Lower Body Stength: Tri-Sets Leg Workout // Day 22 HR12WEEK 2.0

Lower Body Strength: Tri-Sets Leg Workout is Day 22 of Heather Robertson‘s 12 Week Program. Another intense cardio + strength workout from Heather. This one is made up of lower body trisets. Within all but one triset (Triset 2) you will do 2 weighted strength exercises followed by one body weight cardio/plyometric exercise. The plyometric exercise generally mimics the weighted strength exercise you just did in some fashion making this contrast training (see Day 12 Killer HIIT Legs Workout for another cardio + strength/contrast training workout). This was an excellent metabolic lower body strength workout. My legs were worked well plus I got some cardio. I used one of Heather’s Daily 10 Workouts as my finisher: Day 13 Booty Band Finisher. Between the two workouts I burned a total of 426 calories.

This workout is made up of 6 trisets. Each circuit has 3 exercise and is done two times before moving on to the next circuit. The exercises are all done interval style: 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of recovery. There is a timer in the lower right hand corner of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recoveries Heather previews your next exercise. She also shows low impact modifications/variations for some of the exercises.

Lower Body Strength: Tri-Sets Leg Workout is 47:06 minutes; 4 minute warm and 5:30 minute stretch. Equipment: dumbbells and a fitness mat. Heather is using 15 and 25 pound dumbbells. The weights that I used are listed below.

Triset 1:

  1. Goblet squat (one 40# DB)
  2. Sumo deadlift (deadlift with legs wide and toes turned out) (30# DBs)
  3. Jump squat
  4. Repeat #1-3

Triset 2:

  1. Single leg bridge (lay on mat, knees bent and feet on mat close to glutes, one heavy DB on hips, raise one leg and keep it raised throughout interval while raising and lowering hips) (one 40# DB)
  2. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  3. Glute bridge (lay on mat, knees bent and feet on mat close to glutes, one heavy DB on hips, raise and lower hips) (one 40# DB)
  4. Repeat #1-3

Triset 3:

  1. Stationary lunge (one DB is on same side shoulder of front leg) (one 25# DB)
  2. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  3. Pop lunges (hop back into reverse lunge then hop feet together, alternate sides when lunging)
  4. Repeat #1-3

30 second rest

Triset 4:

  1. Cossack squat (hold one DB in both hands goblet style, alternating stationary side lunges but the straight leg is rotated so heel is on floor and toe is raised to ceiling when you are in lunge) (one 30# DB)
  2. Curtsy lunge & squat (holding one DB goblet style, do alternating curtsy/cross-back lunges with one narrow squat between sides) (one 30# DB)
  3. Side lunge hops (alternating side lunges w/ a hop-shuffle when changing sides)
  4. Repeat #1-3

Triset 5:

  1. Split squat (Heather has one DB sitting on end, her back foot is propped on it, holding one DB goblet style, do single leg squats) (one 25# DB)
  2. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  3. 4 scissor runs then jump out into squat + one jump squat
  4. Repeat #1-3

Triset 6:

  1. In & out squat (holding one DB goblet-style, alternate one wide squat with one narrow squat, alternate sides when stepping out into wide squat) (one 30# DB)
  2. Stiff leg deadlift (35# DBs)
  3. Stand up & hop (start in high kneeling on mat, step one foot forward into kneeling lunge, step the other foot forward to meet it so you are now in squat, jump then reverse the motion, stepping one foot back so you are in kneeling lunge and the other leg steps back to meet it so you are back to the starting position of high kneeling, alternate lead legs)
  4. Repeat #1-3

For more info on Heather Robertson’s workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


2 thoughts on “Lower Body Stength: Tri-Sets Leg Workout // Day 22 HR12WEEK 2.0

  1. Happy Tuesday to you!

    I thought this was a great workout as well. Normally I don’t think of Heather when I think of strength training but that needs to change. If you use weights that challenge you, her workouts are close to Caroline in terms of working hard. ☺️

    Today I also did a Heather workout. I did Day 54 tabata and booty. It was a 50/50 split between the two. Nothing innovative, just straight up tabata (20/10 if I recall and she uses 5 lb weights) and floor booty. I probably could have used a light band for extra resistance for some of the exercises but it would have been difficult to get the band on/off during the short rest. But a good workout overall for sure.

    I finished with Caroline’s 15 min intense arm workout which complemented the tabata I did in the main workout.

    I heard you guys had some bad weather down there, including tornadoes. Any of that near you?


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