Svelte U: Workout Two

tmsvelteu2Workout Two is the second of the Svelte U workouts created by Tracey Mallett. Like Svelte U: Workout One, there are actually three 20 minute workouts on this DVD. So if you purchase Workout One and Workout Two you would get six 20 minute workouts that actually work very nicely together. I did all 3 of Workout Two’s workouts in one session, back to back. The first workout is Cardio Toning Svelte and it is old school aerobics alternated with body weight toning. The only equipment used is weighted gloves to increase intensity. I disliked this workout a lot, which was a disappointment. I don’t think I have ever outright disliked a Tracey Mallett workout, but I hated the “old school” aerobics in this workout. Though they did get my heart rate up, they were zero fun. I did like the body weight toning segments but unfortunately you have to have the aerobics to get the toning. However, I think I will return to this workout and substitute cardio moves I do like for Tracey’s extremely unpleasant aerobics and see if my opinion of this workout changes. Total Svelte Toning 2 is a body weight conditioning workout that only uses the weighted gloves. Unlike Total Svelte Toning 1 (on Workout One DVD) there is no cardio factor. There is some standing and some mat work toning. I did like this workout. I didn’t love it but it was a good workout and I especially liked the lower body mat work. The third workout is Yoga Svelte, a dynamic and flowing yoga flexibility workout. No equipment needed for this workout. This was probably my favorite of the 3 workouts. An excellent flowing flexibility workout.

Workout Two is set in the same location as Workout One: a bright and spacious warehouse type room with lots of windows. Tracey is alone with no cast. I am a big fan of Tracey Mallet’s workouts, but I do not like either of her new Svelte U workouts nearly as much as her older workouts that I have been accumulating. They are both good and effective workout collections, and I will use them both, but they aren’t nearly as much fun as her other workouts that I own.

Cardio Toning Svelte is 22 minutes long; 1:30 minute warm up and 1 minute stretch. Tracey is wearing weighted gloves but she doesn’t tell you how much they weigh. I wore 2 pound weighted gloves (2 pounds in each glove). Because I disliked the aerobic portions of this workout so much, in the the break down below I am adding ideas (for myself) of how I can change the cardio to something I like so that I can actually enjoy this workout. I say that, because as I write the review, I did like the toning segments a lot, so I would like to return to this workout and see if I enjoy it more when I am not loathing the stupid aerobic segments. Obviously I could do anything, but I like to go into a workout knowing what I am doing ahead of time–so before I do this workout again, I’ll have the substitute moves written down for reference.

Warm up is squats and side lunges w/ reaches.

Aerobics: jog forward, hop back while turning in a circle and pumping one arm; add a cross hop heel step w/ bow and arrow arms (weird and complicated). (I could substitute w/ Cathe‘s power hop forward/block jack back and alternate that w/ simple heel jacks w/ the bow and arrow arms)

Toning: plie squats that turn into plie pulses on toes; pivot into lunge on toe of front foot and pulse; alternate between lunges and plie pulses, heels always raised. Lower into plank and do slow mountain climbers; changes to side knees (bringing knee outside to elbow); alternate between these two. Ends w/ 8 push ups (and btw–Tracey’s push up form is horrifying. That is not a proper push up.)

Aerobics: grapevines w/ a kick and pivot; add boxer shuffle forward and a more narrow shuffle w/ drumming fists. Slow jacks w/ goal post arms that come together with each jack; the jack changes to hops w/ heel clicks. (The last part–jacks/heel clicks was fine but the first part I could substitute with Cathe’s flying angels w/ front kicks and fast feet with fast jabs.)

Toning: alternating reverse lunges while raising straight arms forward; arm movement changes to torso/arm rotation. Lower hands to ground w/ legs in a lunge position–quickly tap back foot in and out.

Aerobics: alternate long lunges to side w/ jabs (I didn’t hate this one–I actually liked it).

Toning: get into plie squat and raise and lower heels while pressing arms overhead and lowering. Pulse in plie w/ heels raised. Lower heels but remain in plie while circling straight arms to side (small circles).

Aerobics: hopping front heel taps then stop and do hip “rolls”; add hop to side while abducting leg to side then do a knee up and tap toe to other side of foot (I could alternate Cathe’s windmills w/ just fast front heel taps for this move). Fast feet + “super star” which is just legs and arms out wide and on toes (didn’t hate this move–didn’t love it either, but I can stand to do it).

Toning: elbows to opposite knees, first alternating then staying on one side. Drop into a plie squat w/ hands on ground and raise and lower hips in this position; keeping hips low throughout, alternate doing this move with hands on ground and arms raised and reaching high. Get into down dog then 3 legged dog; pulse the raised leg; bend non-working leg while lowering working leg so ankles touch then straighten non-working leg while pushing leg back up to 3 legged dog; ends w/ pigeon pose. Get into crab pose but with hips low, lift one foot and do tricep dips while pushing foot in and out; remain in crab with hips low but still raised off ground and raise and lower straight leg.

