Dream Body Workout Series

A long time ago I did a Dream Body stand alone workout and I hated it. I never in a million years thought I would do another one. I did get a comment at the time telling me that the series (this review) was way better than the stand alone workout I did. I still didn’t want to spend money on it because these workouts are expensive. It is $99.95 on Amazon. What changed my mind? Barlates creator Linda Woolridge. I read an article (that I cannot find now) in which she said that the Dream Body workouts are some of the cardio barre workouts that inspired her to create her own cardio barre workouts–which I LOVE. So I decided to give Dream Body another try. Maybe this time I would love them as much as I love Linda’s Barlates workouts. But I wasn’t paying $100 for them! Enter Ebay. I found this set for $30. So I bought it. All because I am now a Barlates junky. I did find Linda’s review for this set. Maybe this is what I read? I don’t know–I am remembering something else, an article or interview where she listed her favorite barre trainers/workouts that inspired her, because I looked them all up at the time and settled on this program. I did add another trainer she recommended to my Amazon wishlist and that workout is still there, so I am not imagining it. But now I cannot find the article or interview. I have googled it 20 different ways and searched her site, too. Oh well! So please understand that I am not quoting her. (11/02/17 update–I found it! I finally found the essay! Linda wrote it: The Benefits of Barre Style Workouts. Enjoy!)

How did I find Dream Body in comparison to Barlates? First let me say that the commenter on my original Dream Body (stand alone workout) review was right. These workouts are better than the stand alone. However, an apparent requirement to be a Dream Body instructor is the ability to talk non-stop, without ever taking a breath or allowing a single millisecond of silence for a solid hour–while also being able to simultaneously perform an advanced workout. Tho this is impressive it isn’t conducive to an enjoyable workout. Plus, the pace of Dream Body workouts is frantic. I have no problem with fast paced workouts with little rest. Linda’s workouts move at a fast clip–no time to wipe sweat or get a drink of water unless you miss moves or use your pause button. But she still doesn’t move at a frantic/frenetic pace. Her exercises are done at a more controlled pace and she frequently does them in timed format (usually 50 seconds of work w/ 10 seconds of recovery) which gives you 10 seconds of rest between exercises which is frequently all you need. Now, Linda has a vast selection of workouts and only some of them are similar to Dream Body but the ones that are similar are (IMHO) superior. They work you just as hard but less frantically. In fact, something that I noticed in most of the Dream Body workouts is that I felt like I was working very hard during them but, other than the Bikini Boot Camp workout, my Fitbit claimed I didn’t work nearly as hard as I felt like I was working. Linda’s workouts that are similar to Dream body workouts not only feel like hard work but my Fitbit also reflects I worked hard. I’m not saying that means anything important, but it is an interesting observation. I do believe that perceived exertion is more important than the readings on my Fitbit. If I feel like I am working very hard then I probably am, regardless of what the Fitbit says. And since I mention it so much above, I will note here for those interested, two of Linda’s DVDs that are similar (and in my opinion better) than Dream Body: Mix and Match HIIT and Sweat Series.

In the end I did find these to be very good workouts that will definitely work you out very hard but the only one I will probably ever return to is the Bikini Boot Camp workout. It is the only one I enjoyed doing and that is very important. We all need good, effective and intense workouts, but if they are not fun then we don’t want to do them. I never want to dread a workout. And I can see these having some dread factor (except Bikini Boot Camp).

