The Anarchy Workout

anarchyI discovered this workout when perusing fitness forums. I vaguely remember some contest run by both Men’s Health and Women’s Health about choosing the next “top trainer.” The winner got to create a workout series. That’s the last I heard of it. Well, as it turns out, The Anarchy Workout was created by the male winner of this contest, Andy Speer. I did some research, watched some clips and it looked pretty cool to me. It is a little system that contains 8 workouts: six 30 minute workouts and 2 fifteen minute workouts. These are broken down into phases. In Phase 1 you do the first three 30 minute workouts and in Phase 2 you do the second three 30 minute workouts. You do the two 15 minute workouts in both phases. Each phase is done for 3 weeks–so it is a 6 week program. The 30 minute workouts for each phase consist of Strength, Cardio and Endurance. The Strength workouts are the only ones that require dumbbells but dumbbells are optional in Phase 2 Endurance. The bonus 15 minute workouts are titled Anarchy Abs and Free Flow.

The first DVD has a little 1:30 minute intro to the program that breaks down how to use it. Obviously this isn’t a high dollar program–no rotation calendar, fitness guide or nutrition plan. Just the basics. You start with Phase 1 and do each of the three 30 minute workouts once a week starting with Cardio #1 (so probably Monday), mid-week you do Strength #1 (probably Wednesday), and the final workout is Endurance #1 (so probably on Friday or Saturday). You can rest on the off days or do one of the 15 minute bonus workouts. Since you get FOUR rest days, it’s probably a good idea to do them on two of the rest days and just take 2 rest days. But that’s just my opinion.

I purchased this workout directly from its website (couldn’t it find anywhere else, new or used) for $29.95. The shipping is $7.95, but I got free shipping because I also bought 10 Minute Torchers.

I expected to like these workouts otherwise I wouldn’t have purchased them, however I am surprised by how much I enjoyed them. They are all excellent workouts. Their 30 minute length makes them perfect for doubles workouts for me but if I want a longer workout, they fit together very nicely; for instance, do one of the Strength workouts followed by an Endurance workout to give you an hour long total body strength workout. Or a Strength workout followed by a Cardio workout for cardio + strength. And any of the workouts followed by one of the bonus workouts will give you a nice workout, too. They are all challenging workouts, they are sequenced nicely and I actually like Andy. He is a very good trainer who created an impressive program that is pretty well rounded. I didn’t follow the plan as laid out, but I did do Phase 1 before I did Phase 2. Both Phases were challenging but I actually liked Phase 1 workouts better. To me, they felt like they flowed better and were more well rounded. Though some of the exercises were more advanced in Phase 2, I’m not sure you actually got a better workout.

Phase 1:

Cardio is 27 minutes long with a 3 minute warm up and barely a 1 minute stretch in which you stretch each leg once. Cardio is set up in 3 rounds; each round has similar exercises but they increase in intensity and you do them for longer. So, in Round 1 you do each exercise for 30 seconds and get a 10 seconds rest, in Round 2 you do each exercise for 40 seconds and get a 20 seconds rest and in Round 3 you do each exercise for 45 seconds and get a 15 second rest. No equipment is needed. There are two back ground exercisers and one of them (the female) will show modifications for many of the exercises.

Now, before I break this down I have some comments/observations to make. First, this is the first workout of the program I did so this is my first impression. This workout is progressive. It starts out seeming too easy and by the final round it really pushed me. Not Insanity level push me–I can make it through the entire workout w/out stopping or taking personal breaks–but by the end I felt like I was getting a very good workout. Some of the moves were burning my legs out. Also, Andy got a little weird during this workout. First, early on, when the workout wasn’t very challenging, he was acting like it was. Also, he gave the male crew member a lot of attention. A lot. Frequently, while doing the exercise, Andy would do the exercise while staring at the man (who was also doing the exercise) the entire time, never taking his eyes off of him. It was pretty awkward and I am surprised it wasn’t edited out by focusing on the woman. But throughout the workout the female was little more than an afterthought. It was kind of weird! ** Now that I’ve done all of the workouts, I have to mention that this was not a pattern; I never really noticed him doing that in the other workouts.

