3-2-1 Workout

3-2-1 Workout is another Prevention workout led by trainer Chris Freytag. 3-2-1 stands for how the circuits in this workout are structured: 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength training and 1 minute of core work. It contains six approx. 6 minute circuits and between the six of them you are working all of the major muscle groups in your body. You also get a warm up and a cool down. There are no premixes and no way to program the circuits into a personalized workout, so you either have to pick and choose the circuits you want to do from the menu, or choose “play all”–which plays everything–a 1:30 minute intro, the warm up, all of the circuits in the order listed below, the cool down/stretch and the bonus tips mentioned below. However, it is chaptered so if you choose “play all” then skip the intro, the workout itself (with warm up and stretch, but not counting the bonus tips at the end) is 48:30 minutes.

This is another excellent beginner level workout from Chris. I got it as part of a 2 DVD pack paired with Belly, Butt and Thighs. And just like Belly, Butt and Thighs it is currently cheaper to by the 2 pack than to buy either DVD separately.

For a more intermediate exerciser, the strength work in these circuits is insufficient. The cardio also is not intense. There is a beginner modifier in all of the circuits, but even without modifications I think it is a beginner level workout. But it is excellent for that purpose. A great way for a beginner to get cardio + strength and work their entire body. And I think it is also a great recovery level workout for the intermediate exerciser because it is varied and fun.

There are 2 bonus tips segments. Acupressure is 1:45 minutes long and in it a woman tells you where to press on your body relieve headaches and menstrual cramps, and give yourself a boost of energy. Moves for better sleep is 4:30 minutes long and in it the same woman demonstrates 5 stretches to help you sleep.

Warm up is 5:30 minutes and cool down is 4 minutes. I do not know the weight of the dumbbells Chris and crew used but they looked very light. 5 pounds maybe? I used 5-20 pounds. The weights I used are listed in the breakdowns below.

Legs is 6 minutes. For the strength portion of this circuit I used 8 pound dumbbells. Some of the moves you will see in the 3 minutes of cardio are: heel digs; jumping jacks; V steps; hamstring curls. Strength (2 minutes): 1. stationary lunges; 2. plie squats w/ straight side arm arises; 3. stationary lunges, other side; keep repeating 1-3; 4. remain in plie squat and raise and lower heels. Core (1 minute): in C-sit, roll torso back and up; add a twist to the side, opening arm to side.

Chest is 6:30 minutes. For the strength portion of this circuit I used 20 pound dumbbells. The 3 minutes of cardio are boxing inspired: jabs, hooks, knee pulls, cross punch, alternating front kicks. Strength (2 minutes): 1. side to side push ups; 2. chest flies; 3. chest press w/ hips raised in bridge. Core (1 minute): laying on back w/ head/shoulders raised, bicycle legs; still on back, head/shoulders raised and legs raised off floor w/ knees bent–extend legs out straight while also raising arms overhead then bring legs and arms back to start.

Butt is 6 minutes. For the strength portion of this circuit I used 10 pound dumbbells. Cardio (3 minutes) is sports inspired: start stepping side to side; add soccer ball kicks (kicking w/ inside of foot); add side shuffle; jump as if making a basket; add wide leg fast feet; jump to side as if catching a ball while also raising leg to side. Strength (2 minutes): 1. squats; add side leg lift after squat; changes to knee lifts after squat; changes to front kick after squat; 2. Squat w/ overhead press. Core (1 minute): reverse crunch (lay on back w/ legs raised straight to ceiling, raise and lower hips); still on back, legs still raised overhead, reach hands toward toes.

Back is 6:30 minutes. For the strength portion of this circuit I used 8 pound dumbbells. Cardio (3 minutes) is dance inspired: step touch side to side; shift hips side to side w/ legs wide; mambo; wide side squats; V step. Strength (2 minutes): 1. cross chop w/ a lunge (both arms and DBs held overhead and to the side, lower DBs to opposite hip as you lunge); 2. wide and high double arm back row; 3. lay on belly and raise and lower chest. Core (1 minute): in straight arm plank, lower and lift knees; on hands and knees, bring elbow to opposite knee under body then extend arm and leg out straight.

Arms is 6:30 minutes. For the strength portion of this circuit I used primarily 8 pound dumbbells but 6 pound dumbbells for one exercise (#2). Cardio (3 minutes) is bootcamp inspired: march in and out; butt kick run w/ jump rope arms; low front kicks w/ jump rope arms; high knee run w/ jump rope arms; double foot jump w/ jump rope arms; fast feet; lateral skaters. Strength (2 minutes): 1. bicep curls; 2. preacher curls (extend arms straight in front of you and curl DBs to shoulders); 3. overhead tricep extensions; 4. hammer curls; 5. tricep dips. Core (1 minute): sit with legs and arms extended straight in front of you, twist arms to side, alternate sides.

Shoulders is 6:30 minutes. For the strength portion of this circuit I used 5 pound dumbbells for everything except #4, for that I used 8 pound dumbbells. The 3 minutes of “cardio” in this segment is power yoga: swing arms side to side then circle arms; wide leg forward fold, while hinged forward inhale and exhale, opening and closing arms in front of you; down dog; plank; lower to up dog; flow from 3 leg dog to lunge into warrior 1, warrior 2, warrior 1, chair pose. Strength (2 minutes): 1. front raise then open straight arms out to sides then lower arms to sides reverse this–raise arms out to sides then to front and lower to front of thighs; 2. bent elbows, palms to ceiling, elbows close to sides and cross DBs in front of you the open arms wide (but elbows remain close to sides); 3. extend arms out to side and raise straight arms to shoulder height then lower a few inches; combine 2 & 3; 4. hinge forward at the hips and do rear delt fly. Core (1 minute): sit on bottom, hands on floor behind hips, knees bent and feet raised off floor, tilt knees side to side then extend legs straight while still angled to side; hold boat pose.



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