Barlates: Torch & Tone/Slide

Torch & Tone: Slide is another lower body and core workout from Linda @ Barlates. It is primarily metabolic lower body work, but there is a lot of plank work which works your core hard. I found this a very tough workout–tougher than I expected it to be. Yesterday was Black Friday and my husband and I did a lot of shopping. So I was on my feet all day. Since I have plates and screws in both heels, there are consequences to being on my feet all day–pain! So on days when my feet are hurting, I have to do workouts that have no impact. I thought a slider workout would be perfect for my problem. And technically it was. I only had to modify a balance move by holding on to something (plates, screws and pain mess with your balance). You would think a slider workout is all low impact, right? It’s not. When you lose the sliders, Linda has you doing some jumping. But she offers modifications if you don’t want to jump. By the time we got rid of the sliders, my feet were warmed up enough that I was able to do her jumping moves without any problems. The entire workout was more challenging and strenuous than I expected it to be. This is a good thing btw–it worked my very well.

We get lots of Minnie (Linda’s black cat) in this workout. She is sitting right in front of Linda at the beginning of the workout and she keeps looking up at Linda behind her. Linda said her tongue was poking out. So cute!

This workout is available for free on YouTube but I purchased the DVD which contains 3 additional workouts in her Torch & Tone series. You can also purchase the download from Linda via her website. Linda created this series around the same time as she created her Metabolic Training Series and I purchased both DVDs at the same time. They are both great series but I definitely prefer her Metabolic Training Series over this one. But I do still like the Torch & Tone Series workouts. Most especially Weights and Box, they are my favorites in this series (4th in the series is Cardio Sculpt).

Torch & Tone: Slide is 43 minutes; 1 intro and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: sliding device and light dumbbells (Linda is using 1 pound hand weights). You will be using the disks for the first 30 minutes of the workout then you are done with them. Linda shows modifications to some of the exercises.

  1. Slide out into wide plié squat side to side with bicep curls
  2. Slide squat 2x to each side while raising and lowering arms/DBs in front of you
  3. Combine #1 & 2–slide squat 2x to side then slide out into a wide plié squat, alternate sides
  4. Stand with legs shoulder width apart, do 2 squats then slide back into reverse lunge and pulse 3x, alternate sides (do bicep curls throughout)
  5. Lateral skater slides, swinging arms/DBs to opposite side as you slide; changes so that you skater slide behind on one side and on the other side you slide foot to the front rather than the back; add reaching to the floor when skating back
  6. (no sliders) You are doing the same basic move as the end of #5 but with no sliders, step back into a low impact skater move on one side and the other, rather than skating to the back, you will kick to the front/side
  7. (using sliders again) Slide into front lunge, then slide front leg back while hinging forward and lift leg off slider, raising it straight behind you; remain hinged forward with leg extended out straight behind you (balancing) and pulse raised leg
  8. Repeat #5-7 on other leg, but on #5, start where you are isolating one side (so no lateral skater slides to both sides)
  9. Side slide lunge to one side then slide into front curtsy lunge on the other side (tapping DBs to ground on both moves)
  10. Place ends of DBs on floor (holding onto other ends) with legs in curtsy lunge position, raise and lower back bent leg while remaining hinged forward
  11. Combine #9 & 10: side slide lunge to one side then when you are in the curtsy lunge on the other side, place ends of DBs on floor, hinging forward, raise and lower back bent leg 4x; leg raises change to 2 reps; changes again to single leg raise
  12. Repeat #9-11 on other side of body
  13. Slide side to side; add one slide back reverse lunge each side (slide to side + one slide back lunge, alternate sides)
  14. Sliding mountain climbers
  15. In straight arm plank, slide both feet in under body, slide them back out to plank, then slide them up to outside of hands so you are in a squat position
  16. In straight arm plank, slide on leg out straight to side and back, then slide that same leg under body and back to plank, slide the other leg under body and back to plank then slide that same leg straight out side and back
  17. (you are done with the sliders so you can set them aside) Get into down dog position, jump feet in under body with knees close to ground then jump feet outside of hands into a squat, jump feet back out to down dog
  18. Start in beast (all 4s but on toes w/ knees hovering a few inches from mat) and alternate kicking one leg out to side (turning body completely to side and balancing on one hand and one leg), alternate sides
  19. Sit on one hip, one leg extended straight, torso braced on one hand behind you and other leg bent with foot on floor behind straight leg, raise and lower straight leg with insole facing the ceiling (to make it harder, lift hip off floor so you are braced on one hand and one foot)
  20. Start in same position as #19 then lower to forearm and bring bent leg’s foot in front of straight leg rather than behind it, raise and lower straight bottom leg; bring bent leg behind straight leg again and continue raising and lowering straight leg; keep bottom straight leg raisds and bend knee then press it straight
  21. Repeat #19 & 20 on other leg

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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