Round 1 (30 seconds of work w/ 10 seconds of rest) : 1. 1-2 Punch (punch w/ fast feet), 2. Starter Drill Right (start position when running track; then bring back leg up into knee up), 3. Starter Drill Left, 4. Plank Fly (get into plank and alternate raising one arm out to side), 5. Quick Toes (fast feet), 6. T Plank Hold Left (hold in side plank), 7. T Plank Hold Right, 8. Rotational Slam (pretend like you are holding and slamming a ball on the ground to the side, coming down into a lunge as you slam down–alternate sides), 9. burpee.

40 second rest

Round 2 (40 seconds of work w/ 20 seconds of rest): 1. 1-2 Punch w/ Hop, 2. Starter Drill Right (same as in Round 1–just done faster), 3. Starter Drill Left, 4. Push Plank Fly (same as in Round 1, except before raising the arms to side, come down to elbow plank the back up to high plank, first on the right then on the left, then do the flys), 5. Pogo Split (4 wide hops alternated w/ 2 wide scissors), 6. T Plank Rotation (alternating side planks–he adds the option of adding a push up in between if you want), 7. Rotational Slam Split Squat (same as Round 1, except when you slam it down in the lunge, you come up and slam it again on same side (so a static lunge) before changing to other side), 8. Donkey Switch (get down on all 4s but raise knees so you are hands and toes; alternate kicking feet up to ceiling while in this position).

20 second rest

Round 3 (45 seconds of work w/ 15 seconds of rest): 1. 1-2 Upper cut (4 punches, 2 upper cuts), 2. Starter Drill Jump Right (same as Rounds 1 & 2, except add a jump), 3. Starter Drill Jump Left, 4. Push Plank Spider Fly (same as Round 2 except at the of the combo, while in high plank, bring knee to elbow on outside of body), 5. Pogo Hop Sprawl (hop with wide feet until he tells you to sprawl, then you go back into quick burpee), 6. T Plank Rotation Knee Drive (same as Round 2 but while in side plank bring knee to elbow), 7. Rotational Slam w/ Split Squat (same as Round 2 except jump lunge when doing 2nd lunge/slam), 8. Donkey Switch Kick to Burpee (same as Round 2 except when he tells you to, you jump up into one-leg burpee).

Strength is 27 minutes long with a 3 minute warm up and 1:30 minute stretch. This is actually a great little strength workout. It moves fast, so it is metabolic, too. Now, keep in mind, there is no way to get a comprehensive strength workout in less than 30 minutes; nevertheless, this workout does a good job hitting all of the major muscle groups. I followed it up by Phase 1 Endurance (see review below) which functions as a bodyweight strength workout and I really feel like I got an excellent metabolic total body strength workout by combining the two. But if you are short on time and can only do 30 minutes, this workout does do a very nice job. In order to get the best all around results from this workout you need to go heavy. Andy and crew each only had one set of dumbbells but I used more than that. I used 25, 20 and 15 pounds dumbbells. Primarily the 25s and 15s, but in the final round I had to drop from 25 to 20 for some of the exercises. The basic structure of each round is a little different. For Round 1, you do each exercise for 30 seconds then get a 15 second rest before moving on to the next exercise; the final exercise is a cardio move that you do for 60 seconds. After you finish Round 1 you get 20 seconds before moving on to Round 2. For Round 2 you do each exercise for 40 seconds and get 20 seconds of rest before moving on to the next exercise; the final exercise is a cardio move that is again done for 60 seconds. After you finish Round 2 you get a 30 second rest before moving on to Round 3. Round 3 is a little different from the first two rounds. It is 3 minutes long and you do each exercise for 30 seconds with no break between moves. If you are like me and you use more than one set of dumbbells, you need them close by since you will not get that rest period to change weights. You get 20 seconds of rest before moving on to the very brief (too brief IMHO) stretch.


Round 1 (30 seconds work/15 seconds rest):
Goblet Squat
Lawnmower Row
Split Stance Overhead Press
RDL (deadlift)
Skull Crushers
Narrow Chest Press
Cardio: Split Switch Reverse Fly

Round 2 (40 seconds work/20 seconds rest):
Goblet Squat Crush Curl
Lawnmower Row Iso Hold
Split Stance Push Press Right
Kickstand Deadlift (one-leg deadlift) Right
Split Stance Push Press Left
Kickstand Deadlift Left
Hollow Skull Crushers (legs raised)
Chest Press Iso Hold
Cardio: Single Leg Skip

