Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 2

I enjoyed Tracie Long's Real Evolution, Vol 1 so much I decided to purchase her Vol 2. Real Evolution Volume 2 is a cardio workout with some core work at the end. I found this to be an intense intermediate level cardio workout. Tracie uses props to get the cardio burn but it is not a … Continue reading Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 2


LITE: Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper

Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper is part of Cathe's LITE series. LITE stands for Low Impact Training Extreme and Cathe created it as intermediate level workout series. For more information on the LITE series as a whole, please see the LITE Series review. Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper contains 3 bonuses that are included in … Continue reading LITE: Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper

LITE: Pyramid Pump

Pyramid Pump is part of Cathe's LITE series but it is a bonus workout that you can purchase on a separate DVD. I am so thrilled Cathe did this. I wish she would go back and do the same with the Muscle Meltdowns in her ICE series. Each LITE workout contains one Pyramid Pump bonus … Continue reading LITE: Pyramid Pump

Longevity: Back Up

Back up is part of Tracie Long's Longevity series. I wanted to like it more than I did. It is a good total body cardio + strength workout. I finished it several hours ago and my shoulders and upper back are still feeling it. But so does my neck and not in a good way. … Continue reading Longevity: Back Up

Longevity: Leaning Out

Leaning Out is another fabulous total body strength workout in Tracie Long's Longevity series. This workout was tough but doable, so high intermediate level with the right weights. The only exercise I had any problems with were the modified dive bomber push ups and that was mostly due to my shoulder problem. I was able … Continue reading Longevity: Leaning Out

Fit Tower

The Fit Tower is a piece of exercise equipment from Cathe Friedrich. Though Cathe created and leads these workouts you cannot buy it from Cathe's website. You can get it from Amazon or from a special Fit Tower website. I never expected to buy the Fit Tower. A long time ago Cathe had a different Fit … Continue reading Fit Tower

Longevity: Staying Power

Staying Power is a 52:30 minute cardio + strength/metabolic workout by Tracie Long. This workout is currently also available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and it's telling me it is free for Prime members though I have not tried to do it that way. This is the first time I noticed that. I checked … Continue reading Longevity: Staying Power

Stronger Longer Volume 2

Stronger Longer Volume 2 is another unique total body strength workout by Tracie Long. In the intro, she says when she turned 46 she felt stiff and didn't move as well as she wanted to. She felt something needed to change and apparently these Stronger Longer workouts address that. In less than a month I … Continue reading Stronger Longer Volume 2

Longevity: Defining Shape

Defining Shape is a 49 minute total body strength workout from Tracie Long and it is part of her Longevity Series. This DVD has two premixes which are broken down at the bottom of this review. This is another of Tracie's workouts I checked out from the library. I am trying out all of her workouts … Continue reading Longevity: Defining Shape

Walk On: 10 Minute Quick Walk Mix

10 Minute Quick Walk Mix is another collection of short walks from Jessica Smith. It contains 6 approx. 10 minute walks + one 12 minute stretch. 3 of the walks are strength walks and 3 of the walks are cardio walks. I love Jessica's walking workouts in all lengths but, other than her YouTube workouts, … Continue reading Walk On: 10 Minute Quick Walk Mix