Ripped with Ripkens: 10 Minute Barre Leg Workout

10 Minute Barre Leg Workout is a short but tough lower body workout by Dustin Ripkins. In 10 minutes Dustin fried my lower body. Dustin uses his rebounder on it’s side to serve as a barre, but if you do not have a rebounder, you can just use a chair. I have a T bar on my rebounder, so I did the workout on my rebounder, which is an unstable surface and therefore made it even more challenging. I did this in combination with one of Dustin’s other lower body workouts: 5 Must Do Booty Exercises and, between the two, my lower body was fried. Seriously fried. Not bad for 25 minutes. I also did Dustin’s 6 minute warm up done on a rebounder as my warm up and I finished the workout off with a wonderful 5 minute stretch by Naomi Joy. I finished this about an hour ago and my legs still feel weak.

10 Minute Barre Leg Workout is 11:47 minutes. Equipment: rebounder set on its side or a chair or a barre.

  1. Small barre squats (legs together, heels raised, lower into squat with spine straight, raise and lower in small squats); changes to faster pulses
  2. Hold barre squat position from #1, and do small hip tucks
  3. Legs and feet together, do heel raises (legs are straight); hold with heels raised, arms extended overhead and eyes closed
  4. Lift one leg with knee bent and foot against inside of other thigh, raise and lower heel of other leg; hold with heel raised and both arms extended overhead
  5. Repeat #4 on other leg
  6. Start with heels together and toes turned out slightly, lift one leg with knee bent in front of you and pulse leg up (insole faces the ceiling); keep leg raised and pulse leg to side (in the direction of other leg); combine the two moves–pulse leg to side then raise up
  7. Same starting position as #6, raise heel of stationary leg, extend raised leg straighter, flex foot and pulse press heel in front of you
  8. Repeat #6 & 7 on other leg
  9. Wide plie squats; hold at bottom of squat and do alternating heel raises; raise both heels and pulse squat

For more info on Ripped with Ripkens and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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