Fusion Mix is led by Darby Brender and she talks non-stop–this is not an exaggeration. She never stops talking–it seems like she isn’t even breathing. Fusion Mix is 60 minutes long; 1 minute intro, no warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: stability ball and 2 pound hand weights (I used 3 pound hand weights). There is modifier showing an easier version of every exercise. This is a very fast-paced high rep workout. And it was extremely challenging and advanced. This is the Darby from the stand alone Dream Body workout I did years ago. I hated her so much I never returned to that workout. I also remember it being an extremely advanced and difficult workout. This workout doesn’t have the goofy bubbles floating around. Just non-stop hard work–zero breaks ever unless you take them yourself and I did a few times. I would have to pause and miss a few reps, just to let my muscles thaw out long enough to continue. Darby did not bother me as much in this workout as she did in Dream Body. It still astounded me how anyone can literally talk non-stop (I swear I am not exaggerating) for a solid hour while working out at the advanced level of this workout. What really surprised me was what my Fitbit reflected. I worked so hard, I was constantly challenged and yet in an hour I burned less than 300 calories and never once hit my peak heart rate. WTF? I felt like I was peaking constantly! I expected a 500 calorie burn like I see when I do a long workout that wrings me out completely! But nope. The only thing I can attribute that to is the constant level changes–you do a lot of standing exercises but you also do a lot of floor mat work. But it is non-stop. I would say this workout is heavy on core work and inner thigh work, but Darby hits everything. My shoulders were burning, too. I know she hit all areas of the thighs at some point. You get a little back work, some chest work, some tricep work and then the ancillary muscles are assisting in everything (shoulders and biceps). An exhausting workout but comprehensive. Regardless of what my Fitbit says, I know I was worked very hard.

  1. Jumping curtsy lunges w/ ball overhead
  2. Get into plank w/ calves/feet on ball and raise one leg and sweep it to side; hold leg up and do push ups
  3. Grab handweights leaving one foot on ball behind you, reach hands/DBs to floor then stand and hop
  4. Holding ball overhead, squat and when you stand, hop and kick one leg to the front; changes to lift leg to side then pull knee in while bringing ball to knee then lift leg out to side while bringing ball overhead to same side; changes to holding leg out to side, ball overhead and do small leg circles
  5. Curtsy lunge low bringing ball close to floor then hop up raising ball overhead
  6. Repeat 3-5 on other side of body
  7. Lay on stomach w/ ball between calves/ankles and hands below shoulders; push up with hands then lower chest back to floor and lift thighs/ball; changes to keeping chest down and just pushing thighs/ball up
  8. Lay on back and place soles of feet on ball, raise hips off ground–tap ball w/ one foot while lowering hips then kick leg in direction of head while raising hips higher; repeat on other leg
  9. Still on back, legs raised to ceiling w/ ball between ankles–do crunches punching DBs toward opposite foot; changes to chest flys w/ squeezing ball w/ feet each time you bring DBs together; changes to large circle ball w/ legs (hands/DBs on ground); hold ball to ceiling and do fast squeezes; circle ball again in opposite direction; bend knees (ball still between ankles) and crunch up reaching DBs toward heels
  10. Ballet burpees: step on left back in a lunge w/ hands/DBs on floor then come up and jump
  11. Come down into wide plie squat w/ hands/DBs on floor and pulse bottom up and down; changes to deep plie squat then swing leg through to other side, hip coming close to floor (hands never leave the floor); hold in kick through position and raise and lower straight leg
  12. Sit on bottom, hands behind you and one leg bent–lift other (straight) leg and lower to side
  13. Lay on back, straight legs raised to ceiling–scissor legs while crunching torso and bringing elbow to opposite knee; cross ankles, legs straight–raise and lower legs; press heels together–crunch up, bending knees and bringing elbows to knees
  14. In reverse plank, do one tricep dip then kick one straight leg up to ceiling; changes to fast pulsing tricep dips in reverse plank
  15. Repeat 10-14 on other side of body
  16. In modified elbow side plank (bottom knee on floor), raise and lower hips while kicking top leg up toward the ceiling; changes to pulsing top leg w/ hips still lifted
  17. In elbow plank, bringing one knee to elbow on outside of body
  18. Down dog push ups; still in down dog, raise one leg toward ceiling and pulse at top
  19. Mountain climbers
  20. Repeat 16-18 on other side of body
  21. Kneel w/ knees pressed together and holding a DB in each hand–do tiny arm circles; rear delt flys; overhead tricep extensions; swing arms back, as if trying to clap hands behind back, palms facing each other (still holding DBs); bicep curls while raising and lowering hips (still kneeling); arms straight in front of you, palms toward ceiling and do tiny alternating presses
  22. Wide push up on ties alternate w/ tricep (narrow) push up on knees

