AngieFitnessTV: Cardio Rebounder + Lower Body Sculpt

Cardio Rebounder + Lower Body Sculpt is a cardio and lower body strength workout from AngieFitnessTV. The workout starts with cardio on the rebounder then you add your booty band/resistance loop to get some lower body work while continuing to cardio bounce on the rebounder. Next you add your pilates ball to the mix (you’re still wearing your booty band) to do some lower body strength work. Angie mixes some core work into the lower body strength work. Each exercise is done for one minute. I always enjoy Angie’s rebounder workouts and this one is no different but it’s probably not one my favorites. Still an enjoyable and effective workout, and one I will even return to, but she has others I like more. I followed it with her 15 Minutes to Fit Stretch & Release to round out my hour.

While I was doing the workout I didn’t feel like it was working my legs that hard but about an hour later, my hips were feeling worked, and now about 5-6 hours later, I am feeling it in my glutes, so maybe it worked me harder than I thought! Several times during the workout Angie referred to this as an “intense workout.” I didn’t find it terribly intense. And that’s okay btw–but I have done many very intense rebounder workouts and few of them were created by Angie (maybe none of them but I have done a lot of Angie’s rebounder workouts and maybe one or two were intense, but when I think of intense rebounder workouts my mind goes to other trainers). And that’s okay because she still creates excellent and fun rebounder workouts but just know that if you are looking for intensity in a rebounder workout, there are far more intense workouts done by other trainers. Off the top of my head Linda @ Barlates creates some super intense rebounder workouts. One way to increase the intensity of this workout is, after the booty band is added to the cardio, continue adding arm movements. Angie stops using her arms once the booty band is added, but I continued to add arm movements to keep my heart rate elevated.

For this workout Angie is using a fabric booty band/resistance loop and I think, for this workout, the fabric loop is necessary. I also own fabric loops which I adore. Mine are EnriQ booty bands but a lot of companies make fabric booty bands and they all look similar. Most come in sets of 3–light, medium and heavy resistance. I used my medium resistance loop for this workout. You will also need a pilates or playground ball and weighted gloves. If you don’t have gloves, Angie recommends using very light hand weights. The gloves/weights are to increase the intensity of the cardio.

Cardio Rebounder + Lower Body Sculpt is 46:31 minutes; 1 minute intro; 5 minute warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder, weighted gloves, booty band/fitness loop and pilates or playground ball.

  1. Double jacks with goalpost chest press arms
  2. Single jacks with hammer curls
  3. Jump twist hips side to side, arms are held out to side at chest level and arms bend and straighten in time with hips twist hops
  4. Side to side shift hops, raise and lower arms over head (but from the side) in opposition
  5. Scissor runs while pushing arms overhead and pulling down
  6. Hopping toe taps in front of you with hammer curl to overhead press arms
  7. Bounce with alternating large arm circles
  8. Jacks with a quarter turn jump with each jack; add alternating hammer curl arms
  9. Repeat #8 but turn in other direction
  10. Shift hop side to side
  11. In split stance, shift hop forward and back, putting most of the emphasis on the front shift
  12. Repeat #1 with legs swapped
  13. Alternating knee raise hops (a hop between each knee raise) w/ alternating hammer curl arms
  14. Butt kick runs
  15. Jumping jacks pushing arms/legs out in an X when jacking
  16. Fast feet high knee run
  17. (place resistance loop/booty band around thighs, just above knees) Jack feet
  18. Scissor runs
  19. Wide leg squat
  20. One jack + one scissor run, alternate leg on scissor run
  21. Jacks with a quarter turn jump with each jack
  22. Repeat #21 but turn in other direction
  23. Wide pile squats
  24. (get pilates/playground ball) Lay on back on rebounder (band is still around thighs) and place pilates ball between thighs so that booty band is holding it securely in place, feet are on rebounder frame, lift and lower hips in bridge; pulse at top of bridge
  25. Raise straight legs to ceiling and squeeze and release thighs against ball
  26. Same basic move as #25 but this time your focus is opening legs wider rather than squeezing in on ball
  27. Roll up into bent knee boat pose and hold for 16 counts (this is done 3x)
  28. Lay on side on rebounder, knees are bent in front of you, squeeze and release thighs together against ball
  29. Still on side, raise both legs, bring them into chest then push them out straight (ball still between thighs, loop still around thighs), do this 8x; keep legs straight and raised, remain on hip and raise torso (so you are on your hip and bottom elbow) and hold
  30. Repeat #28 & 29 on other side of body
  31. Get on hands and knees on rebounder (ball still between thighs, band still around thighs) squeeze thighs together against ball
  32. Raise into down dog/pike position on rebounder (feet and hands are on the rebounder frame) and hold this pose; lift one leg and hold
  33. (remove ball and set aside, but keep loop around thighs) Return to all 4s, extend one leg straight behind you then bring knee back under body
  34. (slide loop down to ankles) Lay on back with legs raised to ceiling, open legs wide so there is tension against the band and pulse legs against the loop
  35. (remove band and set aside) Still laying on back, roll straight legs into plow pose then roll up to sitting, legs extended straight but not touching the floor
  36. Still in plow, place hands on small of back and raise and lower legs from plow to straight up to ceiling

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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