JessicaSmithTV: Lower Body Circuit Walk

As I mentioned in Jessica Smith‘s Upper Body Circuit Walk, I am using these as add ons to extend my morning workout time in the mornings. This worked great for that purpose. I did Jessica’s Boost Metabolism + Muscle Lower Body Focus which is 35 minutes and finished off with this little circuit walk.

Like Upper Body Circuit Walk, this is a free short strength workout available on Jessica’s YouTube channel.

Lower Body Focus was much tougher than this but that is fine. I am building my strength and endurance back up so Lower Body Focus fried me. I tried to use the same weights as pre-cancer and wow–I was definitely stronger before cancer kicked my butt! I had to stop during one of the exercises because it was frying my legs! So this is exactly what I needed as a finisher. This little strength walk still worked my lower body well but didn’t continue to fry me. So for this point in my progression it was perfect.

I forgot to mention yesterday in the Upper Body Circuit Walk review that Peanut was there with little thought bubbles! She is in this workout, too, with her bone. She is so cute!

Lower Body Circuit Walk is 12 minutes; 3 warm up and no stretch, the last minute is just marching in place while Jessica talks. Equipment: dumbbells. Jessica is using 7 pound dumbbells. I used 15 pound dumbbells.

  1. Body weight squats; hold in squat then do a reverse lunge, return to squat and reverse lunge other leg, continue alternating never rising from squat
  2. Side leg lift holding DB against thigh; changes to alternating sides w/ a squat between each side leg lift; changes to 2 side steps + one side leg lift, alternate sides
  3. Repeat #1 but with DBs, end by holding in squat and pulsing
  4. 2 side steps to each side w/ a cross kick (lifting insole toward ceiling), alternate legs
  5. Alternating stationary side lunges
  6. Remain hinged over in side lunge w/ all of the weight in one leg and raise and lower other straight leg to side
  7. Pulsing wide plie squats; changes to 3 pulses then come out of plie squat; add lifting heels when pulsing; changes to single plie squats

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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