Barlates: Total Body Warm Up

As I mentioned in my review of Lower Body Stretch, Linda Wooldridge has 100s of free Barlates workouts available on YouTube. Many of them have warms ups and stretches included in the workout, and many do not. Sometimes the warm up and/or stretch is very short, and maybe you want something longer. Well, Linda has you covered. She has created an 8 minute warm up you can do before a workout and then she also has two different stretches. One 7 minute stretch to do at the end of an upper body workout and one 9:30 minute stretch to do at the end of a lower body workout. I have already reviewed the Lower Body Stretch and will be reviewing the Upper Body Stretch at some point in the future. This morning, I did the Total Body Warm Up before doing one of Linda’s total body mat strength workouts that did not have a warm up and it did an excellent job preparing me to work hard.

Total Body Warm Up is 8 minutes long; no equipment needed.

  1. Knee raises/ arms raising and lowering; changes to twisting knee inward and tapping w/ opposite elbow
  2. Plie pulses w/ torso rotations and arms raising and lowering
  3. Shift side to side, tapping toe and swinging arms; add side leg raise in place of tap
  4. Side lunge side to side
  5. Roll down and walk hands out until you are in straight arm plank; push hips back to heels then return to plank
  6. Down dog to plank
  7. Bring one leg between arms into runners stretch; alternate between runners stretch to hamstring stretch (by straightening front leg and shifting hips back); repeat on other leg
  8. Return to plank, walk hands to feet and roll back to standing
  9. Raise arms overhead and lean side to side; changes to rotating torso–side, floor, other side, back to standing w/ arms overhead

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.




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