Play Ball

playballI really wanted to love this workout by Patrick Goudeau. Play Ball is described as a “30-minute total body blast [that] is jam-packed with fun” and all you need is a medicine ball. Well, I have 3 medicine balls–2 eight pounders and 1 four pounder that don’t get enough play. And the fact that it is only 30 minutes makes it perfect for a doubles workout. The workout is lead by Patrick, of course, and he has two women with him. Patrick is using a 6 pound medicine ball and the women are using smaller medicine balls–probably 4 pounders like me. So I went with my 4 pound medicine ball the first time I did it. And I found this workout to be a low intensity workout for the most part. Due to the moves, I am afraid my 8 pound medicine ball might be too heavy. A 6 pound one like Patrick has would probably be perfect, but alas, I don’t own one. In fact, I am reconsidering whether to actually post this review until I do it again with the 8 pound medicine ball. It only seems fair. But the truth is, I am not motivated to try it again any time soon. I just didn’t feel like I got a great workout. I will try it again at some point with an 8 pound medicine ball and I will post an update when I do. But with the 4 pound medicine ball, I found the workout unimpressive.

In essence it is a little metabolic workout. Was it fun? Eh. Was it intense? With a 4 pound medicine ball, no.

Play Ball is 30 minutes; there isn’t really a warm up, 2:30 minute stretch. Keep in mind that even if the medicine ball isn’t mentioned, it is used in every move.

Step touch, lunge side-to-side while pushing ball side-to-side, then push ball forward
Squat setting ball on ground, tap foot in (over ball, while in squat), pick up ball and reach it overhead
Jumping jacks
Next is a really tough move–get into lunge then never straighten! But change your legs to squat, then lunging on the other side–then just keep doing it, squat to lunge, side-to-side
Place ball on the ground while lunging back, step back with other leg (both hands on ball in plank) then jump both legs in/add basketball drills around legs at top of move
1, 2, 3 side steps (1-2-3 Heismans)
Knee to balance on a single leg
Plie and reach to side; elbow to knee (at side of body)
Squat and reach
Lunge side-to-side while pushing ball side-to-side
Lunge with overhead oblique rotation at top of move
Passing the ball hand-to-hand overhead
Leg kick with ball hold followed by overhead triceps extensions
Biceps curl with squat
Shuffle side-to-side, with throw (simulated throw)
Circle around and overhead
Bowling ball lunge (balance move)
Shoulder press on one leg
Rocking horse

Grab mat
Pushups pushing ball from hand-to-hand (one hand will be on the ball when doing push ups)
Planks with both hands on ball; bring knee in then lift leg behind you; end with mountain climbers with both hands on ball

Sit ups with push and reach
Sit ups with single leg reach

Back extension (hands on ball, rolling in and out)



2 thoughts on “Play Ball

  1. I too really wanted to like this one. I think in the 2 years or so that I’ve owned this DVD, I’ve only played it about 3 times. I’m not real comfortable with some of his moves either.


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