The Method: Jab, Kick & Burn

Jab, Kick & Burn is another Method workout collection led by Tracey Mallet. It is the second Method collection I’ve tried and I purchased 3 of Tracey’s Method workouts. As I mentioned in the review for her Cardio Kick workout, the workouts appear to have been originally done as TV show-type workouts. The set is the same–the large Ying Yang symbol on the floor and wall behind her, a crew of exercisers behind her and the music is live drummers.

This workout collection contains three 14 minute cardio kickboxing workouts (labeled First Intensity, Second Intensity, and Third Intensity) and a 10 minute ab and stretch bonus. If you click “Play Program” it plays everything and is 53 minutes long;  it includes a 1 minute intro by Tracey, plays through all 3 Intensities and ends with the abs and stretch. You can also go to the “select workout” menu and do the segments individually. Each of the intensities has their own warm up and contains either one long combo or two shorter combos. The combos are always taught in layers so they build upon each other and you have time to learn them. There are also a lot of kick drills throughout. Overall, I didn’t find this/these terribly intense workout(s). I did the “play program” choice and did the 53 minute workout (so everything in one workout). According to my FitBit I burned 274 calories–not a huge calorie burn for 53 minutes but decent. There were things I liked about these workouts, but overall, I found many of the combos awkward. Unfortunately there was something I didn’t care for in each of the 14 minute segments (and things I really liked in them, too)–but the fact that there are things I don’t care for makes me think that I probably will not return to any of these workouts again. And to be more specific–what I didn’t care for was that some of the moves were awkward. They didn’t all flow. If you follow other trainers like Cathe, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, Susan Chung, Heather Corndorf and Ilaria, you know that kickboxing can be done in an intense yet smooth manner, where punches, kicks and combos all flow together well. So when you come across someone who either cannot hold a good rhythm with their kickboxing combos or puts together awkward combos, it doesn’t make sense to keep doing their kickboxing workouts. I still have one more Tracey Method collection on my To Do pile, but I don’t think it is all kickboxing (it is a bootcamp collection) so I still plan to try that at some point.

First Intensity is 14 minutes w/ a 2 minute warm up. The workout begins with kick drills. First you do slow side kicks then slow front kicks. Next she does one long combo. The combo is taught in layers, but what follows is the finished combo: 3 heel skips w/ one knee lift; step, front kick step back; 2 hops + one jack; jack feet out and hold, do 3 fast punches; 3 gallops to the side w/ side punches and one cross punch; jab-cross w/ knee block 2x; jab-cross w/ side kick 2x. Workout ends w/ fast feet while drumming fists.

Second Intensity is 14 minutes w/ 2 minute warm up. The workout starts with the first combo. The combos are taught in layers, but what follows is the finished first combo: step forward and back with a jab-cross and knee block 2x; step forward and back with a jab-cross and side kick 2x; walk forward 3 steps, one front kick, one side kick then squat to side; 3 gallops to each side w/ speed bag arm and one cross punch. Before you start your second comb you will do plie squats w/ front punches. Finished second combo: side kicks into plie squats; 2 jabs, 2 hooks, 2 upper cuts while in plie squat then clap twice while jumping feet together and hopping twice. Next you will do a small cardio blast: jack feet while turning 180 degrees then do 3 fast punches. to each side The workout ends w/ alternating front kicks then fast feet while drumming fists.

Third Intensity is 14 minutes w/ 2:30 minute warm up that consists of Tia Chi moves.  This segment is  one long combo. The combo is taught in layers, but what follows is the finished combo: plie squat and hold and do 2 punches + 2 hooks; jab, cross, hook, upper cut then do 2 weaves changing leads and do jab, cross, hook upper cut on other side; jab-cross knee block 2x; side kick and pivot into plie squat and do 2 punches 2x; 2 knee blocks + 2 plyo 180 jump squats; 2 knee blocks, one round house kick, while in lunge twist torso forward, 2 knee blocks, one round house kick, one 180 plyo jump squat. The workout ends first with kick drills: alternating front kicks, alternating side kicks, alternating knee raises, and alternating knee raises w/ twists. The final drill is boxer shuffles in a circle while punching.

Ab Workout + Stretch is 10 minutes long; 7 minutes of abs and 3 minutes of stretching. Abs: 1. breathing exercises while laying on back; 2. laying on back with knees bent and feet flat on floor, roll torso up, raising arms overhead and roll torso back down to floor; 3. lay on back, bend knees and raise feet off floor, lift head and shoulders while reaching arms/hands past hips; alternate tapping toes to ground in this position; 4. “frogs”–lay on back, legs straight and raised to ceiling, heels together; lower straight legs to 90 degrees then bend knees while keeping heels together (so knees are out to sides) then straighten legs to ceiling; 5. “neck pulls”–basic crunches to 4 count. It ends w/ 3 minutes of primarily lower body stretching but some neck stretching, too.






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