Bikini Boot Camp is led by Amy. It is 63 minutes long; 45 second intro; first 40 minutes is cardio kickboxing, 19 minutes mat work and 3:30 stretch. Equipment: the woman showing advanced modifications is using very light hand weights for the cardio kickboxing and a fitness mat for the mat work. I used one pound boxing grips for the cardio kickboxing part of this workout. The cardio kickboxing has everything–punches, kicks, high impact jumping, cardio barre moves and fast pace toning moves. I really liked this workout a lot. I enjoyed it much more than Fusion Mix. It was extremely intense and at times frantic. Just like Fusion Mix you move non-stop without any breaks. There are some lower intensity moves thrown in to the cardio kickboxing section to let you recover somewhat but overall, the 40 minute cardio section moves nonstop with quite a few frantic moments. I burned a ton of calories and got a serious burn in my glutes. In fact, my glutes are still burning several hours later. I will definitely be returning to this workout. Just like Darby, Amy talks non-stop. I cannot understand how these instructors can keep up a constant flow of words while doing these advanced workouts. Amy did take breaks to point out form, but she did a good 75% of the workout along with her exercisers. And never once shut up–whether she was exercising or pointing out form.

Mat work:

  1. Lay on one hip and elbow, bottom leg bent and top left extended straight in front of you w/ foot flexed–left and lower leg; point toe and sweep leg level with other leg, raise to ceiling and bring back to start (extended in front of you); extend leg straight on top of bottom leg–lift and lower while flexing and pointing toe; bring top knee to tap floor in front of bottom thigh then push leg out behind you; hold straight leg up behind you and pulse
  2. Lay on back, knees bent and feet on ground, extend one leg straight up to ceiling and raise and lower hips; hold hips up while lowering and lifting straight leg; hold leg a foot off floor, keep hips lifted while doing small lift/lowers w/ hips; changes to a cross crunch bringing opposite elbow to knee then pressing leg out straight–hips are still lifted throughout this cross crunch; straight leg bicycles
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 on other leg
  4. Still on back, knees bent, knees/legs together and only toes are on mat–press up into bridge and circle the hips; changes to lifting one leg up, crossing it up over the other leg, lifting it back up and returning to floor–alternate legs; repeat hip circles while in toe bridge; hold hips up high in toe bridge
  5. Straight leg bicycle

Tabata and Toning is led by Francie. It is 45 minutes long; no warm up and 4:30 minute stretch. The structure is six 20 second cardio intervals w/ 10 seconds of active recovery. Equipment needed: resistance band, 1-2 pound dumbbells and sliding disks. This was another frantically paced Dream Body workout. Although Francie talked constantly like the other instructors, she actually seemed to take breaths sometimes–so her stream of words had a few small breaks (unlike the other instructors so far who talk non-stop with no breaks). I found this workout to be very challenging and exhausting like all of them I have done so far. And oddly, like in Fusion Mix, my Fitbit showed I never hit my peak heart rate. This makes no sense to me because this workout seriously wore me out. I was working very hard. But maybe during the workout I am confusing the extreme muscle burn out I feel with peaking. I don’t know–I mean, I am still constantly moving, even when my muscles are burning and my mat was covered with my sweat. I have no explanation why my Fitbit seems to read some of these Dream Body workouts different from how they feel to me. I put more weight on how I felt during the workout and this workout worked me very hard.