Total Svelte Toning 2 is 19 minutes long; 3 warm up and 40 second stretch. Tracey is wearing weighted gloves but she doesn’t tell you how much they weigh. I wore 2 pound weighted gloves (2 pounds in each glove).

Warm up is shallow squats w/ reaches; side lunges w/ reaches; plie squats w/ arm/torso side stretches; plie step squat and taps that change to leg lifts first in front of you then behind you.

  1. Pretzel: sit on mat, one leg bent in front of you and the other bent behind you, so your legs are in a sort of Z or pretzel; lift and lower back leg; then slowly bring back knee forward then back; final pretzel move is three raises then bring leg forward then back.
  2. Get on all 4s and straighten one leg behind you and pulse that leg up; bring knee in/under to your chest, straighten leg and cross it to tap the floor on the outside of other leg while also turning head/torso to look at the foot as it taps then raise it straight behind you; start w/ leg straight behind you then bend knee to side into hydrant and push back straight; lower to elbows and pulse straight leg high behind you.
  3. Kneel on both knees and lower hips/bottom slightly so your torso isn’t straight but your bottom isn’t touching your heels, arms are scissor crossing straight in front of you; raise into a straight kneel again and lean torso back, continue leaning forward and back keeping torso/hips straight while still scissoring arms; lower hips to heels and straighten while doing bicep curls w/ goal post arms; lower hips again but not far enough for bottom to touch heels and do pelvic tilts w/ bicep curls but this time arms are held straight in front of you.
  4. Come onto one hip and one elbow, bottom leg extended straight and slightly in front of you and back leg bent w/ foot on floor, top arm lifted straight to ceiling; from this position lift and lower leg while  bringing top hand to tap foot at top; changes to high pulse while still tapping foot to hand; circle leg while holding arm stationary and straight to front; pulse leg high.
  5. Get into down dog and do pike push ups
  6. Stand w/ feet in first position; alternate bending and raising knees, keeping foot close to inside other leg (like a tree position) while raising and lowering arms overhead; stand on one leg, raise leg to low tree and extend leg to side then bring back to tree (balance move); changes to extending leg to front; hold in front and pulse leg up and down.
  7. Do mini plie squats while in first position while twisting torso side to side; get into plank and walk hands forward then back; “salsa plank”–while in plank, feet are crossing over each other and hips are twisting, so cross steps in plank; 4 salsa planks and hold w/ feet crossed and raise and lower hips 4x.
  8. Stretch: start in plank, jump feet in to outside of hands and lower hips into a deep plie stretch w/ hands on floor, jump back to plank–keep repeating; still in plie squat, bringing elbows to thigha and pulse; ends rolling torso up and down to forward fold with legs together.

Yoga Svelte is 21 minutes long. This is a very flowing and relaxing flexibility routine that I really enjoyed. It feels very nice. This is the kind of yoga I really enjoy–plus, with the short length, it is a nice way to finish off short intense workouts. Since this is a yoga workout I will not be breaking this down in the same kind of detail as I do other types of workouts. So just the basics.

  1. The workout starts with reaches overhead then rolling down into forward fold. Plank to child’s pose to down dog–keep repeating this series.
  2. Hold down dog. Bring one leg forward so you are in a deep lunge; straighten front leg, with torso leaned over front leg, hands still on floor; raise into crescent pose.
  3. Start in down dog, raise one leg to ceiling then bring that leg underneath you and place shin on ground, lowering into a sort of pigeon, but the leg is in a bit of a different position, keep alternating between 3 legged dog and the modified pigeon.
  4. Lower into plie squat with arms reaching wide to sides; lean to one side, deepening bend in one leg while straightening the other, placing elbow on thigh and reaching other arm overhead; lower hand that is one thigh to floor, deepening the stretch; straighten the bent leg; bend knee again, bringing arm to thigh then return to plie.
  5. With legs wide, hinge at hips and reach hands forward; lower hands to floor and bend and straighten knees; while continuing to bend and straighten knees, keep walking hands further back and until they are behind you/between legs; hold with legs straight, arms as far behind you as possible and top head on floor.
  6. Return to plank and into up dog; down dog to up dog.
  7. Sit on bottom with one leg straight to side and other leg bent w/ sole of foot touching inside of other thigh, reach both hands and grasp foot, leaning forehead to shin.
  8. Open legs wide and straight into a V; in this position, rock pelvis forward and back while opening and closing arms; walk hands forward and place forearms on floor; reach hands behind you and with legs still in straight V, raise hips off floor, as you lower hips back to ground, try to slide the legs open even wider and reach forward again placing forearms on ground.
  9. Pigeon pose. Down dog. Reach overhead then rolling down into forward fold.
  10. Standing w/ feet together and straight arms clasped together overhead, side bend stretches.
  11. Hinge forward while lifting one straight leg behind you (balance pose).
  12. Stand in prayer with eyes closed.



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