Round 3 (3 minutes long/30 seconds each move/no rests):
Bicep Curls
RDL (deadlifts)
Split Stance Push Press
Lawnmower Row
Goblet Squat Hold with Curl
Goblet Squat
Cardio: Jump Squat

Endurance is 30 minutes long with a 6 minute warm up and 1:30 minute stretch. I didn’t know what to expect from Endurance before I did it and was very pleasantly surprised. It is bodyweight strength primarily, with some moves similar to those found in PiYo and BodyFit 360. In fact, paired with Strength, this can give you a more thorough total body strength workout. I really liked it a lot. It has a longer warm up, too. I feel the warm up, due to the exercises utilized, are as important to the content of the workout as the workout itself, so I will break those down, too. For the warm up, you do each exercise 45-60 seconds. For the workout you do each exercises for 45 seconds w/ 15 seconds of rest. You go through a long series of exercises, then you get a 35 second recovery and end the workout with a “Finisher” which is 3 minutes of non-stop exercises, no breaks. You get another 20 second rest before ending with the very short stretch.

Warm up:

Hip Bridges

Reach and Roll (do a hip bridge but hold at the top and reach with arm over and above the opposite shoulder)

Hip March (while in bridge, raise and lower each knee)

Spider T Rotation (alternate legs in runners lunge, raising same side arm as front leg toward ceiling)

Hip Drop Stretch (bend at the waist and grab ankles then bend knees and squat deep; never stand up, alternate bending at waist stretch w/ deep squat)

The final warm up exercise he didn’t give a name to, however you start doing the Hip Drop Squat, but while in squat, raise your arms overhead then jump to standing, keeping arms overhead, then bend at the waist, grabbing ankles and deep squat.

Main Workout Exercises:

Sprint Balance Hold (hold one knee up until he tells you to switch, then jump to other foot, holding other knee up)

Sprint Build Up (start w/ fast feet and progress, bringing knees up higher on Andy’s command until you are doing a high knee run)

Sprint and Hold (sprint until Andy tells you to hold, then you stand on one leg with the other knee up until he tells you to sprint again)

Pull Down to Push Up (lay on stomach and raise arms in front of you and chest as if doing superman; pull arms back as if doing a lat pull, then do a push up)

Downward Dog Push Up

Rockstar Sweep (start in high plank, twist into side plank raising top arm overhead and kicking bottom leg out; alternate sides with a push up in the middle)

Lateral Lunge w/ Balance (side lunge and when you come back to standing, raise the knee so you are balancing on one leg)

Plyo Lunge (get into a deep side lunge then bounce/plyo hop foot off ground, never really coming out of side lunge)

Crawl (get on hand and knees then raise knees off floor so you are on hands and toes; crawl forward two steps and backward two steps)

Bird Dog Reach (do Crawl but for each two steps, stop and raise arm and opposite leg)

Sweep (basically the Rockstar Sweep but faster and with no push up and your starting position is the Crawl position rather than a plank)

Hollow Knee Kicks (get into hollow man position (on back with straight arms raised, head/shoulders raised and straight legs raised at a 45 degree angle) and bring knees in and out, pausing briefly in straight leg position)

Hollow Hold (hold Hollow Man)

Hollow Rocks (get into Hollow Man and hold your position while rocking)

Punch Jack (jack the legs in and out in a sequence while punching fits forward)

Bunny Jack (squat jacks)

Squat Jacks (air jacks that start/end in squat)

35 second rest

Finisher (do each exercise for 30 seconds w/ no break between each exercise)

Hollow Rock

Push Ups

Lateral Plyo Lunges (30 seconds each leg)

Squat Jacks (air jacks)


Phase 2:

Cardio is 27 minutes long with a 2:30 minute warm up and a 1 minute stretch. Cardio wasn’t what I as expecting. In some ways it was more intense than Phase 1 Cardio but in other ways it wasn’t. Andy mixed core moves in, bringing my heart rate down, and by the end I didn’t feel like I had worked as hard as I did in Phase 1 Cardio. But he did have some very challenging plank based moves which made this seem more like an Endurance workout. Nevertheless, it was a good workout. It got my heart rate up, I sweat, it challenged me. Overall, I like it!


