AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Bounce & Light Weight Total Body Sculpt & Tone

Rebounder Bounce & Light Weight Total Body Sculpt & Tone is another of AngieFitnessTV‘s live workouts. The length of it appears daunting at 74:34 minutes but it really isn’t that long. It is actually about 62 minutes but it is sandwiched between the live aspects. This was an excellent rebounder workout done circuit fashion. There are six circuits. Three of those circuits are cardio rebounding alternated with light upper body strength, lower body barre and core. I got a great workout and it was tons of fun. For my purposes I consider it a cardio + conditioning workout. The “strength” work does not interfere at all with my regular strength training so I could do it same day or on a consecutive day. An excellent workout! I loved it! Angie wore her 8 pound vest for everything except the core work and stretch at the end for the purpose of increasing the intensity. She said she has a hard time elevating her heart rate during rebounding workouts. I agree about her rebounding workouts. I generally only get steady state cardio from her rebounder workouts (FYI–not a criticism, I obviously love her workouts or else I wouldn’t do every single one of them!). But if she wants or needs intensity, she needs to branch out. There are very intense rebounder workouts out there that will spike your heart rate, burn out your legs and burn tons of calories. Barlates! URM-MT! And tomorrow I am doing one by Simone De La Rue (Trampoline Cardio). I have previewed it for review purposes and I can already tell that one is going to kick my butt. That review will post tomorrow.

Each exercise is done for one minute. Angie shows modifications for just about every move. My stats: I burned 380 calories, “walked” 3,710 steps, I was in my cardio zone 43% of the workout and I spiked into my peak heart rate for 6 minutes of the workout. The remainder of the workout I was in my fat burn zone. Looking at the FitBit graph, that correlates with the circuits (cardio/peak zone during the cardio rebounding and fat burn during the conditioning circuits). I also wore my 8 pound vest for this entire workout. I removed it for the core work as well. I wore 4 pound ankle weights for the lower body barre work and I definitely felt that! I was getting some muscle burn! When I return to this workout, I might use 3 pound ankle weights because I was struggling by the end of each minute.

Rebounder Bounce & Light Weight Total Body Sculpt & Tone is 62 minutes (74:34 minutes but the first 5:30 minutes is Angie watching people log on and the final 7 minutes is Angie talking to her audience; I scrubbed forward to the 5:30 mark and stopped at the end of the stretch–so my workout was 62 minutes); 4 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder, weighted vest (Angie is wearing an 8 pound vest), light dumbbells (Angie is using 3 pound hand weights), and optional ankle weights (Angie does not wear ankle weights). As noted above, I also wore my 8 pound weighted vest, I used 3 pound hand weights and 4 pound ankle weights.

Cardio Rebounding:

  1. Bounce on the rebounder
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Scissor runs raising and lowering arms overhead
  4. High knee runs
  5. One jack + 2 scissor runs
  6. Hop side to side

Light Weight Upper Body:

  1. (grab light DBs) Health bounce with fast alternating bicep curls
  2. Fast alternating overhead press
  3. Alternating front punches
  4. Fast overhead tricep extensions
  5. Fast alternating back rows
  6. Goal post chest press
  7. Fast tricep kickbacks
  8. Raise arms out to side and keep going bringing hands/DBs together overhead
  9. Serving biceps (raise arms into a partial bicep curl and push DBs out in front of you as if serving them to someone)
  10. Raise arms out to sides in a T, while keeping arms at shoulder level, rotate at elbows, circling DBs

Cardio Rebounding:

  1. (set DBs aside) Jump on rebounder
  2. Bounce forward and back
  3. Hop forward and back then side to side
  4. Twist hop, arms at shoulder level moving side to side as you twist
  5. 4 jacks + 4 twist hops
  6. Quarter turn hops, two jumps in each direction
  7. High knee runs
  8. Air jacks
  9. Double tight rope hops, arms extended straight out to sides; changes to single tight rope hops

Barre Lower Body:

  1. (put on ankle weights if you are using them) Hold T bar for balance, raise knee in front of you then extend leg straight behind you
  2. Extend one leg out straight to side and pulse lift leg
  3. Stand with legs close together, raise and lower heels (still holding T bar for balance)
  4. Get on hands and knees on rebounder, extend one leg out straight behind you then bring knee in under body
  5. Still on all 4s, extend one leg out straight behind you, raise and lower straight leg
  6. Stand on rebounder with legs wide and squat, touching hands to rebounder and raising arms overhead when standing

Cardio Rebounding:

  1. Health bounce on rebounder
  2. Butt kick run
  3. Wide high knee runs (Angie calls them tick tocks and humpty dumptys)
  4. Bounce in split stance, pushing arms overhead
  5. Side to side hops while holding the T bar
  6. 180 degree hop turns
  7. Tuck jumps holding T bar


  1. (remove weighted vest) Standing side crunches (stand on rebounder, one hand on T bar, other arm is extended straight overhead, raise same side knee out to side and lower arm tapping elbow to top of thigh)
  2. Lay on back on mat, legs are extended straight to ceiling, head/shoulders lifted, arms extended along sides, flutter hands (Pilates 100)
  3. Bent knee boat pose
  4. Straight leg boat pose
  5. Bird dog pose

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


7 thoughts on “AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Bounce & Light Weight Total Body Sculpt & Tone

  1. Hey there, the supplement that you take sounds great, perhaps you could share the name/ brand? I definitely have not seen anything like that in my area, the Vitamin D3 and K2 pair and a Calcium and Magnesium pair yes, but not all four together so far. And it will be interesting to see if my efforts to ‘stall’ my osteopenia will have any effect. Either way, I will keep on trying, because I actually enjoy working out. I can also completely understand your concern with respect to aiming for a cancer prevention diet, the food that we eat now is so different from the food quality available when we were young!

