2-Week Turn Around: Cardio

Before my mastectomy I dug out some of the workouts I used while rehabilitating after my heels were crushed 10 years ago. The 2-Week Turn Around workouts were part of my rehab. There are two DVDs–a cardio and a strength DVD. Both DVDs contain multiple short workouts that you can do alone or put them together for a longer workout. These workouts are led by trainer Chris Freytag and she also wrote a book by this title. There is a 2:20 minute introduction that gives an overview of the workouts.

2-Week Turnaround: Cardio has 2 approx. 15 minute workouts plus an 11 minute yoga stretch. Do all 3 and you have a 43 minute workout. It has been a very long time since I’ve done these workouts so I was really surprised to see that one of the background exercisers is Jessica Smith! I am huge Jessica fan now and do her workouts all the time! I did not remember her from these workouts but I was pleased to see her friendly face. Jessica is the one who is doing the more advanced versions of exercises and the other background exerciser is always doing the easiest/low impact version of an exercise.

These are definitely beginner level workouts. Power Walk uses hand weights to increase intensity. I used 3 pound dumbbells and still found this workout pretty easy. In the future I will use 5 pound dumbbells. Even after chemo I can do more than this workout delivers. But I did like it. Interval Walk is more intense though still not a super intense workout. These are both great beginner level workouts and worked well for me in the days after chemo when I am very run down. I got a good cardio workout without killing myself. When I did it, I did the “play all” which plays Power Walk followed by Interval Walk and finishes with Yoga Stretch. Since there is no stretch after either workout, the Yoga Stretch finishes you off nicely.

Power Walk is 15 minutes long; 2 minute warm up. Chris and Jessica are holding light hand weights to increase intensity. Below are the moves in the order they appear but they are also revisited–so you do them all many times.

  1. March while doing hammer curls; march forward and back
  2. Alternating knee lifts w/ overhead press
  3. Step touch w/ straight arm side raises
  4. Side to side squats
  5. Alternating forward lunges w/ alternating hammer curls
  6. Glute squeeze (step and alternate raising leg behind you)
  7. Box step (V steps)
  8. Knee pulls
  9. Marching in place w/ overhead press

Interval Walk is 17 minutes long; 1 minute warm up. 2 minutes of moderate cardio followed by a 30 second interval or “power boost” (higher intensity move).

  1. Squat pulses; heel digs; low front kicks w/ arm pushes; knee lifts while pushing arms overhead
  2. Interval: run in place w/ jump rope arms
  3. Side steps; low front kicks; jogging toe taps to front
  4. Interval: skiing (scissor run w/ skier arms)
  5. Knee lifts w/ arm reaches; double knees
  6. Interval: wide fast feet
  7. Low kicks w/ front arm reaches; low impact half jacks
  8. Interval: full jumping jack
  9. Latin walk (tapping toes in front); mambo; cha-chas
  10. Interval: pedal jog or high knee run
  11. Step in and out; wide knee lifts w/ circle arms; hamstring curls
  12. Interval: step in and out–but fast

Yoga Stretch is 11 minutes. Begins in mountain pose taking deep breaths. Reach arms overhead and down. Chair pose. Tree pose. Swan dive forward into forward fold. Down dog. Child’s pose. Cobra. Warrior 1. Warrior 2. Side angle pose. Modified side plank (or full side plank). Cat and cow stretch. Boat pose. Laying on back w/ knees bent and do a spine twist, twisting knees to side. Happy baby pose. Sit cross-legged and end with a deep breath.


4 thoughts on “2-Week Turn Around: Cardio

    1. I had forgotten how much I enjoy Chris Freytag’s workouts. I found a bunch of her older Prevention workouts at Goodwill that are more my current speed that I am going to give a try!


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