AngieFitnessTV: Live #128 Torch that Turkey Rebounding Circuit

Torch that Turkey Rebounding Circuit is Angie‘s 128th live YouTube workout. It was also her Thanksgiving “torch that turkey” workout. I created this post shortly after Thanksgiving but did not actually do the workout until today. In the time between then and now, Angie has changed the title of this workout to Rebounding HIIT-Strength-Core-Balance Workout, and has also changed the associated picture. Personally, I like the name and the picture she used back in November, so I am sticking with it for this post. But just know, if you choose to do this workout and click on the link provided in this review, it will have a different title and picture.

This was a very fun rebounder workout. It is as intense as you make it. Angie, as always, shows easier modifications of everything and also lets you know that if you want it more intense, just press down hard into the mat to jump faster and wear a weighted vest. I used to wear weighted vests all the time when doing Angie’s rebounder workouts to increase intensity, but with the extra strong rebounder bungees I got for Christmas, it makes it much easier for me to bounce super fast. Plus, I do so many other super intense, HIIT level rebounder workouts now that it feels really good to take it down a notch with Angie’s workouts. Don’t misunderstand–this is not an easy workout (unless you are doing the modifications Angie gives you) but it’s also not super intense. I actually burned a lot of calories, but it was still a feel good workout. This workout has a little of everything. Cardio, strength, core, even some balance. The strength is more conditioning not true strength work, but it is total body and felt really good. Today was not a strength day for me so I used this as a cardio conditioning workout and it was perfect for that. Overall, another fun rebounder workout.

At the end of the workout, Angie shares that she burned 452 calories and “walked” 5606 steps. I burned 431 calories and “walked” 4509 steps. You get to meet Angie’s husband during the stretch. He was cooking Thanksgiving dinner while she filmed her live class.

Torch that Turkey Rebounding Circuit is 1:16:21 minutes, but this is a live workout. The first 7 minutes is Angie waiting for the home exercisers to log on and the final 4 minutes is Angie talking to the exercisers. So actual workout time is 65 minutes; 5 minute warm up, 35 minutes cardio, 19 minutes of conditioning and 5 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder, fitness loop/booty band, pilates or playground ball, egg weights or light dumbbells (Angie uses 1, 2 and 5 pound dumbbells), resistance band and ankle weights (Angie’s ankle weights are 2.5 pounds). I used 1, 2 and 5 pound dumbbells, 2 pound ankle weights, my medium resistance booty band and my light resistance band. The warm up starts holding your one pound egg or hand weights. At the end of the warm up, you swap out your one pound weights for your 2 pound weights.

Cardio intervals (30 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of recovery) (35 minutes)

  1. Alternating upper cuts while bouncing
  2. Jumping jacks with bent arm side raises
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Repeat #1
  5. Bounce
  6. High knee runs with alternating overhead presses
  7. Hop twists, alternate bringing DBs from hip to forehead
  8. Repeat #6 & 7 two more times
  9. (set DBs aside, put resistance loop around thighs and get pilates ball) Wide hop while pulling ball down from overhead to loop
  10. Jack legs while raising ball overhead on a diagonal then passing ball to other hand so it can raise ball on a diagonal to other side
  11. Repeat #9 & 10
  12. Repeat #9
  13. Bouncing while swinging arms forward and back, passing ball to other hand when arms are in front of you
  14. Repeat #10
  15. Scissor runs while raising ball up and down in front of you
  16. Lateral hops, passing ball from hand to hand and extending arm/ball out to side
  17. Repeat #15 & 16
  18. Bounce while doing alternating large arm circles, passing ball to hand that circles
  19. Repeat #15
  20. (set ball aside) Cross jacks
  21. Butt kick run
  22. Repeat #20 & 21
  23. (remove resistance loop and get resistance band) Shift hop side to side while doing posture pulls (hold band in both hands and do chest fly arms)
  24. Jack legs while pulling band down from overhead down to chest level, pulling band wide when at chest level
  25. Shift hop side to side while pulling band on a diagonal (one arm higher than the other)
  26. Repeat #25 but with arm levels swapped
  27. Pendulum legs, holding arms/band overhead, pulse band wide
  28. Stand on rebounder, band is crossed in front of you, pull arms/elbows high and wide in an upright row (no bouncing)
  29. Repeat #28 two more times but with different hand positions
  30. Band in same position as #28, open legs wider and hold handles at hips, pulse squat
  31. (set band aside) Jumping jacks
  32. Bounce
  33. High knee run
  34. Cross jacks
  35. Jog
  36. Pendulum legs with circle arms
  37. Health bounce

Angie changes the music so it is no longer intervals. Place pilates ball between thighs, put on ankle weights and get your 5 pound hand weights (19 minutes)

  1. Squats
  2. Hammer curl into overhead press
  3. Repeat #1
  4. Alternating overhead press
  5. Repeat #1
  6. Hold both DBs in one hand, hinge forward alternate one single arm rear delt fly with one back row; changes to just back rows
  7. Repeat #6 on other arm
  8. Raise one heel so your weight is on the other leg and other toe, do alternating bicep curls; continue the alternating bicep curls but lift toe off rebounder so you are balanced on one leg
  9. Swap legs and do alternating reverse curls; arm movement changes to reverse curl into overhead press (still alternating arms)
  10. Balance on one leg while doing bent arm side raises
  11. Balance on other leg while doing straight arm front raises
  12. (set DBs and pilates ball aside) 12 push ups on the floor or rebounder
  13. Lay back on rebounder, heels on frame, pilates ball between knees, lift hips into bridge and pulse; raise one leg to ceiling and keep pulsing
  14. Still on back on rebounder, pilates ball still between knees and heels on rebounder frame, place hands behind head and do a basic crunch; changes to pulsing crunches
  15. Still laying on back on rebounder, set ball aside, one knee is bent with foot on frame, other leg is extended straight, raise and lower straight leg; changes to pulling knee into chest and then pushing leg out straight
  16. Tricep dips with hands on rebounder frame and feet on floor
  17. Bike maneuver (laying on rebounder)
  18. Bird dog pose holds (on rebounder)
  19. With hands and feet on rebounder frame, alternate between being on all 4s and pushing up into down dog

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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