout 40 Min / Cardio & Core

  1. Giana Storey on YT is starting to post rebounder videos on YT. She has 1 out there and one coming up. She primarily posts step classes but seems to be branching out. Same for Kat Gates-Buettner she posted one and doesn’t post as much as Giana but it’s out there if interested….

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