The Butt Bible

buttbibleThe Butt Bible is a workout series created by Pauline Nordin a Swedish fitness model and trainer. She is also the creator of the Fighter Diet which is strength training and diet guides for bodybuilding and fat loss. I decided to get this because on my next round of STS (starting in September) I want to give my glutes extra focus and this has received a lot of good reviews. So I was surprised to discover that this DVD did not just contain lower body workouts. It actually contains 6 workouts: 3 lower body and 3 upper body/core workouts. They are separated into levels that correspond not only to how challenging they are but to their length. Level 1 workouts (easiest) are 20 minutes long, Level 2 are 30 minutes long and Level 3 are 40 minutes long (and the most challenging).

Pauline has a strong Swedish accent but I had no problem understanding what she said. She is a small very muscular woman and she talks non-stop. This was something that was commented on repeatedly in reviews. Some people hated it and were even insulted by her commentary, and other people didn’t care–the workouts were worth it. I am in the “didn’t care” camp. She didn’t bother me. She is silly and says silly things, but her workouts are great and super tough! She hits the lower body and glutes hard! And does a good job on the upper body, too. In fact, look at the cover of the DVD case with all of the silly writing. She probably wanted all of that there. She has a lot to say about butts and when you do the workouts you will get to hear it all. She also has a butt to aspire to which is also prominently displayed. I won’t lie; some of the things she says are insulting. Now, they didn’t bother me but I can see how some people might be offended. She picks the imperfect female body apart–from cottage cheese thighs, to back fat, to jiggly arms and much more–she will let you know she sees it and finds it repulsive. She even insults old men at the gym.

On the cover of the DVD case it states “Free workout plan and meal guidelines” at But every time I try to go to this website it times out. If you go to Pauline’s Fighter Diet website she has the Butt Bible books (for $58) and there is a picture of the DVD case but it says it is no longer available. So I guess you cannot get a free workout plan and meal guidelines. She does tell you in her very short intro on Disk 1/Level 1 that it is a 6 week program–you do each level for 2 weeks and each workout 2 times each week (so you workout 4 days). Tho these are split into upper and lower body, each disk has the option to “play all” so you can also do both workouts, one after the other, and get a total body workout. Finally, the music is generic but upbeat and drives the workouts.

Level 1

Lower Body is 21 minutes  w/ a 3 minute warm up and a 4 minute stretch. This workout is body weight only. Since this is level one, uses no equipment and the workout is only 20 minutes long, I expected this to be easier than it was. It is not advanced, difficult or even challenging–however, it does a great job for such a short workout. I actually liked it a lot. I used it as a sort of cool down after an intense Ultimatum workout. And I love it for that purpose–a cool down that actually works your glutes, too! I assumed I would do this workout once and never return to it, but it fits perfectly after any 30-40 minute workout to round your workout out to an hour + give you some excellent glute work!


Glute Bridge (2 sets)

Side (lying raise): bent leg, then straight leg (2 sets each leg)

Wide Stance Squats (2 sets)

Static Lunge

Sumo Deadlift

Stiff Leg Deadlift

Sumo Deadlift

Glute Bridge (3 sets)

Upper Body is 21 minutes w/ a 3:30 minute warm up and a 2 minute stretch. Just like the Level 1 Lower Body I expected this to be easier than it was. Not that this was a hard workout–especially if you are using weights like Pauline and crew are using (3-5 pound dumbbells max). If you are going super light as they are, then this is a pointless workout. I used 15 and 12 pound dumbbells and I got a nice little workout. Now let me clarify. Before doing both Level 1 Upper and Lower Body workouts, I did an Ultimatum workout which is cardio + strength and very metabolic. So these workouts served as add-ons and finishers and they are perfect for that purpose. Just like Lower Body, I assumed I would never return to this workout after doing it once, but as an add-on after Ultimatum it is perfect!


Butterfly (3 sets)

Double Arm Bent Over Row (DB)

Overhead Shoulder Press (DB)

Repeat row and overhead press

Double Arm Bent Over Row (DB)

Triceps Kickback (DB)

Biceps Curl (DB)

Repeat kickbacks and curls

Rear Delt Flys (DB)

Push Ups

Repeat flys and push ups


Reverse Crunches

Repeat both crunches

Side Elbow Plank Hold (2 sets)

Superman w/ Arms at Side (2 sets)

Level 2

Lower Body is 33:30 with a 3:30 warm up and a 2:30 cool down/stretch. OMG. This was so hard. So much harder than Level 1. Let me preface this by saying that so far, I have been doing all of these workouts as add-ons–so I have already gone through a tough workout before even starting them. For this one I had just finished Ultimatum‘s Black Workout. However, the Ultimatum workouts do not burn out your lower body (they are metabolic total body weight training workouts) so I felt I would do fine. OMG. This workout is very hard. I am scared to try Level 3 now. Pauline and crew only have one set of dumbbells and they do not look heavy. I can’t tell what size they are but they look about 10 pounds. Or at least Pauline’s looks that size. I needed a bigger variety and heavier dumbbells to get the most out of this workout–and I got a lot out of it! Excellent lower body workout. The warm up even starts out working your lower body–jump lunges and pulsing squats! For this workout I used 15, 25 and 30 pound dumbbells.