Round 1 (40 seconds of work/20 seconds of rest): 1. Hallow Hop (arms over head, feet together, hop fast); 2. Squat Jumps; 3. Plank Walk Fly Spider (while in plank walk 3 to the side, lift outside arm in a fly and lower, then bring outside knee to elbow; repeat going the other way); 4. Single Leg Start Drill (same as in Phase 1 cardio except you are balancing on one leg the whole time); 5. Bird Dog (done in plank; raise one arm and opposite leg, bring them both under body, touching elbow to knee, then immediately raise them again; alternate sides); 6. Upper Cut Squat; 7. Suitcase Squeeze Abs (lay on back and bring elbows to knees; push and hold); 8. Single Arm Burpee.

40 second rest

Round 2 (50 seconds of work/10 seconds or rest): 1. Hollow Hop; 2. Squat Jump (pattern–jump to side and back, then 90 degree turn jump and 90 degree turn jump back to start); 3. Plank Walk Push Up Fly Spider (same as in Round 1, but every plank step is now a push up); 4. Single Leg Starter Drill (same as in Round 1 but add a jump); 5. Plank Bird Dog Push Up (same as in Round 1 but add a push up before you do the other side); 6. Double Upper Cut (same as in Round 1, but do two single arm upper cuts then one double arm upper cut); 7. Ab Runners (bicycles while in Hollow Man (Hollow Man position:lay on back with straight arms raised, head/shoulders raised and straight legs raised at a 45 degree angle)); 8. Single Arm Burpee w/ Fly (do a single arm burpee but hold at the bottom and fly each arm out to side before jumping back up and changing arms).

40 second rest

Round 3 (3 minutes, 30 seconds each exercise, no rest): 1. Hallow Hops; 2.Plan Walk Push Up Side-to-Side; 3.Singe Leg Starter Drill; 4. Single Leg Start Drill (other leg); 5. Single Arm Burpee; 6. Squat Jumps.

25 second rest

Strength is 28 minutes long with a 2:30 minute warm up and a 1:30 minute stretch. Another great short, but effective, total body strength workout. Even tho it is Phase 2, I didn’t think it was a better workout than Phase 1 Strength. They are both very good, but overall I think Phase 1 is more comprehensive. This is still a very good workout, very metabolic with some more advanced level moves, but it didn’t hit every muscle group. Just like in Phase 1, to get the best possible workout, you need to go pretty heavy. I used 25, 20 and 15 pound dumbbells. Just like in Phase 1 Strength there are 3 rounds; for the first round you will do each exercise for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest. In Round 2 you will do each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest. And for the final round there are no rests–just 4 minutes straight; you change exercise every 20 seconds.


Round 1 (40 seconds of work/20 seconds of rest):
Split Stance Bicep Curl
Split Stance Overhead Press
Dumbbell Front Squat
Bent Over Row
Renegade Row
Push Ups
Floor Angels
Sumo High Pull
Cardio: Single Leg Skip–60 seconds


Round 2 (45 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest):
Dumbbell Squat Thrust
Bent Over Batwing Row (hold one arm isometrically while the other rows)
Renegade Row Push Up
Push Up Iso Holds
Chest Peel (similar to floor angels, but you keep arms back and raised and raise and lower chest)
Dumbbell Snatch
Cardio: Split Switch–60 seconds


Round 3 ( minutes long/20 seconds each move/no rests) (for this round you only use one dumbbell):
Cardio: Sprint
Dumbbell Snatch
Dumbbell Thruster
Single Arm Bent Over Row
Renegade Row
Push Ups
Renegade Row–other arm
Single Arm Bent Over Row–other arm
Dumbbell Thruster–other arm
Dumbbell Snatch–other arm
Cardio: Sprint


Endurance is 28 minutes long with a 2:30 minute warm up and a 2 minute stretch. One dumbbell is optional for this workout, but even if you choose to use it, you don’t use it much. I used an 8 pound dumbbell and a 15 pound dumbbell. Like Phase 1 Endurance, this is primarily a bodyweight workout. I liked a lot, but I like Phase 1 Endurance better. Nevertheless, still a great workout. For this one, I don’t feel that the warm up is as significant a part of the workout as I did with the Phase 1 Endurance workout. It does the job here–it warms you up, but it doesn’t really add to the workout in any other way. Unlike the other workouts there is no real set time period you do each exercise for; however, they are done for 30, 40, or 60 seconds–it just varies for each exercise, so I will just note on each exercise how long you do it for. Also, there are mini breaks between each exercise. Some as long as 30 seconds others are just 15-20 seconds, however I did not note those below; just know the are there.



