AngieFitnessTV: Bounce & Lift Series/Total Body Circuit

This workout is part of Angie‘s Bounce & Lift Series and it has so many different titles, I literally have no clue which one is the correct title. In my perusing and choosing, I have an extremely hard time telling her workouts apart by their titles. So I am trying to identify them by their icon/image picture. Unfortunately, the image associated with the YouTube workout is pink and says Rebounder Bounce Mini Trampoline Cardio Lift which really isn’t an appropriate title for this workout. The words under the image say Sculpt & Tone / Bounce & Lift. Then you hit play and you get entirely different image that says Bounce & Lift Series: Total Body Circuit. Which, btw, is the most appropriate title of the three since it is not a cardio workout. It is obviously extremely confusing. If I did not enjoy her workouts so much I might just say f*ck it because I ripped my hair out trying to include AngieFitnessTV Rebounder workouts to my rotation. I mapped it all out but then when I went back to create my YouTube playlist to list each workout in the order I planned to do them, my rotation did not make sense to me! I could not tell which workout I wanted to do on different days. Suffice to say it is uber confusing to keep these workouts straight. But they are all different and unique in spite of the fact their titles are not. **I just had another moment of frustration trying to figure out which of her workouts I had planned to do. So my new plan–I will note the exact time of each workout then I can easily compare it (along with the image) to the YouTube workout to determine which workout I had planned to do.I usually round up and down but that makes it even more confusing.**

Anyway, this workout technically has very little bouncing in it. Just in the warm up. This is a high rep total body strength workout. I really enjoyed it. Since it is high rep and done entirely on the rebounder, Angie recommends using moderate weight dumbbells. She used 8 pound dumbbells for the entire workout. I did, too. They worked well for me since I have a torn rotator cuff. I am using moderate weights for most of my workouts these days anyway to protect my shoulder. 8 pounds worked fine for me. For one of the exercises (#9 below), you do a single arm back row. I just held the 2 dumbbells together in one hand so at least I was using 16 pounds for the back row. I hate shortchanging the back. Each exercise is done for 1 minute, so for many of the exercises, you can do a lot of reps. All of the exercises are done on the rebounder which is an unstable surface, so you are working your core throughout.

I really like Angie. I have been following her on YouTube for a long time but never did get around to doing her workouts. What finally prompted me to start doing her workouts was my purchase of a rebounder. She has a lot of rebounder workouts and from what I have seen of them, they are exactly what I am looking for in a rebounder workout. Now, I will be honest. This workout is not exactly what I was looking for. But I liked the look of it anyway. So I did it in conjunction with GymRa’s Rebounder HIIT workout–which was intense cardio but did not have much of a stretch. Plus I needed some total body strength work and I knew Angie always stretches you out well, so I combined it with with the GymRa workout and got an excellent hour long cardio and total body strength workout. That is another thing I really appreciate about Angie’s workouts. Every one of her workouts that I have previewed so far, she includes a thorough warm up, cool down and stretch. So few trainers do that and even the ones that do, do not do it thoroughly or consistently. In addition, her music is really good! Another thing lacking in many YouTube workouts–good music! I do plan to eventually try some of her other non-rebounder workouts, but for now, rebounding is my obsession and really all I want to do.

Total Body Circuit is 31:13 minutes; 1 minute intro, 4 minute warm up and 4 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and a set of medium dumbbells (Angie is using 8 pound dumbbells).

  1. Squats on the rebounder done to various tempos
  2. Squat with single arm hammer curl into overhead press
  3. Repeat #2 on other arm
  4. Squat with double arm hammer curl into overhead press
  5. Wide squat on rebounder done to various tempos
  6. Stand on rebounder with legs wide and do alternating upright rows
  7. 4 wide squats + 4 double arm upright rows
  8. Lift and lower one leg straight behind you (leading with heel)
  9. In split stance do single arm back rows
  10. Repeat #8 & 9 on other side of body
  11. Wide plie squats with DBs resting on top of thighs, done to various tempos; add a single arm snatch (lower DB between legs then draw it up close to body into an overhead press)
  12. Lift one leg out straight to side
  13. With all the weight on one leg, other leg extended out to side and resting lightly on edge of rebounder, do a single arm overhead press
  14. Repeat #12 & 13 on other side of body
  15. Get on all 4s on rebounder, place one DB behind one knee, lift and lower that leg
  16. Repeat #15 on other leg
  17. Kneel on rebounder holding one DB in both hands, woodchop the DB from one hip over opposite shoulder
  18. Repeat #17 on other side of body
  19. Stand on rebounder with a DB in each hand, do weighted pulsing side bends, alternate sides
  20. Still standing on rebounder, holding one DB on both hands, do a large figure 8, working the core

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


3 thoughts on “AngieFitnessTV: Bounce & Lift Series/Total Body Circuit

  1. What rebounder did you happen to get? I am wanting to get a really nice one. The kind that isn’t to stiff when u actually jump! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I started with a Serene Life 40 inch rebounder which was very inexpensive and spring bound to make sure I actually enjoyed rebounding before dropping more money. And I since I ended up loving it, I upgrade to a 49 inch Bellicon which uses bungees rather than springs. And I LOVE my Bellicon. I have created a page on my blog dedicated to rebounder workouts (like my Cathe Live page) so if you get one you can go straight to it so see what rebounder workouts I have tried:


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