Moxie 1 & 2

moxie1Moxie 1 and Moxie 2 are 20 minute workouts by Heather Corndorf. There is a bit of a story behind these two workouts. The first workout I did by Heather was Kickbox Burn which was “presented” by Patrick Goudeau and sold under his label of DVDs (not sure the terminology for workout DVDs)–basically he produced it and introduced her. Thank you Patrick because Heather’s kickboxing workout is perfect–intense, fun and an excellent workout. I reviewed Kickbox Burn on this blog and mentioned how I hope Heather comes out with more workout DVDs. Shortly thereafter, I got an email from Heather herself! She does have more workouts! Though they are not in DVD format. They are downloads. So this is how I found the Moxie workouts. Thank you Heather!

***9/4/14 Update: Both Moxie workouts are now available on DVD as well! (See Moxie 1 and Moxie 2.) We never did burn my downloads onto DVDs, so as soon as I saw these were now available, I ordered! Though the idea of downloads is great, I just don’t use it much, so my Moxie workouts weren’t getting as much use as they deserve. That is about to change!***

This is new territory for me because up until I purchased these, all of my workouts are on DVD. My initial thought was to download the workouts then burn them onto DVD. But my husband informed me that we can just stream them through the AppleTV. So that’s what I did this morning. He hooked the AppleTV up to my workout TV and I did Moxie 1 and Moxie 2 this morning. I love them! Heather creates amazing workouts! Due to the length of these two workouts they will be used as doubles workouts or add ons to other workouts–or I will do them like I did them today: back to back on my “rest” day. I do hope she comes out with some longer workouts that I can use like Kickbox Burn.

What are Moxie workouts? According to Heather’s intro they are cardio and strength with no equipment–so basically metabolic workouts. I found this description to be true. They definitely are not total body workouts, but you will work the upper body through plank-based moves (burpees, push ups, and other plank moves) and the lower body with different types of lunges, squats and plyometrics. These workouts will really get your heart pumping and work your lower body. The cardio is a fusion of all types of things–plyo, kickboxing, and athletic moves. These are intense little workouts and I really liked doing them back to back–a very intense 40 minute workout for me.

Now, one thing I noticed about these two workouts is that I’m not sure when the warm up ends and the main workouts begin. She does start you out slow, but then she builds pretty quickly. So whmoxie2en I list the times, I am not going to break down warm up time, because I just don’t know how long it is. However, the stretch at the end is obvious.

Moxie 1 is 21 minutes long; 19 minute training time and 2 minute stretch. Moxie 1 contains athletic high impact cardio, kickboxing and body weight strength moves such as push ups to side planks, mountain climbers, curtsey lunges that you add a kind of crescent knee balance move to and burpees. Though not easy, it is the easier of the two workouts.

Moxie 2 is is 22 minutes long; 19:30 minutes training time and 2:30 minutes stretch. The cardio in Moxie 2 is different but the same concept as Moxie 1: kickboxing and athletic high impact cardio. The body weight strength moves include burpees with push ups, rotate hips side-to-side while in plank, “up, up, down, downs” (high plank to low plank), crows, one leg squats, kneel and stand (no hands), pulsing plie squats and lunges, some crazy move where you come down and kick your legs up almost into a hand stand. The strength work is more challenging due to lots of balance moves.


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