    And I also understand very well about the weight gain associated with menopause – ugh. Between menopause and work stress and family stress and the inability to work out due to injury, and the constant pain of my injury (and re-injuring myself as I tried to work out again) I definitely packed on the pounds, I truly believe that my cortisol levels were REALLY out of whack, and that in combination with the hormone changes due to menopause have resulted in a lot of inflammation in my body. Although I am now much closer to my pre menopause weight, I still have a layer of ‘extra’ and a lot less muscle than I used to 6+ years ago (pre neck injury), but I find that avoiding sugar and white flour based foods, as well as heavy weights 3 times a week and 20 minutes spent in my peak cardio zone through interval training (hill runs, or box/depth jumps in my local park or speedy bike rides) two to three times a week are making a difference, that and getting my 12K of steps a day – often through long walks on a nature trail to my local Starbucks to get my Matcha latte :). Oh, and stretching and/or yoga, pretty much every second day – If you ever run across a Karen Voight Full Body Stretch workout, I highly recommend that you check her out. I am also looking forward to Cathe’s new mobility flow workout, as I become more mature, I find I need to focus more and more on stretching and mobility!

    And thanks for the info on the rebounder workouts, I am thinking that once winter arrives and I can’t get walks/outside workouts in as easily, rebounding may be the best option to change things up while working on my bone density.

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    1. Here is what I use now:

      Osteoporosis runs in the maternal side of my family. All of the woman are diagnosed with it at some point. But I am not aware of any of them being physically active like me so I was hoping to avoid it. My mother was diagnosed with it about 10-15 years ago. She was given a prescription for it (I cannot remember if it was a supplement or a shot) and it reversed. But she also had breast cancer and after 5 years on an AI, her osteoporosis returned. She is taking Jarrow Bone Up now, too. But neither of us have had another bone density scan since we started.


  2. Hello again. Just wanted you to know that I am still enjoying your blog, both the new reviews that you post as well as the older Cathe reviews that I check out pretty much each time that I do a Cathe workout (which is at least 2 or 3 times a week for weight work). While I haven’t been on a trampoline for a few years (neck and shoulder issues), I am intrigued by your rebounder workouts and I wonder if you have read any research wrt rebounders and osteoporosis/osteopenia and what you think about the potential for positive results from rebounding?

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    1. Hello Yvonne! I have read the research about it. In fact, that is what motivated me to finally try rebounding. I’ve had a rough couple years. After cancer treatment I was supposed to do hormone therapy (aromatase inhibitors) for the next 10 years. They have the side effect of causing osteoporosis. So they had to get a baseline on me before I started it. So I got a bone density exam and guess what? I already have osteopenia! What? So many things I thought I was safe from because I exercise religiously and take care of myself. I chose not to take the AI since osteoporosis to runs in my family. And I had to find ways to build my bones back up since apparently the exercise and calcium supplements I have been taking for years weren’t working. So in addition to better calcium supplements, I bought a rebounder.

      Now, it will be a while before I know whether or not the rebounder and new supplements are helping my bones, but it is one of the reasons I am rebounding. Something did happen that is encouraging. I have plates and screws in my heels from an accident 11 years ago. I cannot wear heels, I cannot go barefoot, I wear very supportive shoes and when I work out I wear ankle braces. I loved rebounding so much I upgraded to a Bellicon. I wanted to take care of it so I decided to try rebounding barefoot. I never thought it would be possible but not only am I able to bounce barefoot but it feels good and I am certain it is strengthening my feet! I don’t know if that has something to do with the bones getting stronger or other structures in my feet but in the short amount of time I have been rebounding I have already had at least one positive result. And Angie, the trainer from this workout, says in this workout that rebounding has strengthened her feet. And since I have done almost all of her rebounder workouts, I know that in her rebounder workouts from several years ago, she was wearing shoes and said she had weak ankles. Now she rebounds barefoot and says she has strong ankles. In this workout she attributes that increase in strength to rebounding.

      I don’t know if any of that helps but I do think rebounding has health benefits outside the basic benefit of exercising.


