Kickboxing/High Calorie Cardio Blast

Kickboxing/High Calorie Cardio Blast is another excellent and fun workout from Yvette Bachman. This one is primarily cardio kickboxing. It is one of her long classes (71:30 minutes). However the final 16:30 minutes isn’t cardio. It is lower body and core work. So if you only have an hour, do the first 54 minutes of this workout (all cardio kickboxing) then scrub forward to the 2 minute stretch at the end and you will have a 56 minute cardio kickboxing workout. But if you have the time, the final 15 minutes of lower body and core work is great, too. There is a lot of core work mixed into the cardio kickboxing portion–standing core work plus plank work. So you are still working your core nicely even without the core work at the end.

Kickboxing/High Calorie Cardio Blast is 70:30 minutes long; 9 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. The bulk of the workout is cardio kickboxing consisting of kick drills, punch drills, cardio drills and some plank based moves. For the first 54 minutes, all you need is weighted gloves. I used my 2 pound gloves. At 54 minutes Yvette and class get their mats, sliding disks, a resistance loop (firewalker) and light dumbbells (5 pounds). FYI–the sliding disks are never used, so you really don’t need them. It takes about 1:30 minutes to get everything set up. Yvette places the loop around her ankles and here is what follows for the final 15 minutes of class:

  1. Walking squats, 4 to each side w/ loop around ankles; changes to pulsing squat hold; changes to side to side squat jumps; changes to side punches while stepping one leg out to side; changes to jacks; repeat the walking squats; in straight arm plank walk feet in and out; remove loop
  2. Grab dumbbells and lay on mat. Sit ups w/ cross punch at top of sit up; changes to sit ups punching DBs overhead at top of sit up; set DBs aside and raise straight legs to ceiling, crunch up punching hands between thighs; bicycle maneuver
  3. Grab DBs and stand up. Punch side to side; changes to front raise and open arms to side and lower DBs to sides
  4. Get on hands and knees and bring one bent knee under body then press foot up to ceiling; changes to pulsing foot up to ceiling; changes to raising foot to ceiling and lowering knee to other side of stationary calf on floor
  5. Superman to push up; changes to shoulder taps in straight arm plank; in side plank tap top arm to bottom hand (on floor) then reach arm overhead; hold side plank

For more info on Yvette Bachman and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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