Walk On: 5 Mix & Match Miles

Mix & Match Miles is another collection of cardio walks from Jessica Smith. It was the only Jessica Smith walking workout DVD that I did not own. Since I was getting my final (hopefully) surgery and would again have to limit the type of exercise I do, I decided this was a good time to finally purchase and try this workout. I started using it a week after my surgery.

Mix & Match Miles contains 5 approximately 15 minute walks plus a warm up and a cool down. You can play each walk individually or you can customize your walk, building a workout by stacking the walks in any order you want. It also contains 3 premixes (listed at bottom of this review). I used the customize menu when I did these walks. The first time I used it for a morning cardio walk and put together 3 walks + the warm up and cool down. I also used it as my doubles workout (second shorter workout after I get home from work) by just doing one walk + warm up and cool down. When I did these walks, I wore my 10 pound weighted belt to increase the intensity since I am currently limited to low impact exercise.

None of these walks are complicated or intense. With my weighted belt I found them all to be steady state cardio walks. The two most intense walks in the collection are Mile 5: Jog & Jive and Mile 4: Waistline Walk. So for the most intense walk, make sure to include those two.

The warm up is 6 minutes and the cool down is 6 minutes. In all of the walks you will be marching in place between all of the moves. Jessica’s mother Debbie shows easier modifications and Raquel does more difficult versions of the exercises, which is generally just adding impact, which intensifies the move. There is also a stopwatch in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, counting down your walk time.

Mile #1: Energy Boost is 16:30 minutes.

  1. Percussive breathing while marching in place (inhale for 3 counts through the nose and exhale through the mouth for 3 counts)
  2. Side steps with a clap
  3. Hamstring curls
  4. Side steps; add raising arms overhead while inhaling and lowering arms while exhaling (you are also opening and closing hands while doing this)
  5. Repeat #1
  6. Walk forward and back (Raquel is jogging)
  7. Side steps; hold elbows against waist and bring hands together in front of you then open out to side (keeping elbows against ribs the entire time)
  8. March in place with legs wide
  9. Hamstring curls while rowing arms out to side with elbows kept high; add traveling forward and back
  10. With legs wide do stationary toe taps while pushing bent arm to side, alternating arms
  11. While marching in place, round shoulders/back then open chest pushing shoulders back
  12. Continue marching in place but turn to face the side; changes to side steps; add a double jab; changes to jab-cross
  13. Wide alternating knee raises
  14. Alternating front low kicks
  15. Repeat #12 on other side of body
  16. Repeat #13
  17. Double side step; add punching arms overhead
  18. Lateral skaters while swinging arms in opposition; add traveling forward and back
  19. Alternating knee raises while pushing arms overhead
  20. Side to side steps with shoulder rolls while circling bent arms back
  21. Repeat #6
  22. Alternating taps to side; add single arm jumping jack arms (alternate arms) (Raquel is doing a full jumping jack)
  23. Side to side steps with claps while traveling forward and back
  24. Repeat #22

Mile #2: Pumped Up Pace is 14:30 minutes.

  1. March forward and back
  2. Alternating knee raises, bringing hands from hip to hip
  3. Step side to side
  4. Double side steps
  5. Heel digs with a clap
  6. March (or jog) forward and back with claps
  7. Hamstring curls
  8. Repeat #6
  9. Repeat #3
  10. Lateral skaters, bringing hands from hip to hip
  11. Repeat #5
  12. Repeat #6
  13. Side steps angled to side, when stepping to front, bend knees and push hands down toward front foot and raise back up when stepping back
  14. March in place while pushing arms overhead; add traveling forward and back
  15. Face to the side but on an angle and march (or jog) forward and back
  16. Repeat #3
  17. Grapevines with a clap
  18. Repeat #3
  19. Repeat #10
  20. Alternating wide knee raises, pushing hand down to thighs when you raise the knees; add traveling forward and back; changes to double knees (no more traveling)
  21. Repeat #5
  22. Step side to side, arcing arms overhead and to side
  23. Repeat #6

Mile #3: Brain Training is 16 minutes. This walk is very low intensity but it does make you think. I was mentally challenged by some of the combos!