      1. Thanks for the quick response. I too have always been ‘exercise inclined’, as in very active in outdoor activities in my youth, followed by lots of sports in high school, became an aerobics instructor/weight training certified/water aerobics instructor to pay my way through university, then played competitive volleyball in local leagues right up until about 15 years ago (LOTS of jumping cause I am vertically challenged:), etc, so like you, I was not expecting my diagnosis of osteopenia. Realistically though I did not run into issues until menopause hit – at almost exactly the same time as health issues side lined me from working out while at the same time my stress level hit the roof when my husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Ugh. My last BMD test 3 years ago (I have had 3 to date – starting when I broke my wrist in a fall – flew through the air from a high step and ‘stopped my fall’ by landing on my wrist on a concrete floor – I was initially, 9 yrs ago, in the low normal range on the BMD chart) showed that I had slipped from ‘borderline osteopenia’, 6 yrs ago to osteopenia, 3 yrs ago. I have been focusing on getting healthy (neck/shoulder issues) in order to slowly get back to lifting heavy weights in the interests of stopping this decline towards osteoporosis in its tracks. It helps that I am now retired AND that my husband is on the mend.

        I have researched nutrition and osteoporosis, especially since my doctor felt it important to inform me that there are risks to increasing my calcium intake – if the body doesn’t use the extra calcium (either from supplements or from food) it can build up in the arteries. Again ugh. From a nutrition perspective I have attempted to increase my calcium and magnesium, I have also focused on my Vitamin D (particularly D3 as a supplement if I can’t get enough sunshine each day, but most importantly it seems is the need for Vitamin K2, as K2 is the necessary element to help the body use the calcium etc to build bone. And I shake my head at my past ‘nutrition mis-steps’ – for example, it seems that K2 is mainly available from animal sources, so I thought good, I have always eaten meat, however grain fed meat is lower in K2 than grass fed meat, so you have to eat a LOT of grain fed meat to get K2 level that you need. And, I went through a phase where I ate egg whites only … but it seems that K2 is mainly in the egg yolk – hmpfh. And, you need fat to absorb the K2, yeah, although I have never really dieted per se, I have avoided fat – not any more, olives and avocado are now on my menu! This does now also suggest that cheese is on my menu (fermented dairy, yogurt, curd cheese etc are good K2 sources it seems) – woo hoo, but not sure how I feel about Gouda since it is like 10 times more K2 than cheddar etc! However, I have to balance these nutrition choices with appropriate caloric intake. The struggle continues. There is a very interesting study about the positive impact on bone health by eating prunes. Luckily I enjoy prunes, but not everyone does :).

        I have another BMD test scheduled next month, so it should be interesting to see if any of my efforts, both nutritionally and exercise wise (the lifting weights again part was when I found your blog), have made any difference, but honestly it has only been in the last year or so, since I have retired, that the stress has started to reduce, so I may have dipped further into the osteopenia or worse the osteoporosis area before I got my stress/cortisol levels under control (assuming that they are…), as inflammation is one of the prime culprits that negatively affect bone health. Given all that your body has been through in the last couple of years alone, it is almost surprising that your osteo diagnosis was not more severe just from the stress! Wow. And once again, it seems that I have written a book, but that is why I like your blog so much, it ‘enables’ my inclination towards detail and planning and sharing. I will definitely look into more research on rebounding and osteoporosis since I loved playing on my kids’ trampoline with them when we had a trampoline, but I have to build up slowly given my neck issues, and get my Chiro on board with the concept – so no ‘seat drops’ or somersaults :). And I am glad that you have been able to bounce barefoot, as it shows that if approached correctly I may be able to make positive gains too. I also appreciate you sharing any research etc on this subject, so thanks.


      2. Hello Yvonne–you have done a lot more to combat your osteopenia than I have! I do my best to eat well, but I do not focus on a bone strengthening diet. I focus more on a cancer prevention diet now since I live in fear of the cancer returning somewhere else. But it is always best to get your nutrients from food rather than from supplements. I also read how important K2 is. The supplement I take now includes all of those things–Vitamin D, K2, Magnesium and the calcium is derived from free range calves. I apparently had it going on before menopause. I was having normal periods until chemo forced me into early menopause and due to my age at the time (I’m 49 now and I was 47 during chemo), I remained in menopause. Yay me. So I already had the osteopenia going on unfortunately. I do know that my job created a lot of stress for me. I use past tense because I have been teleworking since the end of March and my stress level has dropped exponentially. I wish I could continue teleworking forever but that is unlikely. They are going to make me return to the workcenter eventually and then my stress level will sky rocket again. )o: The biggest challenge menopause has thrown at me is weight gain. I am fighting it like never before.

        I have done a lot of rebounder workouts and even the most advanced do not make you do any seat drops or somersaults. Even the largest rebounder (which is what I now own) is not big enough to do those types of moves safely. So no rebounding workout on YouTube or DVD will include anything dangerous like that. Those types of moves are only for full sized outdoor trampolines. I am re-subscribing to Bellicon’s streaming site and they have a huge variety of workouts–from advanced to gentle so if you get a rebounder I suggest subscribing to their streaming site. I think they give you 30 days free to try it out. I bought a Bellicon so I got my first 60 days free. I planned to renew but due to my shoulder surgery I was waiting until I could bounce again. I just re-subscribed yesterday. And then of course AngieFitnessTV does a ton of rebounder workouts. She has recently created a rebounding for beginners series of workouts: That would be another great place to start. They are only 15 minute workouts.


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