Jari Love

Jari Love was my first foray into serious weight lifting. I have worked out on and off all my life, but it wasn’t until I discovered The Firm 15+ years ago that working out became a daily habit. I pretty much did The Firm exclusively for a very long time then decided to start mixing things up. That’s when I discovered Jari Love–and fell in love! Jari creates tough strength training workouts. They are all high rep, endurance level workouts so you do not need heavy dumbbells. In fact, I think the heaviest dumbbell I ever used in a Jari Love workout is 20 pound dumbbells. You do too many reps to go heavier than that. In fact, my 8 pound dumbbells always get a lot of use in Jari’s workouts. She creates two types of workouts. Her Get Ripped workouts are pure high rep strength workouts. Her Get Ripped 1000 workouts are cardio + strength workouts. Still high rep strength and, for some of them, the cardio is intense endurance level cardio, too. Her strength work is usually very metabolic so frequently you are getting intense cardio when doing her strength training, too. She creates really long workouts but usually breaks them up into two premixes–so you can either do one super long workout, or 2 shorter workouts. In her more recent workouts she creates even more premixes, so you have more, shorter workouts.

Jari’s approach to how she trains in her DVDs has changed over the years. In her early workouts she does the entire workout with the home exerciser, so she is working hard right along with you. And I always found her particularly impressive. In Jari’s workouts, I sometimes cannot complete every rep for some of the exercises without pausing briefly so my muscles can thaw out and I can continue. Not Jari–she did every single rep with perfect form. In her more recent workouts, she sometimes stops during an exercise to point out form in her background exercisers. She also usually shows modifications–easier versions for less advanced exercisers and, in her Get Ripped 1000 workouts, low impact or easier versions of the cardio moves.

Below are Jari’s workouts that I have done and reviewed on my blog. She actually has a few more that own but I haven’t done them in years and still haven’t gotten around to reviewing them here. One day I will!

Get Ripped Express

Get Ripped in 6 Minutes

Get Ripped & Chiseled

Get Ripped to the Core

Get Extremely Ripped & Chiseled

Get Extremely Ripped Revved to the Max

Get Ripped 1000

Get Extremely Ripped Bootcamp

Get Extremely Ripped 1000 Hardcore