Fat Burning Cardio/Core Mashup

Fat Burning Cardio/Core Mashup is a fun and intense workout that alternates core work with cardio intervals and you use lots of equipment. About 40 minutes into the workout you get a short water break and when you return, you also add in some shoulder strength work, in addition to the cardio and core work. Everything is done in 40 second intervals. You use the medicine ball a lot at the beginning of the workout. I was going to use my 8 pound medicine ball, but I am feeling pretty sore from doing Fit Body by Julia‘s PHAT workout yesterday so I just used the same weights and med ball weight as Yvette and class and I still got an excellent workout.

Fat Burning Cardio/Core Mashup is 60 minutes; 10 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: stability ball, 6 pound medicine ball, sliding devices and 5, 8, 10 and 12 pound dumbbells. Yvette is wearing weighted gloves (I wore weighted gloves, too). Everything is done in 40 second intervals.

  1. 4 lateral jumps to side + 4 ball jacks
  2. Crunches w/ ball (lift straight leg and tap foot with ball, repeat on other leg then bring both knees in and tap ball to shins)
  3. Burpee w/ ball (when standing, raise ball overhead)
  4. Full sit ups, tossing ball overhead at top of sit up
  5. Squat while swinging ball between legs and overhead, jump feet in and raise ball overhead
  6. Russian twists w/ ball but bounce ball on ground each time you twist
  7. Squat jump diagonally, tapping ball to ground, jump back and do 2 ball jacks, alternate sides on squat jump
  8. Plank hold with hands on ball
  9. Alternating lateral lunge w/ star jump between lunges (push ball overhead when star jumping and tap ball to ground when lunging)
  10. Lay on ground w/ legs straight, crunch up while pulling one knee into chest and tap ball to shin, alternate legs
  11. Pendulum leg swings while pushing arms overhead
  12. In straight arm plank, lower to elbows then back to straight arms (high plank to low plank); ends w/ elbow plank hold
  13. Wacky jacks (pendulum feet while doing jack arms but arms are opposing–one goes up while the other goes down)
  14. In straight arm plank, slide knees in under chest then back to plank
  15. Fast feet holding ball and when Yvette tells you to, drop down into squat and hold until she tells you to fast feet jog again; ends with squat pulses
  16. In straight arm plank, slide one straight leg out to right then to left, then slide knees into chest 2x
  17. Shuffle, shuffle, squat w/ ball
  18. In straight arm plank, slide foot under body across to other side while dropping hip, alternate legs
  19. 2 ball jacks + quarter turn jump squat
  20. Sliding mountain climbers
  21. Squat with ball toss when standing
  22. C sit with feet raised, push ball overhead
  23. 4 lateral jumps + 1 burpee; ends w/ plank hold
  24. Slow sit ups w/ cross punches (it takes 4 punches to get to the top), speed bag arms as you lower
  25. Ball jacks w/ stability ball
  26. In straight arm plank w/ shins on stability ball, roll ball in, bringing knees in to chest then roll ball back out
  27. Squat jacks, tapping fingertips to floor when squatting
  28. Glider burpees; ends in plank, sliding knees in to chest 8x
  29. Burpee with one plank jack and 2 regular jacks
  30. Full butterfly sit ups, raising arms overhead at top (soles of feet together, knees bent and open)
  31. Jump to side, squat jump forward and pulse squat 3x, jump back and jump to other side; ends w/ 8 forward and back squat jumps (med ball)
  32. Skull crusher full sit up with overhead press at top (med ball)
  33. Lateral skaters with windmill arms
  34. Crunch and roll (lay on back, hands behind head, feet on stability ball–crunch while rolling ball in so elbows tap knees then roll ball back out)
  35. 30 second water break
  36. Squat with V overhead press at top (10# DBs)
  37. Plank swimmers (straight arm plank w/ breath stroke arms)
  38. Torso twists; add cross punches; changes to overhead double punches w/ knee pull; ends w/ all knee pulls
  39. Burpee w/ 4 cross punches at top (5# DBs)
  40. Repeat #38
  41. Front raise w/ one arm while doing a side raise w/ other arm, alternate (8# DBs)
  42. Alternating side lunges w/ 2 ball jacks between each lunge (touch ball to floor when lunging)
  43. On stability ball (ball at low back), do crunches w/ cross punch at top
  44. In chair squat, swing straight arms forward and back in opposition (5# DBs)
  45. Upper cuts (5# DBs)
  46. Ball pass (arms and legs straight, pass stability ball from between feet to hands and back while raising and lowering legs and arms)
  47. Jacks while swinging arms side to side
  48. Burpee + 2 side raises at top (8# DBs)
  49. With stability ball at small of back, do a full sit up, raising arms overhead at top of sit up
  50. Squat jacks, bringing DBs between legs when squatting, overhead press at top of move; ends w/ 8 alternating overhead pressed (10# DBs)
  51. In elbow plank w/ sliders under feet, slide feet forward and back, pulling with forearms
  52. Squat to kneel (from squat position, lower to kneeling, one leg at a time then return to squat one leg at a time); ends w/ pulse squats

For more info on Yvette Bachman and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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