Side lying leg raise: bent leg then straight leg (3 sets each leg)


Plie Squat (DB)
Static Side Lunge (DB)
Repeat squat and lunge 3x total


Glute Bridge (DB) (3 sets)
Single Leg Glute Bridge (3 sets each leg)
Sumo Dead-Lift (DB) (3 sets)
Alternating Reverse Lunges (DB) (3 sets)


Upper Body is 32 minute w/ a 4 minute warm up and a 1:30 minute cool down/stretch. This workout definitely takes it up a notch. It really burned my shoulders out. Even my back feels burned out but I have to add the disclaimer that before I did this workout I did Ultimatum‘s Purple workout which is kickboxing and I wore 2 pound weight gloves for that one. That workout is drill based so it already worked my shoulders, arms and back. Then I immediately follow it up with this workout which hits the shoulders hard. Currently my shoulders and back are stinging. This is a high rep workout. Again, Pauline and crew are using puny weights. It appears they are using 3 pound dumbbells and something even lighter! 1 or 2 pound dumbbells? I used 3, 5, 8, 12 & 15 pound dumbbells. Now, the first two exercises it is impossible for me to go heavy, so I used 5 pounds for the external rotation (works the rotator cuff) and 3 pounds for the butterflys (which are like a superman but more of a swimming move) but I didn’t use the super light weights for anything else. I can’t even imagine they really felt the exercises for the rest of the workout. They used 3s for back rows! Really? That is ridiculous. Just looking at her it is obvious she does not use 3 pound dumbbells for back rows in her own personal workouts. She should set a better example. The back is a large muscle group, therefore you should lift heavier weights. However, it is a high rep workout, so you cannot go super heavy but you can definitely go heavier than 1-3 pounds–even if you are a beginner! Oh, and Pauline’s count is off on the single arm bent over rows–your right arm gets more reps than your left.


Lying external rotation (DB) (3 sets)
Butterfly (DB) (2 sets)


Wide Push Ups
Tricep Push Ups
Repeat both types of push ups 3x total


Lateral Raise (DB)
Alternating Shoulder Press (DB)
Repeat lat raise and shoulder press 3x total


Single Arm Bent Over Row (DB) (3 sets each arm)


Alternating Bicep Curl (DB)
Alternating Hammer Curl (DB)
Repeat both bicep curls 3x total


Sit Ups and touch elbow to opposite knee
Gynecologist (lay on back and open and close legs while at 45 degree angle)
Repeat core exercises 3x total


Level 3: When I did level 3 I actually did the “play all” option, which plays Lower Body and goes directly into Upper Body and I found it exhausting, very challenging and advanced. I do need to share the circumstances I did the workouts under, just in case that had some impact on how they “felt.” I just got back from a 4 day vacation of overindulging and zero exercise. This was my first damage control workout afterwards. It felt pretty challenging! In both of these workouts, many of these exercises only work one side of the body at a time and Pauline’s count is frequently off–one side of the body frequently gets more reps than the other side.


Lower Body is 41 minutes long w/ a 2 minute warm up and a 3 minute cool down/stretch. Level 2 was tough, but this one was definitely tougher. However, I do think they are all sufficiently different that they can all be used for different purposes. For example, Level 1 works well as an add on to finish off another workout (preferably a very intense workout as it can also double as a cool down). Level 2 can be used that way as well, or as a doubles workout, or to finish off some cardio. And Level 3 I would either use as a stand alone or in conjunction with Level 3 Upper Body. It fries your glutes/legs. Once again, Pauline and crew went very light on weights. Equipment needed is dumbbells, a bodybar and a chair. I used heavier dumbbells (Pauline had 8 pound dumbbells; I used 15, 20 and 25 pound dumbbells); I have no idea how heavy her bodybar is but mine is 15 pounds; I used my bodybar for the split lunges but for the final triset I used a barbell with 30 pounds. And rather than a chair, I used a high step at 14 inches. This is a high rep workout, so though you can certainly go heavier than Pauline (and should) you cannot go super heavy.