  1. Sliding burpees
  2. Slide back lunges w/ front raises
  3. Wide sliding burpees
  4. Repeat #2 on other leg
  5. Moving/sliding mountain climbers (you actually walk your hands forward 4 and back 4 while doing sliding mountain climber legs)
  6. Side slide lunge w/ lateral raises
  7. Repeat #5
  8. Repeat #6 on other leg
  9. Place both feet on one slider and walk hands forward 4 and back 4, keeping legs straight
  10. Reverse slide lunge alternated with side slide lunge (arms front raise and side raise)
  11. Repeat #9
  12. Repeat #10 on other leg
  13. Cross foot over opposite knee (figure 4) and do one leg squats w/ arms held out straight in front of you
  14. Squat w/ straight leg front kick, touching opposite DB to toe
  15. Standing on one leg do running leg w/ other leg and running arms
  16. Repeat 13-15 on other leg
  17. Step back with one foot, tapping DBs to ground, bring back leg into knee raise w/ a hop
  18. Raise one leg behind you and both arms out in front of you–pulse leg and arms
  19. Repeat 17 & 18 two more times
  20. Repeat 17-19 on other leg
  21. Get into runners lunge w/ hands/DBs on either side of front foot–come into one leg plank while kicking front leg behind you, return to runners lunge and raise arms/DBs overhead
  22. In elbow plank, lift one leg up then to side
  23. In 3 leg down dog, pulse lifted leg
  24. Repeat 21-23 on other leg
  25. Start in side lunge w/ hands on floor–jump back to plank, jump return to side lunge, jump up w/ one knee raise pushing hands overhead
  26. Pulsing plie squat w/ heel raises
  27. Repeat #25 & 26 two more times
  28. Repeat 25-27 on other leg
  29. Lay on mat, leaning back on elbows, legs raised straight (so body is in a V), heels together and toes facing outward–circle legs (open and close them in a circle formation); changes to opening and closing legs then raising and lowering one leg; raise up on palms, placing one leg on ground and circle one leg; changes to reaching opposite hand toward raised leg and pulsing
  30. Repeat #29 on other side of body
  31. Cross jacks (crossing arms and feet)
  32. Open and close arms (standing in wide stance)
  33. Repeat #31
  34. Lower into wide squat and pulse/cross arms/DBs in front of you
  35. Repeat #31
  36. Straight arm bicep curls (hold arms straight out in front of you and bend arms, bringing DBs to shoulder)
  37. Repeat #31-36
  38. Reverse lunge w/ knee raise while holding end of band in each hand, arms out straight and bringing in one arm then pressing it back out as you lunge
  39. Remain in lunge, arms stretched wide and pulse one arm in and out w/ band
  40. Narrow one leg squat hold (one foot slightly raised w/ toe on ground), one arm straight overhead the other arm pulls band down into tricep extension
  41. Repeat #38-40 on other side of body
  42. Plie squat jump then press one arm/DB over head to opposite side of body while dropping elbow to same side thigh
  43. Hold in plie squat while pulsing DB over head to opposite side of body and other arm pressing across stomach to other side of boduy
  44. Repeat 42 & 43 two more times
  45. Repeat 42-44 on other side of body
  46. Come down on one hip, legs raised w/ knees bent and leaning on bottom elbow–straighten legs while pushing DB out in front of you then bend knees while bringing top elbow behind you to tap the floor; keep legs straight and raise and lower legs, touching foot w/ top hand (keeping arm straight)
  47. Roll onto bottom and lean back on elbows, legs raised straight–drop straight legs diagonally to one side and raise back to center
  48.  Repeat 46 & 47 on other side of body

Barre is led by Sadie. It is 50 minutes long; 50 second intro, no warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: 1 or 2 pound hand weights, pilates ball, pilates band (dyna band), a chair and a fitness mat. I wanted to like this workout a lot more than I did. Just like all of the Dream Body workouts, it is very fast paced, tough and advanced. It worked me very hard (though again–not according to my Fitbit–this makes no sense to me!) but I didn’t really enjoy it. Sadie talks very fast and constant (just like all Dream Body instructors) and the first part really burned my shoulders out big time. With a title like Barre, I really was hoping for something that focused on the lower body (less upper body burn out). The first half of the workout doesn’t even use the barre (or chair). I have a lot of mixed feelings about this workout. It was really a very good workout and maybe in the future I will skip using the band for the arms and just use the very light hand weights. I know it wasn’t just me. The two exercisers w/ Sadie kept lowering their arm repeatedly (the arm that is holding a light hand weight stationary straight out to the side constantly)–so they were hurting, too. Just like all of the workouts there is someone showing easier modifications and Sadie and the other exerciser (Brooke) are doing advanced level exercises. Brooke frequently had to pause to rest not just her arms but her legs, too. These workouts are all brutal. But I did like a lot of the exercises in this workout. They really burned my legs out–which was what I was hoping for, but I wasn’t wanting the shoulder pain (not injury pain–complete shoulder muscle burn out). I did a Barlates upper body workout yesterday that already fried my shoulders. I didn’t want any shoulder frying today! I got it anyway.

