Trampoline Active Recovery Jump & Deep Stretch | All Levels Rebounder Workout

Trampoline Active Recovery Jump & Deep Stretch is an excellent and fun rebounder workout from Michelle Briehler–perfect for a recovery day or a day when you aren’t feeling great but still want to get in some solid exercise. The workout starts with some low intensity but fun and feel good cardio rebounding. The last 16 minutes is very deep, feel good stretching done primarily on the rebounder. I thoroughly enjoyed this workout. I did pair it with one of her other workouts (20 Min Cardio Trampoline) that I did first. That workout was more intense than this one, so they worked very well together. I felt great by the end of this workout. For some of the stretching, Michelle and crew turn their rebounders on their sides and prop their leg up on the side of the rebounder for a deep leg stretch. I love this stretch but it does hurt my Achilles. Luckily, I have a thick pad that looks like a mini yoga mat. I just make sure I have it nearby and place it between the rebounder bar and my Achilles–that fixes that problem. No pain.

Trampoline Active Recovery Jump & Deep Stretch is 32:20 minutes; 45 second intro, 13:30 minute cardio rebounding and 16 minute stretch. The last minute was Michelle talking about the importance of recovery.

Cardio Rebounding:

  1. Basic bounce; add swinging arms forward and back
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Double jacks
  4. Repeat #2
  5. Double scissor runs
  6. Single scissor runs
  7. Repeat #1
  8. Repeat #3
  9. Repeat #2
  10. Repeat #6
  11. Repeat #7-10
  12. Repeat #1
  13. Hip shift side to side
  14. Hopping hip twists to one side 4x, repeat in other direction
  15. Double lateral ski hops
  16. Hopping alternating knee raises
  17. Alternating front kicks on a diagonal
  18. Repeat #14-17
  19. Repeat #13
  20. Single leg side kicks 4x, repeat on other leg
  21. Single leg hopping knee raises 4x, repeat on other leg
  22. Jumping jacks
  23. Repeat #20-22
  24. High knee run
  25. Repeat #13
  26. Repeat #1
  27. 2 jumping jacks + one front kick each leg
  28. Scissor run to single-single-double pattern
  29. One knee raise + one hip twist hop, repeat combo then repeat combo 2x on other side of body
  30. Repeat #27-29
  31. Repeat #1


  1. Stand on rebounder with legs wide, forward fold, hands holding rebounder frame
  2. Still in wide leg forward fold, place one hand on rebounder mat and rotate torso, reaching other arm to ceiling
  3. Repeat #1
  4. Wide leg squat, glutes close to mat, hands still holding frame; raise hips back to forward fold then return to deep squat
  5. Deep lunge with front leg on floor and back leg on the rebounder mat, one arm is extended overhead; lean torso/arm to side into side stretch
  6. Lay on your back on the rebounder and do a figure 4 stretch
  7. Extend straight leg to ceiling, holding foot with hands, open straight leg out to side
  8. Lying spinal twist on rebounder
  9. Repeat #6-8 on other side of body
  10. Sit cross-leg on rebounder, hinge forward over legs, hands hold the frame to pull yourself down
  11. Still sitting cross-leg, do a spinal twist
  12. Swap leg position and repeat #10
  13. Set rebounder on side, place ankle on rebounder frame, hinge torso forward over straight leg
  14. Same position as #13, turn torso to side and do a side bend, reaching arm overhead toward foot
  15. Repeat #13
  16. Repeat #13-15 on other leg
  17. Stand beside rebounder (which is still on its side), one ankle is crossed behind other, do a side bend, reaching one arm overhead and to the other side
  18. Place rebounder on all 4 legs again, sit cross-leg with hands holding rebounder frame at sides, tilt head to side stretching neck
  19. Still sitting cross-leg, hands behind head, open elbows wide in a chest stretch
  20. Take a deep breath, reaching arms overhead and bringing hands to chest in prayer

For more info on Michelle Brieher’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.

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