Classical Stretch: 55 Minute Core Workout

Classical Stretch‘s 55 Minute Core workout is actually a full body workout. Miranda shares in her intro that it is one of her student’s favorite workouts. She also says that it is a posture workout and in her 2:45 minute intro she describes proper form for some of the moves. The workout is set on a rocky beach in Jamaica.

It’s been about 4 weeks since I’ve done a Classical Stretch workout and I have missed them. I did them 3-4 times a week during the first 9 weeks of Mark Lauren‘s 90 Day Challenge, but the last 4 weeks I didn’t do any Classical Stretch. Miranda says this is one of her more advanced workouts but if you are familiar with Classical Stretch workouts it doesn’t feel “advanced.” Except maybe some of the mat core work. That burned! This was mostly a feel good workout that took every joint through full range of motion and dynamically stretched every muscle in the body. Plus there is some mild bodyweight strength work. Overall, just a feel good fusion workout. And the time flew! I would glance at the DVD player clock occasionally and be surprised how much time had passed. The first time I glanced at it the workout was halfway finished and it definitely didn’t feel like I had been exercising that long.

The 55 Minute Core workout requires a mat and a chair. Miranda says that for best results, do this workout every day the first week then 3-4 times a week after that. Miranda’s workouts are very dynamic and always moving and changing. They are too difficult to break down into specific moves so I will be generalizing most of what is going on to give the reader an idea of how the workout flows.

  1. Warm up moves–step side to side and step taps w/ range of motion arm movements; hamstring curls and knee lifts
  2. Slower and more controlled total body range of motion/dynamic stretching moves
  3. Slow motion bicycle (balance move–bicycle motion with one leg); changes to “hip cleaner”–rotating leg in a figure 8 type of move to work hip joint; changes to raising bent leg out to side of body then straightening it
  4. More range of motion/dynamic stretching moves focusing on upper body and side of core; ends with forward fold stretches
  5. Straight side leg kicks; changes to straight leg side leg lifts to a faster tempo
  6. Raise and lower leg behind you with knee slightly bent and foot turned so outside of foot faces ceiling; bend the knee more and continue lifting leg behind you with heel leading
  7. Arm and shoulder work
  8. Wide plie squat work (you will even be doing little hops); add dynamic stretching/range of motion work
  9. More range of motion/dynamic stretching while doing side lunges with lower body
  10. Get a mat for floor work; lay on your back, knees bent and feet on the floor, hands behind your head, do basic crunches; continue basic crunches but with various arm reaches
  11. Still on back, hands on mat beside hips, tilt and lower pelvis/hips; raise legs, feet pointing to ceiling and do reverse crunches; changes to reverse crunch, extending legs straight over head (knees to nose) + extend your legs out at a 45 degree angle; scissor straight legs; add fluttering straight legs; add opening and closing straight legs out in a V
  12. Lay on stomach and do a cobra stretch
  13. Still on on stomach, rest chin on folded hands and raise one straight leg and hold a few seconds, raise the other straight leg and hold a few seconds, raise both straight legs and hold a few seconds; changes to raising arms/head/chest and both legs and hold
  14. Child’s pose variations
  15. Kneeling spinal stretches; cat/cow
  16. Butterfly variations; seated spine stretches
  17. Get a chair for barre work; work the feet, raise and lowering heels; raise and lower leg while pointing and flexing foot; rotate flexed foot side to side then add shifting hips side to side with foot; circle extended leg
  18. Dynamic stretching of lower body using the chair; continue stretching the lower body but you add upper body range of motion/dynamic stretching moves; changes to upper body/spine/core stretches

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