All About Legs

All About Legs is a collection of 4 short workouts that each work your lower body using various equipment–medicine ball, stability ball, step + resistance tube and sliding disks. Each segment can be used alone since they all start with an easy move that functions as a warm up and they all end with a short stretch. Or you can chose Play All and have an hour long lower body workout.

This was a good workout but I didn’t love it. There was a lot of balance moves in this workout that I had to modify (plates and pins in my heels, so I don’t have the range of motion in my feet/ankles to perform most balance moves). Most were fairly easy to modify by just using a body bar for stability but a few moves were not so easy to modify. And a few challenged my balance even with the body bar! If not for all of the balance moves I would have liked it more.

As a side note, because I bought so many Mindy Mylrea workouts at her $3.99 sale and am doing them all over a short period of time, I have noticed something about Mindy that is starting to grate a little. She says “Wow” a lot. A lot. In every single workout. I am now anticipating it when I do her workouts, waiting for the Mindy “Wow.” And she always delivers. Notice I did not put an exclamation point after the Wow. She never says it excitedly–it is always a Wow this is tough “Wow.” She says it the exact same way, tone and everything, every time she says it.

Since I did the “Play all” option, that is how I am reviewing it below.

All About Legs is 61 minutes long w/ a 1 minute intro. Each section starts easy for approx. 1 minute or so (so a kind of warm up) and each section ends with a short stretch (about another minute or so). The DVD has a menu breaking down each section so you can just select the section(s) you want to do and a “play all” option. There is a low impact modifier in each workout.

Medicine Ball (14 minutes): Mindy and crew used a 4 pound medicine ball; I used a 6 pound medicine ball for everything except #6–I used my 4 pound ball for that one.

  1. Narrow squats w/ ball against thighs; changes to rolling forward and back (heels to toes); changes to just heel raises; squat side to side; changes to squat hops side to side while passing ball from hand to hand; changes to squat jacks; repeat everything
  2. Side lunge side to side while rolling ball on ground; balance on one foot–one leg squat and extend other leg out behind you; changes to one leg deadlift; return to side to side lunge and repeat the squat & extend and deadlift on other leg
  3. Clockwork lunges: forward, diagonal, side, reverse; add knee raise between each lunge; changes to jump lunge alternated with jump squat; repeat everything on other leg
  4. Front lunge w/ butt kick (front lunge and bend front leg, bringing heel to butt when raising up); add circling ball around waist; increase speed (stop circling ball and just push forward instead); repeat everything on other leg
  5. Lunge kicks w/ tricep extension: start in lunge w/ ball held with both hands behind head–kick back leg forward while raising ball overhead touching ball to the foot that is kicking then return to lunge and lower ball (overhead tricep extension)
  6. Place ball between knees and jump twist feet/hips to side, back to front, to other side, back to front; changes to jump squatting side to side

Stability Ball (18:30 minutes) I used a body bar for balance in #1.

  1. Squat while holding ball; add raising and lower ball; changes to raising and lowering ball diagonally; side squat side to side w/ ball bounce; changes to narrow squat w/ ball on floor in front of you; place one heel on ball in front of you and do one legged squats; keeping foot on ball, move it beside you and keep single-leg squatting; using same leg, move ball behind you and do more single leg squats; hold squat w/ leg on ball behind you and roll ball in and out; repeat the entire one leg squat series on other leg
  2. Wide squats while raising ball overhead and lowering; place ball between thighs and squeeze and release ball w/ inner thighs; add twisting torso side to side; changes to slower/longer squeezes (no torso twists); lunge side to side while rolling ball side to side; changes to static lunges while rolling ball forward and back
  3. Hip thrusts: place head/shoulder on ball, knees bent and feet on floor–raise and lower hips; hold bridge while raising one leg and holding; lay on floor and place feet on ball–raise and lower hips; changes to hip raise then roll ball out, roll back in, lower hips; changes to just rolling ball in and out w/ hips raised; changes to one leg roll in/outs w/ hips raised
  4. Still laying on back, ball between ankles, bend and straighten knees; add ball twist at top; roll onto side w/ ball still between ankles–raise and lower ball w/ feet/legs; hold ball at top of move and pulse; lean side of body on ball, bottom knee on floor–raise and lower top straight leg
  5. Sit on ball and roll front and back (heel/toe); figure 4 stretch on ball; hamstring stretch on ball

Step & Resistance Tube (13:30 minutes) (Step @ 6 inches and tube w/ handles; I used body bar for balance on #4)

  1. Standing on step, band under both feet, legs wide and holding the handles–squat; changes to step squats side to side (small steps); changes to pulsing  squats bringing band handles higher; bring handles back to thighs and squat then lift one leg out to side; changes to pulsing lifts on one leg
  2. Remove tubing and move to edge of step–swing outside leg forward and back
  3. Come behind step, put one foot on step w/ band underneath that foot–rear lunge off step w/ knee raise; knee raise changes to front kick w/ overhead press; changes to deadlift (lean forward on leg that is on step while raising back leg in the air–both legs are straight–while also doing rear delt fly); one leg pulsing squats; changes to a kind of bouncing tap of back foot on floor behind you w/ band handles held at shoulder (band still under foot on step)
  4. Place tubing under one end of step and secure tube handle on one foot–stand on other end of step and lift and lower the leg with the band across other leg; changes to pulsing lift; raise leg w/ knee bent and kick foot in and out; repeat on other side; do the leg swings again (#2) and some leg stretches

Sliding disks (13:30 minutes)

  1. Squat (disks are under toes); changes to sliding side to side
  2. Side slide lunges; changes to reverse sliding lunges; alternate side lunges w/ rear lunges
  3. Place one heel on one disk and the other foot on the floor–squat while sliding heel diagonally; changes to pulses; changes to one leg squats (lift heel off disk and keep raised, pick up disk from floor, raise overhead, and squat while placing disk back on floor); repeat everything on other leg
  4. Forward sliding lunges; changes to circle leg to side and behind you; repeat other leg
  5. Lay on back and place heels on disks, knees bent–raise hips and slide one foot out and back in, lower hips–alternate legs; changes to sliding both heels in and out
  6. Still laying on back, heels still on disks w/ knees bent–slide feet out to side then back in; changes to raising hips when you slide feet out and lowering hips when you slide feet back in; keep hips raised and slide feet in and out
  7. Lay on side w/ bottom leg bent and one disk under top foot–slide leg in front of you then around behind you



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