The first series is a modified Turkish Get Up progression (use an optional dumbbell to hold overhead throughout this series/progression): 30 seconds of Forearm Half Get up, 30 seconds of Straight Arm Half Get Up, 30 seconds of Half Get Up to Bridge. Do 20 seconds of Hip Bridges before repeating the Turkish Get Up series on the other side of the body.

Shuffle Reach for 60 seconds

Static Split Squats for 40 seconds (the first half you just lunge up and down, the second half you do isometric holds with a jump; use an optional dumbbell), Split Squat Plyo for 40 seconds. Stretch your quad.

30 seconds of Defensive Bound Reaches (cardio Move)

Spider Walks for 40 seconds (walking on hands and toes, but trying to keep tabletop position)

Spider Walk Push Up for 40 seconds (add a push up)

Double Spider Walk Push Up for 1 minute

Seal Jacks for 40 seconds

Repeat the Static Split Squats and Split Squat Plyo on other side of body

Shuffle Bound for 40 seconds

Crab Bridge for 40 seconds

Swipers for 40 seconds (from crab, bring one foot under and behind you while pushing opposite arm out in the opposite direction)

Crab Swiper Burpee for 40 seconds (complicated move–do the crab swiper, but then keep turning until your in “quadruped” (on hands and feet but in table top rather than plank), jump in and up (burpee) then back down and twist back to crab)

Finisher: ladder up with push ups and jump squats, so 1 push up, 1 jump squat, 2 push ups, 2 jump squats; continue until you are doing 10 of each.

BONUS 15 Minute Workouts

Anarchy Abs is 15 minutes long. It is a tough little core workout and it hits your entire core: front, sides and back. Each move is done for one minute.

1. Cardio Skip

2. Resisted Knee Drive (standing on one leg, raise the other and, while balancing on one foot, press your hand into your knee as if trying to push it down)

3. Ab Tucks (lay on back with legs straight and fits pressed into your chin; sit up, bringing knees in and grabbing ankles; return to start position)

4. Hollow Hold (lay on back, legs straight and arms straight overhead; raise arms/shoulders, bend both knees and bring them in to body, push them out straight to a 45 degree angle then lower back to start)

5. Hop Switch (get into plank, bring one foot to outside of hand on same side, and jump/switch feet–so a wide (or spider) mountain climber)

6. Side Plank (get into side elbow plank; do 30 seconds of raising and lower hips; then raise one arm overhead and bring it down, pushing it under hips–do this for the remaining 30 seconds)

7. Single Leg Hollow Runner (bicycles while in Hollow Man (Hollow Man position:lay on back with straight arms raised, head/shoulders raised and straight legs raised at a 45 degree angle))

8. Push Plank (high plank to low plank)

9. Superman (you will change arm positions throughout the minute)

10. Russian Twist Tap (2 Russian Twists then bringing feet in and tap feet with hands)

11. 3 Way Climbers (get into plank; bring knee to elbow on outside of body, bring knee to elbow underneath body and bring knee to opposite elbow underneath body; alternate legs)

12. Hollow Rock To Superman (you do this in pyramid count–10 Hollow Rocks, 10 Supermans, 8 Hollow Rocks, 8 Supermans–continue down to 2 of each)

13. Feet to Hands (lay on back and raise straight arms and legs to ceiling; slowly lower hands and feet to about 6 inches off ground then bring back to start)

Free Flow is 15 minutes. Free Flow is not a stretch or yoga workout as I expected. It does have some yoga/stretching in it, but it is a mix of yoga, joint mobility, dynamic flexibility and even some bodyweight strength work. I really liked it and it makes a very nice add on to finish off and enhance whatever other workout you did that day.

1. Leg Cross Over (lay on back, legs straight and arms stretch to sides of body in a T; bringing leg over body and try to touch toe to opposite hand.

2. Thoracic Windmill (do leg crossover then bring arm (same side as leg that is crossed over) overhead to other hand then back.

3. Spider Lunge Series/Hip Hike with T Rotation (get into deep spider lunge (runners lunge), raise hips/round back, come back down and raise arm (same side as forward leg) toward ceiling while twisting spine; alternate sides).

4. High Lunge with Reach (get into lunge and hold arms over head, round back forward and touch fingertips to ground beside front foot).

