Step Cardio with Legs/Shoulders and Back

Step Cardio with Legs/Shoulders and Back is another excellent cardio + strength workout from Yvette Bachman. Though “back” is in the title, it didn’t get a lot of work–at least compared to the work that legs and shoulders received. But it does get some work. I really enjoyed this workout. It is fun like all of Yvette’s workouts, plus, at 56:30 minutes, it fits perfectly into my morning workout time without me having to cut anything out. The majority of the workout is set up in timed intervals, including the strength work, until the second half of the workout. Then you start doing some of the back and shoulder exercises for 12-15 reps. After you finish the cardio + strength work, you get 5 minutes of step cardio and the workout ends with some core work. Another awesome workout from Yvette!

Step Cardio with Legs/Shoulders and Back is 56:30 minutes; 10:30 minute warm up and 5 minute stretch. Equipment: step @ 10 inches (3 risers) set up vertically when workout starts, sliding devices and various dumbbells. Strength work is alternated with cardio; exercises are done for 45 second intervals. The dumbbell weights listed below are what I used.

  1. With hands on step, jump feet over step 3x, stand and jump
  2. With one foot on step, squat pulse 3 times then stand, lifting leg that is not on step out to side while also doing a one arm row (one 15# DB)
  3. Start standing on step and straddle step down and when you step back on step do a knee raise (straddle, straddle, knee)
  4. Repeat #2 on other side of body
  5. Side to side squat jumps over step, one foot is always on step and tap step w/ fingers each time you squat
  6. Slow squats (25# DBs)
  7. Step hop over step and do 2 jacks on floor
  8. Deadlifts (35# DBs)
  9. Side jump over step, landing with one foot on step and do a side leg raise (leg not on step raises)
  10. Sumo squats with upright rows (15# DBs)
  11. Start standing on step and straddle, straddle, kick
  12. With one foot on step, pulse squat 3x, step on step doing overhead press and step down on other side (alternate sides); ends standing on step and doing 8 overhead presses (one 18# DB)
  13. Step on step while stepping other foot out to side, repeat on other leg, step on step w/ knee raise (she calls them Marios), repeat on other leg; ends with all Marios
  14. Reverse lunges off step (15# DBs)
  15. Step on step while stepping other foot out to side, repeat on other leg, hamstring pull step on each leg; ends with all hamstring pull steps
  16. Side lunge w/ a one arm upright row; ends w/ 8 rows while in lunge (one 15# DB)
  17. Shuffle 2x laterally + jump
  18. Repeat #16 on other side of body, except you only do 4 of the ending rows while in lunge
  19. Burpee w/ hands on step then squat walk straddling step forward then back; ends with all squat walks
  20. In straight arm plank, slide feet in under chest 3x, then slide feet in and stand; ends w/ sliding feet in and out 8x
  21. Wide sumo squat, set one DB on floor, pick it up with other hand and stand (one 30# DB)
  22. Box jumps w/ one foot on step (jump forward, jump over step, jump back, jump over step); ends jumping side to side over step
  23. 30 second water break
  24. Pullovers, 12-15 reps (one 30# DB)
  25. 3 straddle steps moving forward on step, 3 jump ropes back straddling step, 2 jacks at back of step
  26. One arm rear delt fly w/ knee on step, 12-15 reps (one 12# DB)
  27. Repeat #26 on other arm
  28. Step on step while stepping other foot out to side, repeat on other leg
  29. Holding DBs in straight arm plank w/ DBs placed on step, jump feet in and out 3x, stand and do one overhead press (15# DBs)
  30. Straddle on and off step fast
  31. Holding DBs in straight arm plank w/ DBs placed on step, jump feet into wide squat and, while hinged forward, do 2 rows w/ palms facing forward (18# DBs)
  32. Repeat #29 starting with other lead foot
  33. Reverse flys, 12-15 reps (9# DBs)
  34. Burpee w/ hands on step w/ one plank jacks and 2 standing jacks
  35. Front raise w/ palms facing ceiling, bring DBs together in front of chest when raising, 12-15 reps (8# DBs)

At 46:30 remove one riser level from step, lowering it to 8 inches; step is still vertical. Do 5 minutes of step cardio. Lay mat on floor beside step for ab circuits–each exercise is done for 40 seconds.

  1. One crunch + one full sit up w/ knees bent and feet on floor, slap floor beside feet at top of sit up
  2. Lay on back w/ knees bent and feet on floor, lift neck/shoulders w/ arms extended straight to sides and alternate reaching for heels
  3. Full sit ups with soles of feet together and knees open (butterfly)
  4. Sit up, knees bent and feet on floor, arms straight and hands clasped, bring arms side to side (like a Russian Twist w/out a weight)

For more info on Yvette Bachman and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


5 thoughts on “Step Cardio with Legs/Shoulders and Back

  1. Hi there! This is colleen from Cathe’s forum (you may remember me as either cokonkel or eyefit). I just discovered Yvette as well and have enjoyed the two I’ve done so far (all out kickboxing and step and the bosu mashup one). I will definitely have to try this one as well since it works all my favorite parts to work!

    I know you’ve been doing some Fit Body by Julia as well and she has become my number one favorite. I have gotten so much stronger and fitter since doing her workouts. I highly recommend sticking with doing hers even though they are tough. I often only do parts of the workouts when they are really long, skipping segments or shortening rounds if I’m getting bored. For example if she does 5 rounds of a set I might do 3. Even with shortening the workouts and modifying, she really took me to the next level. I even wrote some workouts for her. I would love to have you try some of mine to see what you think! Here’s the playlist


    1. Hello Colleen! How did I miss Leg & Back Supersets?!? That sounds like my kind of workout! I have added it to my To Do playlist. I am doing a new-to-me Julia workout next week, but I am mostly doing Yvette workouts this week and next week. I do eventually plan to do some more of Julia’s workouts–I have a long list of her workouts I want to try, but I don’t know when that will happen. Last week I found out I have breast cancer so I suspect in the coming months my workouts will be changing. I don’t talk treatment until next week, but hopefully, the treatment will be short and I will be back to full speed soon.

      Anyway, I don’t want you to think I am ignoring your suggestion if I don’t get to them soon. I had planned to do some more of Julia’s workouts this year and your Leg & Back Supersets looks like something I would love.


      1. Oh no! I’m so sorry about your diagnosis. That is so ironic because while I was posting this comment earlier today I was sitting with my sister during her chemotherapy session for her breast cancer. I just told my sister this and she said “1 in 8, Colleen, 1 in 8.” 😦 I hope your treatment isn’t too hard on you and you make a full recovery! Hugs! I’ll be excited to hear what you think of the workouts whenever you can get to them! ❤️


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