URX-MT: Kickbox Metabolic Intervals

Kickbox Metabolic Intervals is workout #10 in the URX-MT fitness program. It is the second workout in the program led by Amy Bento. The other workout she leads in the URX-MT program is Bootcamp Metabolic Intervals, which I did not like. I did like this workout. Its not the best rebounder workout out there but it was a fun and solid workout. It did not have the same negatives that Amy’s Bootcamp workout did. The majority of this workout is done on the rebounder. She does have one jumping move entirely on the floor but that one is easily done on the rebounder, which is what I did. The other jumping moves that aren’t entirely on the rebounder, you have one foot on the floor and one on the rebounder, so they are still pretty low impact moves. Amy does move fast, but other than the warm up combo I was able to learn the kickboxing combos fairly quickly and keep up. The warm up combo was the most complicated in the entire workout! In fact, during the warm up I had a bad feeling that I was not going to like this workout either but as soon as the warm up was over I started to enjoy it. Anyway, this was fun and had a surprisingly long stretch. A lot of the URX-MT workouts have little to no stretch. This one had a long and thorough 10 minute stretch. There us also an additional 2 minute cool down/stretch between the cardio kickboxing and the core work. So 12 total minutes of stretching!

Here are my FitBit stats: 376 calories, 56% I was in my cardio zone, 11 minutes in my peak heart rate zone and I “walked” 3524 steps. That’s not bad at all considering 12 minutes of this 53 minute workout is cool down/stretching.

Here is a little background on this series. URX-MT stands for Urban Rebounding Extreme Metabolic Training. I bought the entire series as a program. The program is made up of 13 workouts but you can buy each workout individually on the Urban Rebounder site, so that is how I will be reviewing them. The program apparently originally came with more than just the rebounder and the workouts. It also came with sandbag hand weights that you can no longer purchase. I think all of the workouts in the program use the sandbags. They range from 1-3 pounds. I did not purchase an Urban Rebounder. My rebounder is a different brand. I also did not buy the DVD program from the Urban Rebounder website. I found it much cheaper on Ebay.

Kickbox Metabolic Intervals is 53 minutes; 5 minute warm up (I was not certain that the warm up was even a warm up until it was over and Amy says you are now warmed up and instructs you to grab your sandbag weights–in the warm up Amy starts immediately throwing a very fast-paced kick/punch combo at you) and 10 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and sand bag hand weights. As soon as the warm up is over, Amy has you get your sand bag hand weights.

  1. Jab-jab-cross while hopping + jab-cross-jab
  2. Knee + hook punch
  3. Front kick + side kick + jog
  4. Fast feet run
  5. Repeat #1-4 on other lead
  6. Repeat #1-5
  7. Jog behind the rebounder
  8. (set sandbags aside) Place hands on rebounder frame, jump feet back to plank, bring one foot forward into lunge, step other foot on top of rebounder and while hopping on one foot on rebounder, kick other leg forward and back
  9. Do #8 eight times on each side of body
  10. (pick up sandbags again) Cross punch 2x + hook-upper 2x
  11. Side jump partially off rebounder (one foot lands on the floor) while doing a hammer down punch
  12. Combine and repeat #10 & 11
  13. X blocks while hopping
  14. Repeat #10-12 on other lead
  15. Repeat #13
  16. Repeat #10-15
  17. Split lunge jumps 4x (one foot on floor and one on rebounder) + 4 jabs + 1 upper cut
  18. Hop on one leg on rebounder 4x then jump kick, hop on other leg 4x then step off rebounder
  19. Repeat #17 & 18 three more times
  20. Hop side to side on floor with alternating front punches (I did this on the rebounder)
  21. Repeat #17-19 on other lead
  22. Repeat #20
  23. Back elbow + jaw breaker (upper cut punch that goes overhead and behind you)
  24. Alternating front jabs
  25. Combine and repeat #23 & 24
  26. Jump kick + crescent kick
  27. Repeat #23-26 on other lead
  28. Repeat #23-27
  29. Scissor runs; hold sandbags together and, with arms straight, pull them down from overhead to front of thighs as you scissor run
  30. “Knife hands” (hold sandbags like knives and motion as if stabbing someone) 4x to each side while hopping
  31. 8 tuck jumps
  32. Repeat #30-31
  33. Arms in guard, hop while shifting torso side to side
  34. Body block-upper cut-hook-cross
  35. Side jump partially off rebounder (one foot lands on the floor) while doing 3 elbow strikes
  36. 4 alternating hooks + 4 alternating round house kicks
  37. Combine and repeat #34-36
  38. Jump while pushing arms overhead
  39. Repeat #33
  40. Repeat #34-37 on other lead
  41. (set sandbags aside) Front kick + jump back kick
  42. Jump squat side to side on and off rebounder (one or both feet are always on the rebounder)
  43. Repeat #41 & 42

2 minute cool down/stretch

Core (grab your sandbags):

  1. Ground and pound (on hands and knees on rebounder, holding both sandbags in one hand, punch down towards the rebounder)
  2. Sit on edge of rebounder, lift both feet off the ground, hold the sandbags together with arms raised overhead, in this position roll back and up, shifting hips to side with each rock so that you rotate in a complete circle on the rebounder
  3. (set sandbags aside) Stand on frame of rebounder, squat, place hands on floor and walk out to plank, walk hands back to plank, return to squat and stand
  4. Recline back on rebounder, leaning back on elbows, extend legs straight in front of you and hold this pose; extend arms out to side and hold this pose; alternate between these two versions of the pose

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