PsychTruth: Full Deep Hip Release Stretches for Tension Relief, Muscle Relaxation | Yoga Workout w/ Alex

Full Deep Hip Release Stretches for Tension Relief, Muscle Relaxation is is a very deep stretching session that focuses on your lower body. Your hips do get the most attention but Alex hits other lower body muscle groups, too. My muscles are apparently so tight right now that only a few of these poses felt relaxing. I feel like this normally would be more of a relaxing, feel good practice for me but I am so tight that many of the stretches/poses were mildly to moderately uncomfortable. But this is still an extremely effective lower body session and exactly what my hips, legs and glutes needed. You hold all of the poses for a long time, however you will consistently hold poses on one side longer than the other.

Full Deep Hip Release Stretches for Tension Relief, Muscle Relaxation is 18:09 minutes; 40 second intro. The last minute is Alex talking about their fitness app. Equipment: fitness mat.

  1. Wide leg child’s pose
  2. Pigeon pose for 3 minutes
  3. Repeat #2 on other leg for 2 minutes
  4. Seated butterfly, hinge forward over legs for 1:30 minutes
  5. Reclining pigeon/figure 4 stretch for 45 seconds; start pulling leg in closer to chest and releasing for 25 seconds
  6. Repeat # 5 on other leg but she starts the pulling and releasing immediately then holds isometrically at the end for a very short time–total time on this leg is 45 seconds
  7. Lay on back with both legs extended, pull one knee into chest and rock it side to side
  8. Reclining spinal twist for 35 seconds
  9. Repeat #7 & 8 on other leg/side of body
  10. Still laying on back, pull both knees into chest then circle bent legs/knees out and away from you and back together; reverse circle direction; continue but circle legs/knees in opposition to each other
  11. Reclining butterfly, rocking hips side to side; stop rocking and place hands in inner thighs to deepen stretch for 40 seconds
  12. Sit cross leg with one ankle on opposite knee, other ankle is under opposite knee, hinge torso forward over legs with forearms on mat in front of you, hold for 30 seconds
  13. Repeat #12 with leg positions swapped for 20 seconds

For more info on PsychTruth and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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