Svelte U: Workout One

svelteu1Tracey Mallett has created two new workout DVDs. They are both titled Svelte U. One is Workout One and the other is Workout Two; however they both contain three 20 minute workouts. This is obviously a review of the first DVD. Though it does contain 3 workouts, I did them all in one session, back to back. The first workout is called Total Svelte Toning 1. This is a standing conditioning workout that uses nothing except a theraband. It has a definite cardio factor and works the lower body, core and some upper body. My shoulders were getting a little achy from holding the band constantly with constant tension (that’s the point btw). Abs & Booty Svelte is the second workout. It is very core and lower body intensive and it is done on the mat with a theraband. The third workout is Pilates Svelte. As I am not a big fan of pilates by any trainer, it is my least favorite of the 3. But it is an effective workout. No equipment needed except a fitness mat and, like all pilates workouts, it is core intensive with some lower body work. I probably will not return to the third workout but I liked workouts 1 & 2 a lot and I think they work very nicely together.

Tracey is alone in these workouts with no cast. The setting is a bright and spacious warehouse type room with lots of windows. Though a theraband is used in two of the workouts these are all essentially bodyweight workouts. Though she does give you the option of using a towel instead of a theraband, it definitely is not quite the same since the theraband has tension/resistance that a towel doesn’t have. These workouts are different from the other Tracey Mallett workouts I own and love–except maybe Lose the Belly Flab. I do like it but not as much as her others that own.

Total Svelte Toning 1 is 23 minutes long; 3:30 minute warm up and 30 second stretch. The first 40 seconds is Tracey explaining how she would like you to hold the theraband. You take the ends and wrap them around each hand so that there is approximately 2 feet of band between your hands; you will hold the band this way, taut w/ tension, throughout the entire workout except for the very last exercise. Even tho there isn’t a lot of upper body work in this workout, holding the band this way for 20 minutes does work your shoulder area. Mine were starting to ache by the end. I will not comment on the band in the breakdown unless the way you hold it changes.

The warm up consists of marching in place then alternating side lunges with the band over your head, leaning as you lunge. Next is plie squats, alternating sides with arms overhead and torso/arms rotating to side as you plie squat. Next get into plie squat and do a lat pull down (arms overhead, pull band down behind head, bending elbows). Add releve. While remaining in plie squat/releve, raise and lower straight arms from overhead to chest level. This changes to chest presses (still in plie squat/releve). Add releve plie squats to chest press. The warm up ends with plie pulses.

  1. Plie squats w/ figure 8 arms
  2. In plie you will do a squat then jump up into releve with overhead press; add rotation w/ the overhead press
  3. Alternating curtsy lunges while bringing band down to side; remain in static curtsy lunge, sweeping arms down to side with each lunge
  4. Tap front foot while raising one leg behind you, you will be raising and lower arms while doing this; this changes to pulsing the leg behind you 3x; this changes to balancing on front leg while continuing to pulse back leg
  5. Repeat #3 & #4 on other side of body
  6. Step in and out in plie squat with arms held overhead
  7. Plie squat while swinging arms overhead then down to side; this changes to raising knee while still swing arms (so it turns into a side crunch, bringing knee up to arms as they swing overhead)
  8. While in a deep plie squat, shift slowly side to side while chest pressing arms; hold in side lunge to one side then swing straight arms to side while pivoting into a lunge facing the side (so you pivot side lunge facing the front to a front lunge facing the side; you arms are always in front of you, whatever direction you are facing)
  9. Step side to side with arms overhead; this changes to hamstring curls; this changes to knee raises to the side (you will be bringing arms/band down as you raise knees)
  10. Side lunge w/ side leg raise w/ arms overhead
  11. Knee repeaters, 3 to each side then switch sides; changes to singles; arms change to figure 8 arms
  12. This is the only exercise that you are not holding your band taut between straight arms; release band and wrap around one foot, holding ends of band in opposite hand; raise and lower leg to side; changes to pulses

Abs & Booty Svelte is 20:30 minutes long. For much of this workout you will be holding the theraband the same way you did in Total Svelte Toning 1: You take the ends and wrap them around each hand so that there is approximately 2 feet of band between your hands; you will hold the band this way taut w/ tension. As in the first workout, I will not comment on the band unless the way you hold it changes. For every move in the beginning you are holding it with tension between both hands.

