URX-MT: Cardio Metabolic Circuit

Cardio Metabolic Circuit is workout #11 in URX-MT‘s fitness program. This is the second rebounder workout in this program led by Greg Sims. The other workout in this program led by Greg is Workout #5, Metabolic Cardio and Yogic Intervals. Like Greg’s other workout, this is a high rep workout with lots of burn out. I liked this workout more than his Workout #5. Greg has a great presence for a fitness trainer and I do tend to enjoy his very tough workouts more because his good humor makes them a bit easier to bear. I would classify this as a cardio + strength lower body and core workout. Greg does hit other muscle groups but he fries the core and the lower body. Most of the jumping in this workout is the very hard variety, too. He calls them “jump-stick”–meaning you jump but even though you are on that bouncy rebounder surface, when you land, you do not bounce. This takes some control and it works your leg muscles. Other trainers both in this program and other workouts do this move but not like Greg. Greg does a bazillion reps, frying your lower body. In addition to “jump-sticks” Greg also has you do a zillion reps of other lower body and core exercises. Greg creates some very effective workouts with little equipment. Yes, you have to have a rebounder but he uses the rebounder and your body to thoroughly shred your lower body and core. ***The rest of the day after this workout my glutes and hamstrings were singing! And this morning (the day after) they are a little bit sore. So Greg really worked my lower body well!***

Here is a little background on this series. URX-MT stands for Urban Rebounding Extreme Metabolic Training. I bought the entire series as a program. The program is made up of 13 workouts but you can buy each workout individually on the Urban Rebounder site, so that is how I will be reviewing them. The program apparently originally came with more than just the rebounder and the workouts. It also came with sandbag hand weights that you can no longer purchase. I think all of the workouts in the program use the sandbags. They range from 1-3 pounds. I did not purchase an Urban Rebounder. My rebounder is a different brand. I also did not buy the DVD program from the Urban Rebounder website. I found it much cheaper on Ebay.

Cardio Metabolic Circuit is 50 minutes; 1:45 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder and sandbag weights.

  1. Jump-stick (tuck jump and land without bouncing–as if on the floor, but on the rebounder)
  2. Split stance on rebounder (feet on frame), do stationary lunges
  3. Split stance but with front foot on rebounder and back foot on floor, do stationary lunges; grab sandbags and add straight arm side raises to lunges; still in split stance, jump in this position; jump-travel around the rebounder in a circle
  4. Repeat #2 on other leg
  5. Split stance but with front foot on rebounder and back foot on floor, do stationary lunges; add overhead tricep extensions while doing lunges; still in split stance, jump in this position; jump-travel around the rebounder in a circle
  6. Scissor runs; add holding arms/sandbags straight overhead
  7. Wide plie squats on the floor behind the rebounder; reach sandbags toward floor while pulse squatting
  8. More wide plie squats but with one foot on rebounder and one on floor, still reaching sandbags toward floor while squatting; raise heel of foot on rebounder and continue squatting; pulse squat w/ heel still raised; hold wide plie squat isometrically with heel still raised; still holding isometrically, extend both arms/sandbags out to same side (rebounder side)
  9. Still in wide plie squat with one foot on rebounder and one on floor, hop in this position; extend arms/sandbags out straight to sides in a T while continuing to hop
  10. Repeat #8 on other side of body/rebounder
  11. Repeat #9 but this time extend arms/sandbags straight in front of you instead of to sides
  12. (drop the sandbags) Sit on rebounder, feet on floor, hands holding frame by legs, roll back and forward, lifting legs off ground when rolling back; add lifting legs/hips in a reverse crunch when rolling back
  13. Lay on back, legs extended to ceiling, open legs out wide in a V and when you close legs, cross the legs
  14. (grab sandbags) Still laying on back, legs still extended to ceiling, open legs in a V and crunch up, reaching hands/sandbags between legs; hold at top of crunch and pulse arms upward
  15. With heels on floor and hands on rebounder frame behind you, lift hips up into reverse plank and hold
  16. Repeat #12; when rolling back, shift hips to side so that you rotate in a circle around rebounder
  17. Repeat #13 & 14 (no sandbags this time)
  18. Repeat #15
  19. Repeat #1
  20. Squat jump-sticks, touching fingertips to rebounder when in squat and reaching arms overhead when jumping
  21. Continue squat jump-sticking but keep arms raised the entire time
  22. Straight arm plank hold, feet on floor and hands on rebounder; rotate into side plank with top arm reaching to ceiling; grab sandbag weight in top hand, reaching sandbag from rebounder to ceiling; add raising top leg when raising sandbag
  23. 360 jump turn + 8 little hops
  24. Tuck jump-sticks
  25. Stand on rebounder, balance on one leg and lift and lower one straight leg out to side; place hands behind head with elbows out to side, crunch elbow toward leg when lifting leg; add a little hop while doing the move faster
  26. Tuck jump-sticks
  27. Air jack-sticks (no arms, just legs)
  28. Combine #26 and 27, alternating one rep of each jump
  29. Sit on ground, heels on rebounder, hands on floor beside hips, lift hips off ground, shift hips toward rebounder then back to start; lift one leg and hold position; lift one leg, shift hips toward rebounder, alternate legs
  30. Still sitting on floor, torso upright, calves resting on rebounder, reaching arms between feet in a sort of crunch
  31. Air jack-sticks, punching arms out straight to sides
  32. Stand behind rebounder and do bicep curls with sandbags; changes to overhead press (this is a much needed recovery move)
  33. Sit on rebounder, feet on floor, lean torso back, still holding sandbags reach one arm straight in front of you and other arm is extended out straight to side, hold this position isometrically; arm that was extended in front of you reaches toward other arm, hold this position
  34. Lay on back on rebounder, arms are extended straight overhead (arms in line with ears) with sandbags clasped together and extend legs straight, from this starting position, roll to side and hold briefly, roll back to center then roll to face other side (kind of like the banana roll from P90X)
  35. Straight arm plank with feet on rebounder and hands on floor, raise one leg and opposite arm and hold
  36. Push ups (hands on floor, feet on rebounder)
  37. Repeat the first part of #29 with both feet on rebounder

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