Kettlebell Drills

KBDrillsKettlebell Drills by Paul Katami is a great kettlebell workout collection. It contains a 35 minute clinic in which Paul teaches you kettlebell basics such as the different grips and 15 kettlebell exercises. It was not as easy as I expected it to be, either. Yes, you get long breaks as he teaches and demonstrates a kettlebell move, but then you do the exercise with him and it gets your heart rate up! It was actually a decent workout in itself and very informative. The actual Kettlebell Drill workout is 35 minutes long and there is also a 15 minute Kettlebell Kore Drill workout. Overall an excellent collection. None of the moves are too complicated, but there is a lot of variety and intensity. If you’re learning, start with lighter kettle bells but as you become stronger and more experienced, increase the weight and get an even better workout. I used 10, 15 and 20 pound kettlebells. Doing some of the shoulder moves for 30 seconds can really burn the muscles out which is why I had the 10 pound kettlebell handy.

He has two exercisers with him–a female and Toby Massenburg! That was a pleasant surprise since I am a big fan of Toby’s workouts. Paul is very enthusiastic (but not overly so) and motivating during these workout. He led it very well with clear descriptions and precise demonstrations. During the Clinic he didn’t rush things, but during the Drills he kept it at a good clip. He still did demonstrations but they were quick and precise. There is always a modifier–the female. She did easier versions of every exercise and also used a lighter kettlebell.

Clinic is 35:30 minutes long. First Paul shows different grips: double hook, single hook, horn, goblet, the thread. Then he moves onto exercises. Each time he shows you a kettlebell exercise he demonstrates it then you do it w/ him and his crew for 30 seconds. The Clinic ends w/ a 3 minute stretch.

  1. Alternating Halo
  2. Swing Squat
  3. Kettlebell Swings (he has you do 3 sets of swings for 30 seconds each)
  4. Clean to Rack
  5. Circular Clean to Rack
  6. Front Loaded Squat
  7. Overhead Press (15 seconds) into Push Press (15 seconds)
  8. Rotational Squat
  9. Warrior Lunges
  10. Thread w/ alternating Warrior Lunges
  11. Lateral Lunge
  12. Figure 8 Lateral Lunge
  13. Snatch
  14. Windmill
  15. Swing Chop

Kettlebell Drills is 35 minutes long; warm up is 5 minutes and stretch is 2:30 minutes. All moves are done for 30 seconds unless otherwise indicated in breakdown (some are done for 60 seconds). Since the warm up is also kettlebell moves I included it in the breakdown below. The warm up consists of #1-4. This was an excellent metabolic workout. Use the right size of kettlebell and your heart rate will soar (mine did!). I used 20 for all swings and used 10 and 15 for everything else.

  1. Halo
  2. Double Hook Swing Squat
  3. Double Hook Squat Upright Row
  4. Shotput Rotation (pivoting lunge w/ overhead press; 30 seconds on each side of body)
  5. Squat Catch Goblet Catch
  6. Double Hook Catching w/ Alternating Reverse Lunge
  7. Reverse Lunges w/ Alternating Back Rows
  8. Double Hook Swing
  9. Step Out Squat Swings
  10. Single Hook Swings (30 seconds each arm)
  11. Single Hook Swing w/ Transfer
  12. Step Out Single Hook Swings (transfer to other hand after 15 seconds)
  13. Hook Swing Combinations (double hook step out squat swings 15 seconds each side and single hook step out swings 15 seconds each side for a total of 60 seconds non-stop)
  14. Basic Squat w/ KB racked
  15. One Arm Overhead Press
  16. Squat w/ Knee Up (KB still racked)
  17. Squat Knee Raise w/ Overhead Press
  18. One Arm Overhead Tricep Extensions
  19. Repeat 14-18 on other side of body
  20. Lateral Lunge w/ Figure 8 Swings (you will be alternating sides w/ the lunge; 60 seconds)
  21. Lateral Lunge w/ Figure 8 Catch & Pivot (when you “catch & pivot” you are pivoting into a lunge; you are still alternating sides; 60 seconds)
  22. Squat to Crossover (squat to curtsy lunge; KB is racked)
  23. Squat Knee to Cross Knee (same as #22 but you raise your knee between each move)
  24. Squat Clean to Rack Cross Back (same as #22 but you drop KB between legs when you squat and do overhead press w/ curtsy lunge)
  25. Repeat 22-24 on other side of body
  26. Alternating Snatch, Crawl & Push Up (start w/ KB racked, do a snatch, then squat and set KB on ground, walk hands out to plank, do a push up, walk hands back in, stand and rack KB on other side; 60 seconds)

Kettlebell Kore Drills is 16 minutes long w/ a 1:30 minute stretch. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds except the final one, which is done for 60 seconds. This is an excellent core workout. Not terribly difficult but not easy either. There is a modifier who shows an easier version of each exercise. She also always has a lighter kettlebell.

  1. Two Count Roll Up holding KB by horns at chest
  2. Two Count Roll Up w/ KB racked on right
  3. Long Arm Position Crunch (sit up holding KB overhead in right hand)
  4. Repeat 2 & 3 on left side
  5. Renegade Row (30 seconds each side)
  6. Horn Grip Up & Over (hold KB by horns, lay flat on ground w/ KB over head and on floor; do a full sit up, pulling KB up overhead and tapping it between legs)
  7. Repeat # 6 except this time instead of bringing KB between legs you will bring to the side of your body and alternate sides
  8. Tuck & Extensions (same starting position–flat on back, KB on floor over head–bring elbows and knees together then press them back out, but do not return KB or feet to floor, they remain a few inches above the floor throughout exercise)
  9. Horn Grip Tuck & Extend w/ Pike Leg (repeat # 8 but between each tuck and extension you will raise one straight leg and bring KB to knee; alternate legs)
  10. Knee Tuck into Side Plank (get into plank, holding KB in one hand; bring opposite knee to elbow of arm holding KB, return foot to floor and turn into a side plank, raising KB to side of body; 30 seconds each side)
  11. Russian Twists for 60 seconds; halfway through Paul and Toby raise their feet off floor

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