5. Lateral Lunge to Drop Lunge (side lunge to curtsey lunge w/ twist)

6. Windmill Progression (the progression is just changing hand position)

7. Quad Stretch

8. Plank Walk Out into Plank Kick Over (get into plank and raise one leg, bring it behind you until it touches the ground and you are in a sort of tabletop w/ one leg bent, one leg straight, one arm reaching behind you and one arm underneath you/supporting you)

9. Crab Bridge

10. Crab Bridge with Single Arm Reach

11. Pigeon Sequence (Downdog to pigeon)

12. Child’s Pose


28 thoughts on “The Anarchy Workout

  1. enjoyed your review – was wondering if, at my age (63), and in relatively good health, these workouts would be too hard for me. I’m about 15# overweight and need to get rid of my “love” handles lol


    1. I don’t think so. Mostly because there is a modifier so anything that is too hard for you, there is an easier version of the exercise you can do. Plus, just lift lighter weights and as your fitness improves you can increase the amount of weight you lift. So the program can grow with you.


  2. Thank you so much for this very informative review. It answered a lot of my questions, so I really appreciate that you wrote such a comprehensive and thorough write-up.


  3. One of my favorite training programs. Like most of these, they could benefit from having an instructional clip on techniques and tips for those new to interval training.


  4. This is an update to an earlier post I left. I wanted to leave some critiques and input on where this workout could improve.

    First and foremost, the cool downs are way too short and don’t incorporate proper full body stretches. I do my own cooldowns now, which include lower back stretches. Very important, especially when you’re doing deadlifts.

    Secondly, there are times when Andy doesn’t tell you which leg they start with which can kind of throw you off a bit later during certain parts of the workout (e.g. kickstand deadlifts). So, just make a mental note of which leg you started on so you’re not getting confused (like me).

    Lastly, the bonus Anarchy Abs circuit could use about 10 seconds between each exercise simply to get you into position. The whole thing just seems a bit rushed, but still effective.

    That’s about all the critiques I have so far. I still really enjoy this program!


  5. I’ve been searching the web for a new workout routine, and because of your review I’m going to start this one.

    I’m 51, and somewhat slender (skinny arms and legs), but, unfortunately, have a rotund midsection. That said, I want to do hiit, and I want to combine weights. Anarchy one day, weights another. Is this something you’d recommend?


    1. Yes, that sounds like a good plan for burning fat. Anarchy does have metabolic weight training which is also very good for leaning you out while building muscle. However, heavier weight training days alternated with short (no more than 30 minutes) HIIT training days is also an excellent way to lean out while still building muscle.


  6. I’ve been doing this workout for over a year now and it’s one that i just keep coming back to. I’ve tried many, many different workouts in my lifetime and this one simply fits my style and schedule. I love the fact that each workout is only about 30 minutes in length but still pretty intense, especially when you hit phase 2.

    I initially started out following their recommendation of beginning with Phase 1 for 3 weeks then moving to Phase 2 for another 3 weeks. Over time, I eventually created my own program using the videos:

    Monday – Strength Phase 1
    Tuesday – 15-minute Abs
    Wednesday – Endurance Phase 2
    Thursday – 15-minute Abs
    Friday – Strength Phase 2
    Weekends off

    I skip cardio because I’m already pretty slender and I would rather build muscle. Besides, with the metabolic conditioning included in most of these exercises it already helps to shed fat.

    My goal over time is to keep up with Andy while increasing the amount of weight used. I started with 15lb rubber hex dumbbells and am now up to 25lbs in each hand. I’ll see if I can get to 30lb dumbbells soon.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this program. If you like high intensity, short-burst workouts then you might enjoy this DVD series.


  7. Upon your review I decided to give this workout a try. I quite enjoy it as well.

    Thanks for your awesome reviews before trying any new workout I always check your site to see if it gets the thumbs up.

    Ps. Turns out the lady in the DVD (Christina) is actually Andy’s fiance perhaps thats why he gives the dude more attention 🙂


  8. Is there a particular diet you prefer when doing this? I’m not big on fad diets(everything in moderation) but didn’t know if you found a particular diet helpful when paired with this workout.



    1. How you chose to eat depends on what your goals are when doing a specific fitness program. I didn’t have any specific goals when doing Anarchy, other than to get a good workout, so I didn’t eat any differently than I normally do. If goals are to gain muscle then you need to more protein. If it’s to lose fat, then you would also restrict calories and empty carbs. I do always try to eat more protein than any other macronutrient no matter what I am doing but especially when I am doing any kind of muscle building rotation.


