SanFran Fitness: 20 min Bouncing Birthday Bonanza

20 Min Bouncing Birthday Bonanza is a rebounder workout led by both Claire and Scott of SanFran Fitness. This workout is a cardio workout that builds in intensity. It starts with basic, easier moves then progresses up to more intense (but not advanced or complicated) moves. They also alternate who leads, Scott will lead for a while then Claire for a while and they keep switching. This was a lot of fun and perfect for a recovery day workout. I used it to warm myself up before doing 30 minutes of yoga. This is kind of a no repeat workout. The only time an exercise is repeated is when it is done later in the workout at a more intense/advanced level. But again, no moves are actually advanced. I was surprised when it was over–the time seemed to fly by! I burned 204 calories. Not bad for a 23 minute workout!

20 Min Bouncing Birthday Bonanza is 23:08 minutes; 1:05 minute intro, the warm up is a little under 5 minutes when they start pushing down harder into the rebounder mat when bouncing (#13) and 3:30 minute cool down/stretch.

  1. Basic health bounce (feet do not leave the mat)
  2. Alternating toe taps to the front while swinging arms forward and back
  3. Alternating toe taps to the back while continuing to swing arms forward and back
  4. Alternating toe taps to sides w/ jumping jack arms (Scott shows alternating single arm jumping jack arms)
  5. Alternating “low” knee raises (you aren’t raising knees high and you also are not bouncing/pushing down hard into rebounder)
  6. Step touch side to side swinging arms forward and back
  7. Hopping double hip twists, arms move in opposition to hips (arms are kept low)
  8. Single leg side taps (again, Scott and Claire are doing different arms)
  9. Repeat #8 on other side of body
  10. Hop + low front kick, alternate legs
  11. Low jog
  12. One knee raise + one hamstring curl with other leg (rocking horse)
  13. Basic bounce swinging arms forward and back; arms change to reaching arms forward and pulling elbows back
  14. Repeat #2 but push down harder into rebounder when you bounce
  15. Alternating hamstring curl, reach arms forward and pull elbows back
  16. Full jumping jacks
  17. Alternating knee raises, reach arms overhead and pull them down when knee raises
  18. Double lateral ski hops, arms circle like a locomotive
  19. Single lateral ski hops, arms are extended straight in front of you and held there isometrically
  20. Double hopping hip twists, arms are raised to shoulder level, elbows bend in opposition to hips
  21. Continue #20 but do singles
  22. Single leg side kicks
  23. Repeat #22 on other side of body
  24. One front kick + one hop, alternate legs when kicking
  25. Alternating front kicks
  26. High knee run
  27. Sprint
  28. Repeat #12 but faster and w/ more intensity
  29. Basic bounce swinging arms forward and back
  30. Quarter turn hops with bow and arrow arms
  31. High knee run w/ jump rope arms (Scott shows a lower intensity version of skipping rope with feet, same arms)
  32. Back fist (stand at back of rebounder, step one foot forward and swing arm as of hitting someone with back of hand, step foot back and repeat on other side–you are not bouncing during this move; changes to elbow strikes, same feet)
  33. Pendulum the legs side to side, arms wave in front of you close to body in time with legs (Claire waves her arms overhead); changes to a pattern of single-single-double
  34. Basic bounce with crocodile arms (one arm is extended in front of you w/ palm facing down, other arm swings up to clap it then swings behind you like a crocodile mouth); arm positions change so crocodile mouth opens from the top and bottom arm is held stationary with palm facing upward
  35. “Tina Turner” (wide leg fast feet, arms do large slow circles, one arm at a time)
  36. 2 staying alive jacks (jack legs, arms raise on a diagonal, alternate arm positions) + jack the legs 2x while pushing arms overhead
  37. One kick + one hop, repeat on other leg + 4 alternating front kicks
  38. Single leg knee raises, alternate arms: genie arms twisting to knee when it raises + one arm swinging out to side when knee raises
  39. Repeat #38 on other side of body
  40. Jack the legs, arms are raised to shoulder level w/ palms facing ceiling, open arms to sides when legs are wide and bring arms in front of you when legs are together
  41. Single knee raises, arms raise over opposite shoulder and pull down to knee when it raises
  42. Repeat #41 on other side of body
  43. 2 bounces then jump to the side, landing in squat w/ one foot on the ground and one on rebounder, alternate sides (Scott shows a version where both feet stay on the rebounder)
  44. Basic bounce swinging arms forward and back

For more info on SanFran Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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