  1. Side lunge w/ side leg extension swinging DBs to foot when lunging and arms overhead and to side when raising leg to side
  2. Pulsing plie squats while shifting side to side, arms held straight out to sides turning DBs with wrists ceiling to floor; changes to raising heels while in plie squat while also bringing DBs together in front of you then raising up on toes while bringing DBs together overhead–alternate these two moves; changes to pulsing plie squats w/ one heel raised and arms/DBs held out straight to sides; changes to plie jacks w/ chest press arms; raise up on toes (still in plie squat) w/ arms still held out to side, do small circles w/ DBs; changes to big circles; hold in plie squat while still raised on toes and arms/DBs out to side
  3. Set DBs aside, come into down dog raising one leg to ceiling then bring leg through and place on floor beside same side hand and do a push up; keep foot beside hand and just do push ups, raising up onto toe when pushing up; keep heel raised and do pulsing push ups; changes to mountain climbers
  4. Grab resistance band and DBs, stand on one end of band and hold the other band at shoulder height (band behind elbow), one DB in other hand held straight out to side, do band overhead presses, leaning to the side while pressing; remaining leaning to side and pulse press band to side; changes to reverse lunge while  doing front raise and side raise w/ band (band still under same foot and held in same hand and other arm hold DB still held out straight to side); remain in lunge while quickly pressing band front and side (still holding DB straight out to side w/ other hand); changes to just pulsing band to side (nothing else has changed)
  5. Set band and DBs aside and do wide jumping mountain climbers (feet to outside of hands); changes to tricep push ups on knees; get into straight arm plank, lower halfway down and hold
  6. Repeat #1-5 on other side of body
  7. You need a chair or barre, pilates ball and DBs; stand beside chair and do curtsy lunge with side leg lift (you are holding one DB, raise DB overhead head while lunging and toward foot while doing side leg lift); changes to just side leg lifts w/ arm/DB raise; changes to large leg circles; changes to one leg squat, side leg lift, one leg squat rear leg lift pressing DB overhead each time
  8. (set DB aside) Face chair back and raise and lower straight leg behind you, raising onto toe each time you raise leg; keep one leg raised behind you, stay raised on toe and pulse squat; lower heel and bend knee of raised leg, circle bent knee; hold bent leg out to side and pulse; circle bent leg in opposite direction; pulse bent leg again
  9. Hop in 3rd position 2x then raise one leg behind you (with each hop you switch which leg is in front); hold leg out straight behind you while raised up on toe and hold
  10. Place pilates ball between knees, standing on toes, one leg forward and one leg in front, feet as close together as possible, holding back of chair–squeeze and release ball between knees; lift one leg to side (ball still between knees, still on toe) and pulse knees together; repeat ball squeezes w/ feet together; hold squeeze
  11. Repeat #7-10 on other side of body
  12. You need a fitness mat and the pilates ball; lay on back w/ ball beneath tailbone, raise legs to ceiling and scissor straight legs; keep straight legs separated (L position) and pulse bottom leg; circle bottom leg (small circles); scissor legs again; separate legs in L position again but w/ leg positions swapped and pulse bottom leg; circle bottom leg; bring straight legs together, pointed to ceiling, raise and lower legs; keep legs lowered halfway and hold

Fusion is led by Brooke. It is 45:30 minutes long; 45 second intro, no warm up and 3 minute stretch. Equipment: light hand weights and a stability ball. Another very tough, very fast paced non-stop workout. This one really burned out my lower body. The focus of this workout is triceps and inner thighs but it really hit my quads hard, too. Once again, I wanted to like this workout more than I did. I just do not find these workouts enjoyable. My Fitbit also reflected that this workout did not work me nearly as hard as I felt like I was working. Very weird. I actually had sweat running into my eyes throughout this workout. Just like in all Dream Body workouts you get zero breaks–not even a few seconds unless you take it yourself by missing reps or hitting pause. I just kept wiping my face on my T-shirt sleeve.

