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All Out Cardio is from Mindy Mylrea and it was definitely a major impulse buy. Mindy had a sale on her website–one day only. All of her workout DVDs were $3.99. How could I pass that up? So I didn’t. I bought 9. So there will be a lot more Mindy reviews to come. All Out Cardio seemed like a great collection. Mindy puts together 6 different cardio segments that you can mix and match anyway you want to make your workout as long as you need it to be.  The main page has each segment listed individually so you can click on them and mix and match anyway you want. She also has premixes. Because there is so much to try on this DVD, I tackled this DVD by premix. I used these as my doubles workouts (second workout of the day after I get home from work) so each workout I do needs to be about 30 minutes long. I did the first 3 premixes that mixed one of the cardio segments with its associated interval–and has the stretch at the end. Between those 3 premixes you do everything that is on this DVD. The other premixes just mix and match those same segments in different ways. And the final, longest premix (83 minutes), plays everything. All of the premixes, what they contain and their time/length are all listed at the bottom of this review.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Mindy workout (I own two others that I bought a long time ago) and I had forgotten the excessive amount of energy and enthusiasm this woman has. She is wired! And these workouts were incredibly intense. I wear a Fitbit all of the time and these 3 premixes gave me some of the highest calorie burn I have had in a 30 minute workout in a long time. Pretty impressive. I am a little afraid of some of the longer premixes. The 30 minute ones wore me out. And surprisingly, in all 3, I found the cardio segments more intense in some aspects than the intervals! But they were all intense–but at least with the intervals you get recovery. The cardio segments you get very little if any recovery.

The main cardio sections are just Mindy. For the interval segments her son is with her. Mindy is so enthusiastic about her workouts and truly seems to be having so much fun that you really can’t help but enjoy them too–even when she’s kicking your butt!

Cardio Kick + Kick Intervals (35 minutes; 2 minute warm up, cardio kickboxing is 21 minutes long (including warm up), 9:30 minutes of intervals and 4 minute stretch): The cardio kick portion is just cardio kickboxing–punch/kick combos combined with other cardio moves. For the intervals, each interval is done for 60 seconds with a 30 second recovery. Mindy’s son is with her for the intervals. Below I have only broken down the intervals, not the Cardio Kick portion. This was a surprisingly intense little cardio workout. Mindy is so excited about this workout. She brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to it which does rub off on you! She says several times that kickboxing is not her wheelhouse but she is just having fun and getting a great workout. Her kicks were fine, her punches okay–except her hook punch… <shaking head> not good form. But it is a fun and intense workout. I wore 2 pound weighted gloves for the Cardio Kick portion but removed them for the Kick Intervals. I did have one pound punching grips nearby that I used for #4.

Kick Intervals (9:30 minutes):

  1. Can-can kick (step kick front, kick back touching the floor)
  2. Fast feet out and in or front and back (Mindy tells you when to change)
  3. Squat + side kick
  4. Fast feet w/ flurry punches and speed bag arms (change after 30 seconds)
  5. Shuffle 3x to side, quarter turn jump, quarter turn jump back then jump to front
  6. Jump feet to each side, keeping hips forward, so just jump twisting feet to side
  7. Burpees and mountain climbers

Cardio Strong + Strong Intervals (30 minutes; I’m not sure where the warm up ends because it gets intense pretty quickly–so the cardio portion is 16 minutes long; 9 minutes of intervals and 4 minute stretch). You need a medicine ball for every exercise in this workout. I am not sure what the weight of Mindy’s ball is but it looks like a 4 or 5 pound ball. The cardio consists of things like jump lunges, pendulum lunges, jacks, grapevines, alternating side lunges, pendulum hops, high knees, passing the ball around and under your legs and your body, air jacks and more. For the intervals, each interval is done for 60 seconds w/ a 30 second recovery. I used a 4 and a 6 pound medicine ball for this workout and it was very intense! I am so surprised and impressed with these workouts. I was expecting more of a steady state cardio workout and I was really working hard. My Fitbit said I was in my peak zone 1/3 of this workout! Another excellent cardio workout.

Strong Intervals (9 minutes) (you use the ball for all of the intervals):

  1. 180 degree squat jumps
  2. Run forward put the ball down, run backwards, run back to the ball and pick it up and jump then set it down and run back; jump changes to a burpee
  3. High knee run
  4. Raise one knee and pass ball under that leg–fast
  5. Do side lunges, passing ball around le–fast
  6. Burpees; changes to mountain climbers

Cardio Jump & Jump Intervals (26:30 minutes long: warm up is 2:45 minutes while Mindy talks about the workout and shows ways to use the ropeless jump rope, 10:30 minutes cardio, 9 minute intervals and 4 minute stretch) Mindy uses ropeless jump rope handles. The cardio consists of jump rope drills with different arm variations using the ropeless jump rope; the jumps are as varied as heel jacks, pendulum legs, jacks, jump lunges and more. The weightless rope is not used for the intervals. No equipment is used for the intervals. Each interval is done for one minute. I was actually pretty excited to do this workout. I own the ropeless jump rope handles and have never used them (I bought them for a workout program that I got off eBay and still haven’t done…). The ropeless jump rope is a lot harder to use than you would expect. For one, making those little balls on the end circle is more of a coordination drill than I ever expected it to be. Then trying to focus on making your jump rope balls circle correctly while doing whatever footwork Mindy is throwing at you took more brain-power than I expected. I found this workout very intense and, like the other two, much more intense than I was expecting it to be.

Jump Intervals (9 minutes):

  1. Plie jumps, tapping heels when you jump
  2. Lateral skaters
  3. Mogul skiers
  4. Jump lunges; changes to fast scissors
  5. 10 jumps + 10 tuck jumps
  6. Burpees; changes to plank jacks


Cardio Kick + Kick Intervals: 35 minutes

Cardio Strong + Strong Intervals: 30 minutes

Cardio Jump + Jump Intervals: 26:30 minutes

Cardio Kick + All Intervals: 53 minutes

Cardio Strong + All Intervals: 48:30 minutes

Cardio Jump + All Intervals: 45:30 minutes

Cardio Kick + Cardio Strong: 41:30 minutes

Cardio Kick + Cardio Jump: 38:30 minutes

Cardio Strong + Cardio Jump: 34 minutes

Cardio Kick + Cardio Strong + Cardio Jump: 55 minutes

Cardio Kick + Kick Intervals + Cardio Strong + Strong Intervals + Cardio Jump + Jump Intervals: 83 minutes





8 thoughts on “All Out Cardio

      1. I love your reviews! I’m typically a Cathe only girl but love seeing what else you think is comparable. 🙂


  1. I’m so glad you got this! I just got into Mindy recently and have been eyeing this workout. She’s tough! So are the “Intervals” Metabolic in nature? You might like “Intensity overload with toys”. Another Holy Crap workout! Thanks as always for your detailed review!


    1. Yes–the intervals are mostly HIIT (so metabolic) though they are not all the exact same level–some easier than others. But I found everything on this DVD pretty intense. And I really liked Mindy’s Intensity Overload and have been meaning to revisit it for a while. When I bought that one, I considered the Intensity Overload with Toys but it looks like she uses the bosu ball a lot and I don’t have one of those. How necessary is it? I know in Tabata with Toys I substituted a square step for the bosu and that worked. But it was only used in a few tabatas.


      1. Mindy uses the BOSU and gliding discs as her toys. I did the wkout using the high step with 1 or 2 risers at first. If I remember, there was one move toward the end that was a tad weird on the step. Otherwise it was ok but it is easier to follow her on a BOSU. It’s a tough workout!


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