Barlates: Quick Fix Ballet Box

Quick Fix Ballet Box is a very cool Barlates workout from Linda Wooldridge. It is free on YouTube but you can also purchase it on her Quick Fix Series DVD w/ 3 other workouts. Linda also has this entire series saved into a YouTube Quick Fix playlist.

Quick Fix Ballet Box is 29 minutes long w/ 2 minute stretch; Linda uses 1 pound hand weights and I used 3 pound hand weights. You also need a mat for the stretch at the end. It is a low impact barre kickboxing workout. Linda has managed to combine everything into an intense little cardio workout that I loved. There is too much going on to break this down move by move but it is structured in segments that change. You are holding light hand weights throughout this workout. You start with punch drills combined with fast paced lower body barre work (cardio barre w/ boxing drills). Then it changes to more of a cardio barre workout (the punches go away but you do other upper body work–tricep kickbacks, etc.). The workout ends with slower kick drills and barre work–the pace is slower, but not slow; it remains brisk enough to keep you in the cardio range, even the slower kick drills. And this workout moves non-stop. You get no breaks. I had to pause it twice to wipe the sweat out of my eyes and get a sip of water. A definite winner.

For more info on Barlates and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.





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