JessicaSmithTV: Kickboxing Cardio Abs

Kickboxing Cardio Abs is one of the free YouTube workouts by Jessica Smith that was recommended to me and I really enjoyed it. Not the most intense workout I’ve ever done, but it was a solid, intermediate level workout and it was a lot of fun. I also discovered during this workout that Jessica’s French Bully Peanut is a girl! I thought she was a boy. But she sure is a cutie! She wandered away during this workout so we didn’t get a full 30 minutes of Peanut. The first 3rd of the workout is cardio boxing. Though “kick” is in the title, there are no kicks. There are lots of knees tho. I wore 2 pound weighted gloves and I got a great workout. Like I said, not the most intense, but it was fun and intense enough. I have been doing Barlates Sweat Series workouts for my doubles all week, so I needed something a little lower key. This was perfect. Time well spent. The cardio boxing is made up of simple boxing combos separated by cardio blasts. I really enjoyed the core work, too, which is the last 3rd of the workout. There is some standing abs that you need a chair for and the rest is on a mat. The music was great, too. Jessica said it was tribal music. Very appropriate for cardio boxing.

Kickboxing Cardio Abs is 28 minutes long; warm up is 3:30 minutes, 8 minutes of core work and 1 minute cool down/stretch. The first 18:30 minutes is cardio boxing. She cools you  down for another 30 seconds then you go into standing abs. You need a chair or wall for balance. I also used weighted gloves and a fitness mat.


  1. Back kick w/ side knee (working obliques) (bring knee around to side toward elbow then kick it out behind you)
  2. Side to side crunch: in horse stance, shift torso side to side bringing elbow to knee; changes to rotate torso/elbows; ends w/ more of the horse stance move
  3. Repeat #1 on other leg
  4. Repeat #2
  5. Get into crab on floor, lower hips to floor while bringing one knee into chest then press hips up while kicking leg out
  6. In modified side elbow plank (bottom knee on floor) w/ top arm in guard, raise and lower hips while bringing top knee into top elbow then pushing back out
  7. Full bent knee sit up w/ cross punches
  8. Repeat 5 & 6 on other side of body
  9. Repeat #7

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.



3 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: Kickboxing Cardio Abs

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. She explains in her kickboxing ballet video that she doesn’t do fast kicks because of an injury. I took it easy this week to try and get back into things, and I stuck with Jessica all week. Her kickboxing ballet is a fun, low impact video.


    1. I have her kickboxing ballet workout on one of my “To Do” playlists. I am really loving Jessica’s workouts. I ordered one of her DVDs that has been on my wishlist for a long time: Boost Metabolism and Muscle.


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