    1. Unfortunately I can’t, since calorie burn is an individual thing. Plus, I didn’t wear a Fitbit or heart rate monitor when I did those workouts so I don’t even know how many calories I burned. I just got a Fitbit for Christmas this year, and I haven’t done an Anarchy workout since Christmas. However, it has been rather illuminating for me to learn how many calories I am burning not just when I workout but all day. How many calories you burn depends on a lot of things–your fitness level, your weight, how hard you are working. Also, in Anarchy, those are 3 different kinds of workouts and based on the type of workout, you will have a different calorie burn. For example, if you are giving each workout your all, you will burn the most calories in the Cardio workouts. But the strength and endurance workouts will have an afterburn affect–which means your heart rate monitor will show that you burned less calories during the workout, but your body will burn more calories in the hours afterward–this type of burn won’t show up on a Fitbit. In Anarchy, if you are lifting the heaviest weights you can for your fitness level and giving the workout your all, then the workouts with the most overall calorie burn will be the Strength workouts because they are very metabolic and will have the longest afterburn.

      I know you were looking for a specific number but that’s the best I can give since everyone’s fitness level, weight, body fat percentage, etc is different, so they will burn a different amount of calories. Someone who is overweight and out of shape will burn a lot more calories doing any kind of workout than someone who is lean and very fit.


    1. As long as it’s still challenging you then there is a lot of benefit, I think. And even if it has gotten easier–increase your weights. As long as you are still being challenged then you should keep doing it–especially if you’re enjoying it.


      1. Thanks for taking the time to respond. After re-reading my question I guess it was pretty self explanatory. Im 43 and this is my first of these programs I have ever tried, so needless to say it is definitely still challenging, although I do notice improvements with each round. Thanks again!


  9. This workout intrigues me but how is it on the shoulders? I’m 6 months post op from shoulder surgery: rotator cuff tear, labrum tear, and bicep tear. Do you think this workout is possible with modifications and still get results? I go to the gym now and do cardio and weights but obviously still somewhat limited as far as anything shoulder related. Does this workout bulk you up or lean you out and strengthen? Thanks!!


    1. This isn’t a mass building workout program. It’s very metabolic so it will burn fat, building some muscle but not a lot. It’s impossible to hit each muscle group comprehensively when doing a total body strength workout that is only 30 minutes long–so not possible to bulk up from these workouts. It falls into endurance strength training. And yes, it does hit your shoulders a lot I think. Not just with all the push presses, but the plank work. I always feel plank work in my shoulders and there is a lot–especially in Phase 2.


  10. Thanks so much for your response! The return policy for Rodale says “1 year” so I guess I’ll give it a go. You’re the best!!


  11. Excellent review ….thanks! Looks real challenging. I think all of the planking makes it not for me. I can handle a round or two of planks at the beginning of a workout, but that’s about it for these wrists of mine.
    Like Peg, I’d love to hear about any comparisons to other ‘systems’.
    : )


    1. Thanks! I don’t remember being overwhelmed by the plank-based moves until Endurance 2–then by the end things were getting a little complicated and a lot of plank-based moves can really wear you out. I had a hard time with the crab swiper burpee. I do remember when I did Tapout–some of the workouts had so many plank based moves that there is a bit of a dread-factor. I don’t mind plank based moves but I do have to say the move I hate the most in any workout is a mountain climber. HATE THEM. I do them every time, but man do I loath those things.


  12. I’ve been looking at this set of workouts for a while now. Is is intermediate? It looks decent and I love your review of it. I’ve actually spent many hours reading your reviews or checking your blog before I buy! Is there anything you could compare it too. (Like Cathe)?


    1. With the right weights I would say it is high intermediate. I really enjoyed the workouts. I’m glad my reviews are helpful! I really can’t think of other workouts off the top of my head that are similar, which is why I liked it so much. For the strength workouts he does a lot of compound moves, so maybe the 1st and 3rd phases ChaLean Extreme? But faster paced and shorter! The Endurance has some PiYo and BodyFit 360 type moves, but also does different types of bodyweight exercises. And I really cannot think of anything to compare his cardio to. His Cardio workouts are nothing like anything Cathe does. I probably not much help. One of the reasons I did enjoy it is because I felt it was pretty different from a lot that is already out there.


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