  1. Start sitting with feet in butterfly (soles together) and reach band/arms overhead; lean arms/torso side to side; changes to leaning side, front–alternate sides; lean forward and back only; lean forward, arms still straight overhead and pulse arms up and down
  2. Straighten legs into a V in front of you and raise and lower arms overhead; this changes to reaching band toward one foot then raising band overhead; rotate arms/torso side to side w/ arms held straight overhead
  3. In C sit w/ arms held out straight in front of you, small torso raise and lowers; remain in C sit, leaning torso back and chest press arms; return to raising and lowering torso in C sit (bigger movements this time); hold in C sit w/ torso leaned back further, arms still held in front of you and alternate raising feet off floor, knee raises to band height; rotate torso/band to side while continuing raising feet off floor
  4. Wrap band around instep of right foot and straighten leg, still holding ends of band in each hand; holding leg straight and raised, raise and lower torso doing a back row with arms/band as you raise torso; lean torso back w/ leg and arms straight (band still around foot) and raise and lower leg; changes to circling straight leg
  5. Repeat #4 on left leg
  6. Wrap band round bottom of right foot again, lay back and raise right leg straight to ceiling and left leg is straight about 6 inches off floor; raise and lower left leg; keep left leg raised, both legs straight, ankles crossed and do a hip tilt
  7. Place both feet in band, raised feet to ceiling, legs straight, and open and close feet; changes to pulses
  8. Repeat #6 on other side of body
  9. Place both feet in band, legs both raised to ceiling, knees slightly bent; raise hips and swivel/rotate them side to side w/ head/shoulders raised
  10. Lay on back, legs straight and on floor, arms overhead (band is back in starting position: take the ends and wrap them around each hand so that there is approximately 2 feet of band between your hands; you will hold the band this way taut w/ tension); roll up doing a full sit up and reaching band over toes and roll back down
  11. Still laying on back with legs straight and arms overhead, lift and lower right leg to ceiling and raise arms/head/shoulders and tap band to leg; repeat on left leg
  12. Wrap band around right leg and lay on side  w/ left leg bend underneath you and holding ends of band in both hands; raise and lower right leg; changes to circling leg; changes to bending knee and pushing heel/leg out straight; changes to same action but pulsing; repeat on other leg
  13. Keep band wrapped around one foot and come onto your hands and knees, ends of band are still in your hands; bend knee under you then press out straight behind you; hold leg straight and pulse; keeping leg straight, cross it behind other leg and tap toe to floor then lift; bend knee slightly and do small pulses out behind you; repeat on other leg
  14. Set band aside and go into down dog and do 30 seconds of stretching

Pilates Svelte is 21:30 minutes long. Since it is pilates and not something I will be returning to, I am going to be very brief in the break down. It is a very good pilates core workout, I’m just not a fan of pilates. She does C sit raise and lowers and full sit ups w/straight legs, rolling up and down to warm up the core. This changes to having you hold halfway down when rolling up or down. You do a combo where lay on back, hands behind head and head/shoulders raised, knees are bent w/ feet on floor; straighten one leg to floor, then the other leg, then slide both feet/legs in to start–you do several variations of this base move. Placing palms on floor beside hips with feet on floor and knees bent, push hips up into crab then swing hips through between hands, keeping hips off floor. Start in bent knee boat and roll down to back then back up to bent knee boat. In bent knee boat, alternate tapping toes to floor. Lay on back with hands behind head and head/shoulders raised; you do various moves with legs in this position. Start doing a lying spinal twist; from this position, straighten top leg (leg that is leaned to opposite side stretching spine) and do a huge circle opening out to same side and returning to opposite side. Bicycle maneuver. One leg bridge/hip raise w/ wide leg circles. Lay on side and so one arm tricep push ups but she has you engaging your obliques so it is more of a core movement. Pulse raise top leg then hold top leg raised and stationary while you pulse raise bottom leg to top leg. Flutter kick with upper body also raised (still laying on your side). Modified side elbow plank moves then full side elbow plank moves. Down dog to plank moves. Ends w/ 30 seconds stretch.





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