Naomi Joy Fitness: Mini Trampoline HIIT Cardio Workout // 30 Mins

I am back from vacation! I had a great time but I did miss my rebounder. So I have been binging on rebounder workouts since I returned. I have been doing all Naomi Joy rebounder workouts the past few days. Today I did her newest workout Mini Trampoline HIIT Cardio Workout // 30 minutes. This was an intense cardio workout. I have noticed that her workouts have been kicking my a$$ more than they normally do. I contribute that to eating too well on vacation and not exercising at my normal level. But nevertheless, this was an intense HIIT workout. I liked the structure of this workout. Naomi threw some much needed easier intervals in the mix which doubled (for me at least) as recovery moves. And I needed them! She had 4 intervals of squat jump variations and 5 sprint intervals. Intense!

Naomi had a friend with her during this workout; another fitness instructor named Hana. This was Hana’s first time rebounding. Hana shows easier versions of some of the exercises. This workout is set on a boardwalk with water and the city behind them. As usual, beautiful landscape to further enhance an excellent workout.

Mini Trampoline HIIT Cardio Workout // 30 minutes is 36:16 minutes; 45 second intro, 3 minute warm up and 4:30 minute stretch. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of recovery. There is a timer in the upper left hand side of the screen counting down your intervals and recoveries. During the recovery Naomi previews the next exercise. There is another timer in the lower right hand side of the screen counting down the entire workout time.

  1. Scissor run to single-single-double pattern
  2. Double jack the legs, arms are raised to shoulder level, open arms to a T when legs are wide and bend elbows bringing fingers together in front of chest when legs are together
  3. Fast feet, arms are raised in a T and circling backwards
  4. High knee sprint
  5. Knee raise hops to a pattern: double knee raise hops, alternate legs (2 knee raise hops each leg) + 4 single knee raise hops (still alternating legs), hands are behind head, bringing opposite elbow to knee as it raises
  6. Squat jumps with alternating front punches
  7. Alternating hopping front kicks, touch fingers under thigh when kicking, raise arms out to sides between kicks
  8. Single leg side kick hops with single arm front punch with opposite hand
  9. Single leg front kick hops, arms are raised to shoulder level with palms facing ceiling, open arms out to sides in a T when kicking then bring them together in front of you between kicks
  10. Repeat #8 & 9 on other side of body
  11. High knee sprint
  12. Cross jack the legs with lat pull down arms
  13. Hopping hip twists with legs/feet together, arms are raised overhead and moving in opposition to hips
  14. Alternating hopping insole taps, arms are both raised overhead unless tapping opposite heel
  15. Squat jumps, hands are in prayer when in squat then raise them overhead in a V when jumping
  16. Lateral ski hops to single-single-double pattern, raise straight arms in front of you then push them behind you in time with hops
  17. Quarter turn jacks (jack forward, to the side, forward, to other side) with goalpost chest fly arms
  18. High knee run to single-single-double pattern
  19. High knee sprint
  20. Alternating hopping side leg lifts, arms are raised to shoulder level with elbows bent and fingers together in front of chest, open same side arm out to side when kicking
  21. 3 small squat hops + one squat jump
  22. Alternating hopping knee raise, palms are together and arms chop down to thigh when knee raises
  23. High knee sprint
  24. Alternating hopping front kicks with alternating front punches (opposite arm/leg punch/kick at same time)
  25. Squat jumps, hands are in prayer when in squat then raise one arm overhead jumping, alternate arms
  26. High knee sprint

For more info on Naomi Joy Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


9 thoughts on “Naomi Joy Fitness: Mini Trampoline HIIT Cardio Workout // 30 Mins

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention … It seems that Cathe’s new workouts are coming tomorrow. I’m going to fit those in next week if I can. I’ll let you know how they are.

    I hope the jet lag from your trip is gone. I used to go to Asia several times a year – big loop including China, South Korea and Japan. I don’t miss the jet lag. Good lord, those were brutal trips!


    1. I got my shipment notice, too. Mine is also supposed to arrive tomorrow. I just do not get excited about Cathe workouts like I used to. In the past I would be jonesing for her newest workouts but I honestly don’t care and don’t know when I will get to them. The soonest will be mid-September.

      Yes, my jet lag is gone but it was kicking my butt for a while! I got past it quicker in the UK–it only messed me up a few days then my circadian rhythm lined up with UK time but coming home–I was struggling hard to stay awake in the evenings. In fact, I’ve been home about a week (our plane landed late Friday last week) and last night was the first nights I was able to stay awake until my normal bed time without nodding off repeatedly.


      1. My Cathe workouts just arrived. The booty bands look really good. I tried out the heavy one and it’s very tough (maybe tougher than my pink pro fitness one) so I’m happy with those. But the larger bands are quite narrow, making them easier to stretch. So we will have to see how those work out.


      2. I got mine today. I bought the booty band Caroline uses while I was in England (Teknifit, only available from Amazon.UK–I had it delivered to my daughter’s house while I was there) and I found the blue/heavy band to have a little more give than the Teknifit. It is about the same as the heavy band I was already using (EnriQ). And I agree, the large blue band is definitely lighter than my large heavy rubber loop. Now I need to figure out when I will try the workouts.


  2. YAYYYYYYY!!!! You’re back!! 😁😁😁

    Glad you returned safely and also happy to hear you had such a great time. I’ve been LOOOOOOOVING your Heather/Caroline rotation, throwing in an extra newbie here and there. I saw a new barre workout from Heather that I’m dying to try but I don’t think I can fit it in this week unless I want to do it on Sunday (my rest day) or have a super long workout on Saturday. So I will probably have to wait until next week. 😢 FYI, I did a 10 min ab workout from Pamela Reid which was billed as “super tough” and is my first non-warmup segment I’ve tried from her. It was every bit of super tough. So I’m going to try a few more segments from her to see if she’s the real deal. She totally looks like Barbie which is a little weird because being tough is incongruent with Barbie. 🤨😉


    1. I am so glad you are enjoying the rotation! I am looking forward to getting back to some Caroline Girvan strength work. After I finish my week of Naomi Joy workouts I am doing several weeks of Heather Robertson’s new-to-me workouts so I can create another rotation then I will do whatever I want for a while–Naomi, Caroline and Heather. I am also planning to do Heather’s new barre workout. Probably next week as a doubles workout. I previewed it and it looks great.


    2. I just realized that Day 2 of Week 1 has the wrong AMRAP workout. I apologize! I swear I read over these posts 10 times before posting them but never seem to see the mistakes/typos until after I post it. Anyway, I corrected it but you since you have already started the rotation I am sure you found that to be a curious placement–especially since I did not even like that workout!


      1. Haha! Yeah, I remembered you saying you didn’t like it but thought you had a change of heart … No worries, it still worked out ok.

        I shoehorned in heather’s new barre workout yesterday. It’s a winner! And today was the first time I did Caroline’s unwind stretch. That was great after doing her awakened glutes (used a 50lb dumbbell today! 😁) and 15 min wall sit challenge (I really love that one for a quick quad burner). I’m definitely going to use that stretch more often.


      2. I have her barre workout scheduled next week as a doubles workout. I agree! Caroline’s Unwind feels wonderful. I love it. I look forward to returning to Caroline’s very focused workouts. Probably mid or late September I will return to doing my own thing and probably returning to a lot of her workouts that I have already done and loved rather than doing new ones all of the time.


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