FitPrime: G-Force Vol 2

G-Force Vol 2 is another FitPrime G-Force workout. This one is led by trainer Carol Miller. I have never done a workout with Carol before. I liked her but not enough to seek out other workouts done by her. This workout is done a little differently than G-Force Volume 1. Carol has a few background exercisers. It is also set in a bigger Victorian looking studio. Plus, in this workout Carol and crew are all barefoot. Always a bonus for me. I love rebounder workouts that I don’t need shoes for. This is primarily a cardio workout with some lower body and core work. There no complicated choreography and there is even some non-bouncing cardio moves done on the rebounder. This is a bit more challenging than when done on the floor because the rebounder is an unstable surface. It is not the most intense rebounder workout I’ve ever done but it was a very good cardio workout, plus it was different and fun. I really enjoyed it and will be returning to it. My stats: 354 calories burned, I was in my cardio zone 69% of the workout and I “walked” 3898 steps. You wear weighted gloves in this workout to increase intensity. I could also wear a weighted vest in the future–that would punch up the intensity a bit more.

G-Force Vol 2 is 49 minutes; 3 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder, weighted gloves and a dowel or a long stick of some sort to use for balance. There are arm movements with the majority of the jump moves even if it isn’t mentioned in the breakdown.

  1. Three small hops + one higher hop
  2. March on rebounder
  3. Hop on rebounder while pushing glutes back
  4. Repeat #1 & 2
  5. Continue marching but step out wide then narrow (V-step)
  6. Jump forward and back
  7. Repeat #5 & 6 three more times
  8. Hop fast on rebounder
  9. In split stance on rebounder, shift high knee jog forward and back
  10. Repeat #8
  11. Repeat #9 with other leg forward
  12. Repeat #8-11
  13. Changes to alternating #9 & 11
  14. High knee run
  15. Repeat #13
  16. Repeat #8
  17. Jumping jacks
  18. Double jacks
  19. Repeat #17 & 18
  20. Hamstring curls
  21. Alternating knee raises bringing opposite elbow to knee
  22. Repeat #19
  23. Repeat #8
  24. Hop with hip twists
  25. Lateral hops side to side
  26. Repeat #24 & 25
  27. Samba forward and back on rebounder
  28. Box step on rebounder
  29. Repeat #27 & 28
  30. Repeat #8
  31. High knee run
  32. Stand beside rebounder, one foot on floor and one on rebounder, holding arms in guard, tap foot on rebounder then putting weight on rebounder foot lift floor foot out to side; add tricep kickback arms out to side; turn body to face the rebounder and floor leg does a hamstring curl (still tapping rebounder foot); add reaching arms forward then pulling them back to hips; hamstring curl changes to lifting leg straight behind you while also raising one arm to ceiling when leg lifts
  33. Repeat #32 on other side of body/rebounder
  34. Wide jump squat + 2 narrow hops
  35. Shift hop side to side (low jogs)
  36. Repeat #31
  37. Triple hop steps
  38. Repeat #31 & #37
  39. Pendulum hops; add bicep curls arms; changes to jack arms
  40. Jog
  41. Repeat #34
  42. 8 squat jumps
  43. Repeat #8
  44. Repeat #34 & #42 & #8
  45. Alternating knee raise hops
  46. Knee raise into cross body kick, tapping opposite elbow to knee when it raises, alternate sides
  47. Repeat #40
  48. Repeat #45 & #46
  49. Repeat #8 & #34 & #42
  50. Jumping jacks; add directional changes
  51. Tristar + hop (tristar=tapping one foot forward, to side, and center)
  52. Repeat #50 & #51
  53. March on rebounder
  54. Repeat #51 & #50
  55. Stand on floor facing rebounder, place palms on rebounder, hinging forward at waist, hop feet landing in squat and keeping hands on rebounder
  56. Stand and pedal feel on floor
  57. Repeat #55 & #56
  58. Hinge forward at waist while keeping back straight, extend one arm out straight in front of you (other hand is on rebounder), raise other leg straight behind you, hold this position
  59. Leg press on rebounder (hold dowel for balance (or in my case I held my rebounder’s T bar), one foot is on rebounder and other is on floor, squat down in floor leg then push up, lifting floor leg off floor)
  60. Wide plie squat with one foot on rebounder and one on floor (still using dowel for balance), plie squat and when you raise out of squat, lift floor leg out to side
  61. Repeat #59 & #60 on other leg


  1. Get into boat pose on rebounder, dowel is behind knees, holding stick with hands on either side of knees, in this position, hop glutes on rebounder
  2. Lay on back on rebounder, hands behind head with elbows out to sides, bicycle legs in this position; add crunches with upper body
  3. Same starting position as #2 but extend legs straight to ceiling, do small reverse crunches

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