Workout! is the final workout I purchased at Mindy Mylrea‘s $3.99 sale. I’ve now done all of the workouts I bought at her sale and this one might be my favorite. It was very intense–no complicated moves, but I loved the combos she put together in this workout. I burned a ton of calories–500 in 67 minutes. I really like how she cycles through the intensity–almost like a HIIT workout. In fact, Mindy does liken this workout to a HIIT workout but my heart rate rarely peaked. (But this might be a HIIT level workout for someone else–we all have different fitness levels.) Nevertheless, I still found it very intense, and as I said, she does cycle through the intensity so you do get periods of less intense work.

Mindy had an excessive amount of energy at the beginning of this workout–almost as if she could not contain her extreme excitement. It was a little weird. And during the stretch the music got so loud it drowned her out and she was talking all through the stretch. So afterward I listened to it on my laptop with headphones. She talked about how as she got older she doesn’t like to workout without feeling like she is doing something for her body. I’m not certain but I wonder if it’s the same way I feel–that I do not like to do cardio workouts unless they have additional benefits, like kickboxing, cardio barre, metabolic weight training, or like Mindy’s workouts that usually also incorporate body weight training. She also said that she used to think she couldn’t get any “better” but she reached 47 (I guess that is how old she was when she created this workout) and she got better–so it’s never too late to improve your fitness level or body. She doesn’t really elaborate more than that. In fact, she starts saying “enough of that.” But it is a good message.

The menu has “Play All” which is a 67 minute workout + the 5 minute bonus stations at the end, or you can go to the chapter menu which is titled “Select a Station” and it breaks the workout down into 10 segments. The “Bonus stations” is 5 minutes long and is not a bonus workout. The point of this short segment is to give you other options to do during the 40 second intervals. So Mindy is just showing you some different cardio combos to insert instead of the ones done during the workout. She does this with the idea that you will be doing this workout many times and might get bored. This gives you variety. Here are some of the different moves she shows you: skiing over the step (jumping on or over the step); fast feet (fast running on and off step); one leg up and down w/ knee raise; planting items around the room and running around and collecting them; lateral skaters + moguls; shuffle + back peddling + karaoke + running forward.

Super intense, excellent and fun workout. Though it is primarily a high impact cardio workout there is also body weight strength work mixed in throughout. If you go to the “Select a Station” it lists the five 40 second intervals. She also breaks down the cardio/body weight strength segments and there are 5 of those segments. But there are no premixes. So you either “Play all” or pick and chose from the “Select a Station” menu.

If you choose “Play All” there is a 45 second intro, 5:30 minute warm up and 4:30 minute stretch. Equipment: step @ 8 inches, bosu ball (or square step @ 8 inches), sliding disks, fitness mat. Mindy shows you alternatives to everything. If you don’t have equipment she shows you no equipment versions of the exercises. If you don’t have a bosu ball she not only shows no equipment modifications but also how to do the same move on a step. I used a full step and a square step.

  1. Squats: Mindy creates squat patterns, slower squats, faster squats, squats with hops, squats pivoting to side
  2. Plie squat–raise and lower heels; plie hops alternated w/ narrow squat hops
  3. Narrow squat hops; changes to mogul hops
  4. Plie jumps (tap heels together); add pivoting squats and alternate between the two
  5. Recovery march while Mindy talks
  6. High knee run for 40 seconds; recovery march and repeat
  7. An aerobic lunge side to side (1980s style according to Mindy); add 2 knee pulls to each side; alternate between doubles and singles; add 4 knee pulls to combo/pattern
  8. Do the same pattern as #7 but as rear lunges instead of side to side lunge
  9. Forward kick butt lunges; changes to forward lunge w/ knee raise; alternate between the two lunges
  10. Pulsing lunge w/ a hop
  11. Repeat 9 & 10 on other leg
  12. Rocking horse (recovery move)
  13. Squat hops w/ one foot on bosu ball or a step @ 8 inches (40 seconds); recover then repeat
  14. Jump rope drills w/ different footwork including knee raises, side kicks, back kicks and more; at the end add squat jacks to drill combo
  15. Lateral bound (lateral skaters), 2 slow + 4 fast (40 seconds); march recovery then repeat
  16. Alternate knee lifts; changes to knee lift combo w/ squats; add kick jogs; add squat w/ straight leg front kick
  17. Surfers on step (straddle squat the step and jump onto step sideways like a surfer stance) (40 seconds); march recover then repeat
  18. Jog variations (travel, double jog, wide jog, etc)
  19. 3 jogs + knee raise (40 seconds)
  20. Burpees w/ sliding disks; changes to sliding mountain climbers; changes to twisting mountain climbers (bring knee toward opposite elbow); changes to wide mountain climbers (elbows to same side knees on outside of body)
  21. High plank to low plank (disks still under feet so you slide back when lowering to elbows and slide back in when raising to hands)
  22. In plank w/ legs together, slide feet underneath body, open legs out to side, circling legs back to plank w/ legs together; add a push up to this move
  23. Start in plank, slide legs in so you are in pike, slide feet back to plank lowering into up dog
  24. Stand in front of bosu (or a step) and without using your hands, lower until you are sitting on bosu, lean torso back and raise legs so you are in banana hold on bosu, bring legs in and stand up; changes to standing up on one leg
  25. Reverse plank then slide hips between hands then slide back into reverse plank
  26. Lay on back w/ knees bent and feet on floor, and do small oblique crunches; continue the side-to-side crunches but in C sit now; raise feet off floor; stand up while continuing to do the side to side crunches; side to side crunches changes to cross punches









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