Total Body Circuit Workout // Strength + Cardio

Total Body Circuit Workout // Strength + Cardio is another excellent and intense strength workout from Heather Robertson. This will work your entire body plus cardio. It is made up of 4 circuits and each circuit has a different focus. Circuit 1 is lower body, circuit 2 is upper body, circuit 3 is core and circuit 4 is cardio. However, because it is an interval circuit workout with short rests between exercises your heart rate is elevated throughout so you are getting cardio with your strength work, too (metabolic). And you know this workout was intense–you could tell that even Heather was starting to gas out by the very end of the workout! Since I work out for an hour every morning and many of Heather’s workouts are pretty short, I created a folder/playlist specifically for this morning’s workouts and stacked the workouts I planned to do in the order I planned to do them so they played straight through from beginning to end. Since the two strength workouts I did have no warm up, I started with Heather’s 5 Minute Warm up then I did her Intense Full Body Strength Workout, followed it with this workout and ended with Full Body Mobility and Flexibility. I got an excellent and intense total body metabolic strength workout that, in total, clocked in at a little over an hour.

This workout is done interval style. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of recovery. There are 4 circuits consisting of 4 exercises, each circuit will be repeated twice.

Total Body Circuit Workout // Strength + Cardio is 23 minutes; 1 minute intro, no warm up or stretch. Equipment: Dumbbells. Heather is using one 25 pound dumbbell and a set of 10 and 5 pound dumbbells. The weights listed below are what I used.

  1. In + Out Squat (holding one heavy DB goblet style, do one narrow squat then step out to side and do another squat, step back in and do another narrow squat, keep performing this sequence but alternate sides) (one 30# DB)
  2. Alternating Reverse Lunges (15# DBs)
  3. Stiff Deadlift (straight leg deadlift holding one heavy DB in both hands; I used 2 DBs) (20# DBs)
  4. Wall Sit (hold wall squat isometrically while holding one DB in both hands) (one 20# DB)
  5. Repeat #1-4
  6. Burpee Press (full burpee (push up while in plank) with an overhead press when standing) (12# DBs)
  7. Tricep Kick Back (bent over alternating tricep kickbacks) (8# DBs)
  8. Fly Combo (2 standing straight arm side raises + 2 bent over rear delt flys) (8# DBs)
  9. Shadow Box (alternating front punches while in split stance holding light DBs) (5# DBs)
  10. Repeat #6-9
  11. X Crunch (lay on back with arms extended straight overhead and legs extended straight on floor, raise one straight leg and opposite straight arm and touch hand to foot, alternate sides)
  12. Reverse Tuck (laying on back with arms on floor at sides, do a reverse crunch bringing knees into chest then extend legs straight a few inches off the floor)
  13. Elbow Plank Hold
  14. Mountain Climbers
  15. Repeat #11-14
  16. High Knee Run
  17. Power Jacks (jump out in and out of wide sumo squat with jack arms)
  18. Speed Skater
  19. Jump Squats
  20. Repeat #16-19

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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