  1. Big circles with one arm; add circling the other arm in the opposite direction
  2. Alternating low front kicks
  3. Repeat #1 but start with other arm
  4. Hamstring curl; add patty cake (slapping thighs then clapping)
  5. Step back while turning body to side, step forward and face front again, alternate sides
  6. Heel-toe walk forward and toe-heel walk backward
  7. While balancing on one leg, kick same leg forward and the kick it behind you (or tap one or both if your balance is off and add a hop if you are following Raquel), you are also extending opposite arm forward while extending the other back
  8. Zig-zag side steps forward and back; the steps change to leaps
  9. Karaoke cha-cha (step one foot across in front of other foot then across behind other foot and keep alternating for 3 reps then cha-cha (triple step) before repeating going in the opposite direction)
  10. Alternating knee raises while also raising opposite arm; add traveling forward and back with a heel raise or a hop
  11. With legs wide and arms extended overhead in a Y do alternating insole taps in front of you, returning arm to overhead/Y after tapping insole; changes to tapping heel behind body
  12. Tapping combo–with weight on one leg, tap other foot out to side then tap in behind other foot, tap back out to side then tap foot in front of other foot, tap foot back out to side then tap beside other foot then do a knee raise, alternate sides
  13. Grapevines crossing foot behind; changes to grapevines crossing foot in front
  14. Step side to side with a clap
  15. Repeat #1-3
  16. Low step crossover kicks; add traveling forward and back

Mile #4: Waistline Work is 16 minutes. Jessica spends the first minute discussing form to properly engage your core (you are marching in place the entire time). This was one of the more intense walks in the collection.

  1. Alternating front knee lifts; add swing arms from hip to hip; add traveling forward and back
  2. Step side to side
  3. Grapevines; add 3 repeater knees after each grapevine
  4. 3 side to side steps then pause and balance on one leg
  5. Lateral skaters; add bringing one elbow across body into a cross crunch, alternate arms
  6. Raise arms to sides, shoulder level with elbows bent and hands held near shoulders, alternate raising knees while crunching body forward toward knee when it raises; add traveling forward and back
  7. Step side to side; add reaching both arms straight overhead and to one side (but still overhead) then arcing arms down and bringing hands to opposite hip
  8. March (or jog) forward and back
  9. Repeat #5
  10. Raise one arm overhead, step to side and do a knee raise while also pulling elbow down to tap the knee then step back, raising arm overhead
  11. Step side to side with figure 8 arms
  12. With legs wide, and stationary, do alternating toe taps
  13. Wide pulsing plie squat with hands behind head; alternate crunching elbow side to side (lowering elbow toward top of thigh); add stepping forward with each crunch/pulse–4 steps forward and 4 steps back (remain in wide plie squat the entire time)
  14. Return to wide pulsing plie squat and alternate pushing arm down across body
  15. Step tap forward and back; add reaching arms down and hinging forward when stepping forward, and when you step back, raise front knee and row arms back at shoulder level
  16. Stand stationary in split stance with toe on floor behind you, extend arms out to side in a T, hinge torso forward and raise back upright; add raising and lowering leg behind you as you hinge forward
  17. Step side to side while pushing one arm across body, alternate arms; arms change to reaching arms forward then pulling them back to hips
  18. Heel digs with figure 8 arms

Mile #5: Jog & Jive is 14:30 minutes. This was probably the most intense walk of the 5. I wasn’t able to do any of the jogging/impact moves in this walk (I followed Debbie) but I still was working harder than I did in any of the other walks (I was wearing a 10 pound weight belt).

  1. Jog in place; travel forward and back
  2. Alternate low front kicks while flinging arms down to each side with each kick (Raquel adds a hop with each kick)
  3. March in place with legs wide; changes to toe taps while clapping high then clapping low (when you clap low you also bend knees and bend forward)
  4. Step side to side while pushing arms down to each side as you step
  5. Repeat #1-3
  6. Triple side steps; changes to triple jogs to side
  7. Double side steps; add pushing one arm down across body as you step, alternate arms
  8. Grapevines
  9. Step side to side while clapping up and down (when you clap down you also bend knees and bend forward)
  10. Repeat #6 & 7
  11. Repeat #9
  12. Jog forward and back on a diagonal, alternate directions each time
  13. Step out wide then back in narrow; add punching hands down when you step out wide
  14. Double “scoop” step to side
  15. Alternating front kicks while pushing arms down; add traveling forward and back
  16. Repeat #12-15
  17. Jog in place with jumping jacks arms (Raquel is doing jumping jacks); add traveling forward and back
  18. Step side to side with claps

Premixes: (all premixes include the warm up and cool down)

#1: 2 Quick Miles (Mile #2 + Mile #5) 41:30 minutes

#2: 3 Mile Power Walk (Miles #1, 3 & 4) 61 minutes

#3: 4 Mega Miles (Miles #1, 2, 5 & 4) 74 minutes

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