3 Mega Miles

At this year's library sale, I bought a bunch of Leslie Sansone workouts for $1 each. I love Jessica Smith's walking workouts so much, I decided that I should try Leslie's to compare. And if I like them, I have even more walking workouts to choose from. So I bought 5 of her walking DVDs. … Continue reading 3 Mega Miles

Rippedism 2

Stu and Jeff are back with another tough fitness program--Rippedism 2. In their intro, they promise that these will be the most efficient workouts you have ever done. They also say that this program is appropriate for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. The only equipment you need are dumbbells. They recommend 3 sets--heavy, … Continue reading Rippedism 2

Metabolic Strength Vol 5 & Vol 6

Vol 5 & Vol 6 are the last DVD in Tracie Long's Metabolic Strength series. This DVD contains two more excellent 30 minute functional total body strength workouts--Rock Solid and Heat it Up. These two workouts were pretty amazing. They worked my entire body and gave me some cardio. I burned 400 calories in the … Continue reading Metabolic Strength Vol 5 & Vol 6

Fit Tower: Total Body

Total Body is one of Cathe's Advanced Fit Tower workouts. I knew the moment I started previewing this workout I was going to love it and once I did it--loved it! What an excellent total body strength workout! It is very metabolic, too. My heart rate was elevated in my cardio zone more than half … Continue reading Fit Tower: Total Body

Metabolic Strength Vol 3 & Vol 4

Vol 3 & 4 is the next DVD in Tracie Long's Metabolic Strength series. This DVD contains two more 30 minute workouts Well Built and Full Steam Ahead. I loved Vol 1 & 2, so I totally expected to love Vol 3 & 4 just as much. But I didn't. I did love Vol 3 … Continue reading Metabolic Strength Vol 3 & Vol 4

Metabolic Strength Vol 1 & Vol 2

Tracie Long has 3 DVDs in her Metabolic Strength series. Each DVD has two 30 minute workouts on them. When previewing these workouts, I immediately knew I wanted them all. Total Fitness DVDs has clips of all of the Metabolic Strength workouts up on their website and that is where I previewed and purchased these … Continue reading Metabolic Strength Vol 1 & Vol 2

Grand Total: Vol 2 – Rarin’ To Go

Tracie Long's newest workouts are Grand Total Vol 2 & Vol 3. I enjoyed Vol 1: Going Strong, so when I saw these were available for pre-order, I ordered them. Vol 2 Rarin' to Go is another excellent intermediate level workout. Just like Vol 1, it is cardio + strength and it is varied--you are … Continue reading Grand Total: Vol 2 – Rarin’ To Go

Walk On: Get Strong!

I finally received Get Strong! I have been trying to get my hands on this DVD since December. Someone ordered this workout for me for a Christmas gift but Amazon canceled it with no explanation and it was listed as out of stock. They would not allow you to place it on backorder either. When … Continue reading Walk On: Get Strong!

JessicaSmithTV: Stride & Strength

Stride & Strength is a free YouTube workout from Jessica Smith. She says it is a walking workout w/ strength training intervals. It is a very good total body workout. I actually did it as an add on after another of Jessica's walking strength workouts: Get Strong!: Stepping Strength. Stepping Strength was more intense/metabolic than … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Stride & Strength

Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 2

I enjoyed Tracie Long's Real Evolution, Vol 1 so much I decided to purchase her Vol 2. Real Evolution Volume 2 is a cardio workout with some core work at the end. I found this to be an intense intermediate level cardio workout. Tracie uses props to get the cardio burn but it is not a … Continue reading Reboot: Real Evolution, Vol 2