Split Lunges (body bar & chair/step) (3 sets)
Single Leg Squat (3 sets)
Single Leg Deadlift (DB) (3 sets)
Step Ups (DB & chair/step) (3 sets)
Range of Motion Lunges: bodyweight static lunge w/ long stride (repeat w/ DB)
Single Leg Glute Bridge (3 sets)
Glute Bridge (DB) (3 sets)


Plie Squats (bodybar or barbell)
Good Mornings (bodybar or barbell)
Alternating Side Lunges (bodybar or barbell)
Repeat triset 3x total


Upper Body is 41:30 minutes long w/ a 3:30 minute warm up and 3:30 minute cool down/stretch. I really liked this workout. It is tough, it is high rep and it will burn your muscles out. As usual, Pauline went super light on weights and I went much heavier than her (for the most part–one exercise I could only use 5 pounds, but that was also a rotator cuff exercise). She hits the triceps very hard and completely neglects the chest. Personally–I hate working the chest, so that didn’t really bother me. She does hit everything else sufficiently, including the core.


Bent Over External Rotation (DB)
Rear Delt Raise (DB)

Repeat 3x total


Alternating Bent Over Row (DB)
Power Press: squat w/ overhead press (DB)
Lateral Raise (DB)


Single Arm Overhead Triceps Extension (DB)
Single Arm Triceps Kickback (DB)

Repeat 3 times total


Alternating Bicep Curl (DB)
(Alternating) Arnold Press (overhead presses with palms facing you the entire time) (DB)

Repeat 3x total


Tricep Dips (chair/step)
Chair Push Ups

Repeat 3x total


Sit Ups
Cycling Crunch (legs only)
Windmill: in supine position, alternate lowering bent knees to each side.
Superman (arms at sides)
Forearm Plank Hold
Repeat all exercises 3x total

13 thoughts on “The Butt Bible

  1. So I decided to try these afterall because the full workouts are all on you tube. I did lower 2 and 1 this morning and really liked it, I think it’s different enough to get it. And you can easily increase the weight on 2 and add weight to 1. I am excited to try 3 later this week! So now I have more to keep me busy, just when I thought I had enough dvd’s for now. (When I have too many options, it kinda stresses me out lol.) But you just keep giving me ideas on what else to try lol!!


  2. Ok thanks so much for your input. Lately when I want a 30-min leg workout, I do the standing portion of Cathe’s gym style legs or her low impact lower body trisets workout. I have now tried all of Ingrid’s lower body workouts, and while they are obviously very challenging (especially the weighted plyo’s) I really prefer how Cathe changes the count (2 down, 2 up; 4 down, 4 up, etc) and adds in pulses and low ends with her strength training. And there is never a dread factor or boredom with Cathe! So I guess I have what I need. I see that you do Cathe’s live workouts, are you able to stream them to a tv?


    1. There is definitely no boredom factor with Cathe workouts! I do primarily Cathe workouts and even when I do other workouts/programs that are great and I love–I still can’t stay away from Cathe. She is the best of the best. And yes, I use airplay to stream Cathe live from my iphone to my apple TV to my TV.


  3. After reading your review of the butt bible, I am curious to know if you think this would be challenging if you hadn’t done other workouts just prior to doing the butt bible workouts? I am always looking for good leg/ butt workouts… I pretty much have most of Cathe’s leg workouts (with butts and guts, lower body blast, and her lift it, hiit it legs being my favorite) and I also recently ordered Egde Booty Extreme 2. And I recently discovered Linda Wooldridge for Barre/ weights fusion- type workouts (which are awesome!) Do you think Butt Bible offers anything different or better than the workouts I mentioned?! Thanks for your input.


    1. Hi Marissa–yes and no–it depends on the level. Level 1 workouts work great as an add on but if you are accustomed to Cathe’s leg workouts, level one definitely will not challenge you, but I really like it as a long finisher after a more challenging workout (it’s like a long cool down that also works you). When I posted the review I had not done levels 2 and 3 lower body alone, but I did later when I did my STS Glute Focused Rotation and I felt they both stood on their own. However, I have not returned to the Butt Bible since doing that rotation. But it worked great for me in that rotation! Do I think you need it of you already own Cathe’s lower body workouts and Edge Booty Extreme 2? No. Not unless you are looking for a tough and effective 30 minute lower body workout. Level 2 is excellent for that purpose.


  4. Thank u 4 this breakdown!!! I have tried over 3x to do the butt bible via YouTube but her voice always stops me after lower level. I can never make it past that yet I like the workout. I’ve attempted 2 even watch on mute but I just couldnt. So THANK YOU 4 listing everything she does. It helps me 2 do it on my own time while my son watches sesame Street I can now workout. THANK YOU!!!


    1. Ha Ha! She is a talker, isn’t she? They are very good workouts (tho her rep count is off) if you can find a way to get past her constant yapping. But that is a good plan–do the exercises w/out having to listen to her. Plus you can work each side of the body evenly since you’re the one keeping count of your reps!


  5. Thanks for the detailed review. With a weird title like “Butt Bible”, I guess we were supposed to expect her to be a bit off? ; ) I can’t stand it when trainers go on about “short shorts”, (why do I care?), so I think she will get on my last nerve! LOL. Nice to read that she includes rotator cuff moves, as many trainers forget about it.
    Hope you had a great time on your vacay and she didn’t try to make you feel guilty! lol.


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