Rebounding Cardio Workout #5 (30 MIN) Fun mini trampoline workout. Great music.

Rebounding Cardio Workout #5 is Kat Gates-Beuttner‘s 5th rebounder workout. At this time she does not have any others. This makes me sad! These workouts are so much fun and surprisingly intense! This is her longest rebounder workout. It seemed like she pulled together all of the moves she used in the first 4 and built them into a long combo. It is set to dance mash up music, which I really enjoy. I am actually a fan of Girl Talk. I don’t think (though I’m not sure) she used any Girl Talk, but it was a similar type of mash up music. Very driving beat. This was an awesome cardio workout. The intensity of it varied. Some of the combo moves were more intense than others, so recoveries are built into the workout. I burned 300 calories! I hope she creates some more rebounder workouts. This one was created 10 months ago, so my hopes aren’t up.

Rebounding Cardio Workout #5 is 30:05 minutes; 2:30 minute warm up and 2:30 minute cool down (#56-58 are part of the cool down). There is no stretch so after the cool down I stretched myself out.

  1. Basic bounce
  2. Jump 4x with legs wide and arms open in goal post + jump 4x w/ legs closed and arms together in front of you, arms still bent at 90 degrees and shoulder level
  3. Double jacks with goal post chest fly arms
  4. Single jacks with goal post chest fly arms
  5. Repeat #2-4
  6. Repeat #2-4 again but when doing #4, do quarter turn directional changes (2 jacks in each direction)
  7. Basic bounce
  8. Basic bounce with legs close together, push arms overhead
  9. Hop forward and back, swinging arms forward and back
  10. Repeat #8 & 9
  11. Repeat #6-10
  12. Fly aways 3x (hop while lifting one leg out to side while also raising opposite arm out to side to overhead (jumping jack style) + 2 basic bounces + fly aways 3x on other side of body
  13. Repeat 8-10
  14. Repeat #12
  15. Basic bounce with speed bag arms; quarter turn to side while continuing speed bag
  16. Facing the side, do 3 single arm side punches then quarter turn to face the front and do a front punch with other hand
  17. Basic bounce with speed bag arms, turning to face in the opposite direction
  18. Repeat #16 on other side of body
  19. Repeat #15-18
  20. Basic bounce
  21. Repeat #12
  22. Repeat #19
  23. Lateral ski hops with legs close together, arms are raised to shoulder level and move them side to side in time with hops
  24. Hip shift hops to single-single-double pattern
  25. Repeat #23 & 24
  26. Basic bounce
  27. Repeat 11 & 12
  28. Repeat #19
  29. Repeat #25
  30. Repeat #27-29
  31. Hopping hip twists, arms are raised to shoulder level and move in opposition to hips
  32. 4 jumping jacks
  33. 4 alternating hopping knee raises
  34. Repeat #32 & 33
  35. Basic bounce
  36. Repeat #24
  37. Repeat #31
  38. Repeat #34
  39. Basic bounce
  40. Repeat #36-38
  41. Continue alternating knee raises, raise arms and pull them down
  42. Alternating hamstring curls
  43. Repeat #41 & 42
  44. 4 single knee raises
  45. 4 alternating hamstring curls
  46. Repeat #44 on other leg
  47. Repeat #45
  48. Repeat #44-47
  49. Basic bounce
  50. Repeat #40
  51. Repeat #48
  52. Sprint; continue sprinting but with legs wide
  53. Basic bounce
  54. Repeat #30
  55. Repeat #50 & 51
  56. Basic bounce
  57. Health bounce
  58. Hip shift hop side to side

For more info on other (free) Kat Gates-Buettner workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “Rebounding Cardio Workout #5 (30 MIN) Fun mini trampoline workout. Great music.

    1. I actually have quite a few of her rebounder workouts on my To Do list but when I preview them I am not thrilled with the sound quality. I have been looking at them again tho. She came out with a kickboxing rebounder workout that I might try.


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