Mini Trampoline Rebounder Workout #6 (40 MIN) Great Music

Mini Trampoline Rebounder Workout #6 is the latest rebounder workout from Kat Gates-Buettner. I was very excited when I saw she posted it. She has 5 other cardio rebounder workouts that are tons of fun. This is her longest one yet! The music is great and motivating. Kat builds a combo of moves by layering. You learn a move then you learn another move then you repeat the two moves several times. Then you learn a 3rd move and you add it to the end of the first 2 moves and repeat the 3 move combo several times. It goes on like that until you have a pretty long combo. Then you repeat the long combo several times but every time you repeat it, it gets a little shorter because she will shave a few reps off one or two exercises. The intensity really builds, too. According to my Apple Watch I burned 380 calories. This workout is set outdoors in what looks like a forest in the fall. Beautiful background!

Mini Trampoline Rebounder Workout #6 is 41 minutes; 1:45 minute warm up and 2 minute cool down (no stretch).

  1. Basic bounce with legs wide and jump rope arms; bring legs close together
  2. Alternate tapping toes to the front
  3. Continue tapping to the front but body leans forward as you do it then you bounce back when changing legs
  4. Jumping jacks
  5. Repeat #1
  6. Repeat #3 & 4
  7. Repeat #5 & 6
  8. Jump with legs wide 3x + jump with legs together once; add “star arms” (arms raise to side in a T then overhead then back to a T then to sides when legs are together)
  9. Repeat #6-8 (add star arms immediately)
  10. Basic bounce
  11. Repeat #9
  12. Jump forward and back while swinging arms forward and back
  13. Continue #12 but in a V formation (jump to the front and back, then to the side on a diagonal and back, to the front and back then on a diagonal to the other side and back)
  14. Repeat #9
  15. Repeat #13
  16. Repeat #14 & 15
  17. Alternating knee raises with jumping jack arms; changes to one double knee + 2 single knees (one each leg); double knee changes to “up and overs” (raise knee, when you lower it, tap heel to other side of opposite foot then raise knee to bring it back to start); changes back to alternating single knee raises
  18. One knee raise + one heel dig (other leg); continue this move but faster (double time)
  19. Alternating heel digs
  20. Hopping hip twist, arms are raised to shoulder level and move in opposition to hips
  21. Basic bounce
  22. Jumping jacks
  23. Repeat #8
  24. Repeat #13
  25. Repeat #17
  26. Repeat #18 on other side of body
  27. Repeat #19-24
  28. Repeat #17 but start with 2 single knees + one “up and over” (no building to get to this version, you go straight to it)
  29. Repeat #18-21
  30. Repeat #22-24
  31. Repeat #28
  32. Repeat #18 on other side of the body
  33. Repeat #19 & 20
  34. Scissor runs, alternate raising and lowering arms in front of you
  35. “Outta my way” (extend one arm in front of you and hop in a circle)
  36. Basic bounce raising knees higher and pushing down harder
  37. Alternating hamstring curls, raise arms and pull them down in time with curls
  38. Alternating knee raises
  39. Repeat #37 & 38
  40. Single knee raise 4x + 4 alternating hamstring curls + single knee raises 4x (other leg)
  41. High knee run with directional changes
  42. Basic bounce
  43. Repeat #34-36
  44. Repeat #40-42
  45. Basic bounce with speed bag arms
  46. (turn to side) Squat + hop 2x + 2 side punches (same arm) with lateral hops
  47. Basic bounce w/ speed bag arms while turning to face other direction
  48. Repeat #46 on other side of body
  49. Basic bounce
  50. Repeat #1
  51. Repeat #3
  52. Jumping jacks
  53. Repeat #8
  54. Repeat #13
  55. Repeat #28
  56. Repeat #18-20
  57. Repeat #34-36
  58. Repeat #40 & 41
  59. Repeat #46-48
  60. Repeat #49-55
  61. Repeat #18 on other side of body
  62. Repeat #19 & 20
  63. Repeat #57-59

For more info on other (free) Kat Gates-Buettner workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “Mini Trampoline Rebounder Workout #6 (40 MIN) Great Music

  1. First and foremost, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family! 😁

    Question about this workout and the trainer in general … would you rank this as advanced and if so, why? Length or exercises she chose?

    I’ve been nursing a sore back for the last 2 weeks. Every once in a while, the lower back muscles just completely seize up. There’s nothing I can do but take Aleve, apply heat and do yoga to help relax things. And just wait. It finally started to improve yesterday and today I was able to do Heather’s latest 1 hr total body strength, but with modifications in weight and/or exercises to protect my back. She’s been putting out some good stuff recently – including her form shorts – and it’s great from a mental standpoint to lean on her for routines when I’m not feeling up to my usual snuff. ☺️


    1. I am so sorry to hear about your back. I know how frustrating that can be. Hope you still have a great Thanksgiving!

      I don’t consider this to be an advanced rebounder workout. The moves range from basic to intermediate. The length of it is what would make it high intermediate. I never went into my peak heart rate range (or zone 5 on my Apple Watch). I stayed in zone 4 the majority of the workout. I haven’t looked closely at the graph but I am guessing I climbed into the high end of the zone 4 several times.


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