Naomi Joy Fitness: Rebounder HIIT with Weights Workout / Cardio, Strength & Core Circuit

Rebounder HIIT w/ Weights Workout / Cardio, Strength & Core Circuit is another tough and awesome cardio + strength workout from Naomi Joy. She has one other workout like this one (so far–I am hoping for more): Mini Trampoline HIIT Circuit Workout. These two workouts are so awesome and work so well together. This is a total body strength + cardio workout. And the bonus (for me at least) was the ability to lift heavier dumbbells. Oh, and she has deadlifts in this workout. I love deadlifts! There are also quite a few combo moves that work multiple muscle groups. This works very well for the majority of the exercises in this workout except for one. An upper back combo move–a back row alternated with a back fly. I can lift much heavier for a row than I can for a fly. I dislike combos that shortchange a muscle group because you are forced to lift lighter (I had to use the appropriate weight for the fly, not the row). Since you repeat all of the main exercises a total of 3 times, in the future, I could just do one set of flys and 2 sets of back rows. So there are work-arounds to make this workout perfect for me. And I will definitely be returning to this workout in the future. I love it! According to my FitBit I burned 405 calories and spent 25 minutes of this workout in my peak heart rate zone. So I was working very hard! ***2/15/21 Update: I did this workout again this morning and this time on that combo move mentioned above, I did bent over back rows for two of the sets and rear delt flys for the 3rd set. So it worked out very well! I used 30 pound dumbbells for the bent over row. I also burned even more calories somehow this morning–457! This is such an awesome, thorough and intense workout!***

BTW–as of today/this review, I have now done all of Naomi Joy’s rebounder workouts. Fingers crossed she has more coming!

This workout is structured interval fashion. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of recovery. The workout ends with 6:30 minutes of tough core work. For the core work, each exercise is done for 60 seconds followed by 20 seconds of recovery. There is a timer on the right side of the screen counting down your intervals. During the recovery, Naomi previews your next exercise. This workout is done voice over with some excellent and motivating music. A lot of this workout is done on the floor, so make sure you have plenty of space around your rebounder or you can quickly and easily tip it onto its side like Naomi does to get it out of the way.

Rebounder HIIT w/ Weights Workout / Cardio, Strength & Core Circuit is 58:44 minutes; 1 minute intro, 3:30 minute warm up and 6:30 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder, dumbbells and a fitness mat. Naomi is using 10 and 15 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used. The warm up, all of the strength work, core work and stretch are done on the floor, not on the rebounder. Only the cardio is done on the rebounder.

  1. Jumping jacks w/ 2 goal post chest fly arms and 2 pull down arms
  2. Side plank + push up, alternate sides for side plank
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Alternating side lunges with an overhead press between sides (floor) (18# DBs)
  5. Squat cactus squeeze (stand with arms in cactus/goal post, bring elbows/DBs in front of face about a foot apart and squat, bringing elbows to knees, stand and open arms to cactus/goal post again) (floor) (18# DBs)
  6. Core twist (double knee pull hops, pull hands down from opposite shoulder to knee) (rebounder)
  7. Repeat #4-6
  8. Deadlift (floor) (35# DBs)
  9. Pulsing curtsy lunge, alternate sides with a hammer curl between sides (pulse 2x) (floor) (18# DBs)
  10. Alternating hop kicks, pulling arms down from overhead (rebounder)
  11. Repeat #8-10
  12. Alternate one back row with one rear delt fly (floor) (10# DBs)
  13. One wide squat + one bent arm lateral raise (floor) (10# DBs)
  14. Jump squats (reach arms overhead when jumping) (rebounder)
  15. Repeat #12-14
  16. Alternating rear lunges with a double pulse, do one narrow squat after each lunge (reverse lunge pulsing 2x + narrow squat + reverse lunge pulsing 2x other leg) (floor) (20# DBs)
  17. Chair toe taps (hold one DB goblet fashion, hold chair squat isometrically and alternate tapping toes out to side) (floor) (one 25# DB)
  18. Lateral ski hops (pull arms forward and back like ski poles) (rebounder)
  19. Repeat #16-18
  20. Repeat #7
  21. Repeat #11
  22. Repeat #15
  23. Repeat #19

Core: (all exercises are done on the floor)

  1. Lay on back on a mat, straight legs raised to ceiling and holding one DB in both hands, alternate lowering and raising one leg while also doing a pullover (one 25# DB)
  2. Still on back, hands behind head, straight legs raised to ceiling, lower legs to about 45 degrees, raise legs back to start while also crunch pulse 3x
  3. Still on back, arms extended along sides, keep head/shoulders raised isometrically while scissoring straight legs
  4. Still on back, both legs raised straight to ceiling, hands behind head, lower one leg while reaching opposite hand toward other leg and pulse crunch 2x, alternate sides
  5. Lay on stomach, arms extended along sides, palms in floor, raise, chest/arms and legs and hold briefly before lowering

For more info on Naomi Joy Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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