    1. Start in plank w/ DBs on floor in front of you, do a slow mountain climber; changes to fast mountain climber; lower to elbows and alternate tapping knees to floor (fast); straight arm plank jacks; bring one foot forward beneath you into runners lunge and pull other knee in and out; pick up weights and lift torso into upright lunge, do stationary lunge jumps w/ arms/DBs overhead; stop jumping and just pulse, arms still overhead; pivot into warrior 2 and reach to up and to side, pressing arm/DB overhead then return to warrior 2; pivot back into a lunge and jump feet together into a narrow squat and jump foot back to lunge, raising arms overhead when squatting; in narrow squat, arms/DBs overhead, raise onto ties and pulse
    2. Lay on back on mat w/ arms/DBs and legs lifted a few inches off the ground, do crunches reaching both arms toward legs while raising one straight leg toward ceiling; keep arms raised to ceiling and one leg raised to ceiling, other leg still a few inches off floor–pulse leg near floor; double crunch–raise and lower straight legs and straight arms; return to doing crunches reaching both arms toward legs while raising one straight leg toward ceiling; keep arms raised to ceiling and one leg raised to ceiling, other leg still a few inches off floor–pulse leg near floor; banana hold
    3. In narrow squat w/ arms/DBs overhead, raise onto toes and pulse; travel push up (walk on foot and one arm to side, do a push up, repeat on other side); drop to elbow plank and do plank jacks; bring one foot forward beneath you into runners lunge and pull other knee in and out;  pick up weights and lift torso into upright lunge, do stationary lunge jumps w/ arms/DBs overhead; stop jumping and just pulse, arms still overhead; pivot into warrior 2 and reach to up and to side, pressing arm/DB overhead then return to warrior 2; pivot back into a lunge and jump feet together into a narrow squat and jump foot back to lunge, raising arms overhead when squatting; in narrow squat, arms/DBs overhead, raise onto ties and pulse
    4. Push ups w/ shoulder taps; in elbow plank w/ legs wide, hop feet
    5. Squat, swinging arms/DBs behinf you and when you swing arms up to head level, kick one foot forward while hopping; hold in one leg squat, arms reaching forward and one leg lifted in front of you–pulse that leg; come down into runners lunge (hands/DBs on floor) then come to standing and raise knee w/ a jump; standing on one leg with other leg raised out straight behind you and do tricep kickbacks; narrow squat while leaning forward and jump while lifting one leg straight behind you and lifting both arms forward; stand on one leg again w/ one leg raised straight behind you, both arms held straight overhead and bring one arm behind you then back overhead
    6. Lower into plank and do one arm tricep kickbacks in plank; side lying one arm tricep push ups while raising and lowering top leg; hold at top of tricep push up while keeping top leg lifted and pulse leg; return to the one arm tricep push ups while also pulling top knee in the pushing leg back out straight; in elbow plank, drop hip to floor then bring knee to elbow; tricep push on knees and at top of push up lift one arm straight behind you, alternate arms
    7. Repeat 5 & 6 on other side of body
    8. Static curtsy lunge w/ chest press arms/DBs (palms facing ceiling) as you raise and lower; hold in deep curtsy lunge, arms held out in front of you and alternate bringing DBs to shoulders; raise and lower in static curtsy lunge again, arms held out straight to side, twisting wrists so DBs face ceiling then floor as you raise and lower; pulse in curtsy lunge holding arms to side; in deep plie squat, arms held straight out to sides, reaching side to side
    9. Repeat #8 on other side of body but some of the arm movements are different
    10. Mountain climbers aiming knee to opposite elbow; push ups in elbow plank
    11. Lay on back, legs raised to ceiling and stability ball between feet, arms/DBs held out to side hovering over mat, press feet in and out of ball fast; lower legs to an angle and keep pulsing feet in on ball; add twisting wrists/DBs floor to ceiling; reach arms/DBs overhead and feet/ball a few inches off the floor then raise both to ceiling; hold legs w/ ball partway down again and squeeze feet into ball fast; rotate feet on ball so one foot is in front of the other and do crunches w/ hands behind head while also lifting and lower legs/ball
    12. Lay on side, ball still between feet, bend top leg and place sole of foot on ball, DB in top hand–raise and lower ball w/ legs while bringing top elbow to knee with each lift; place top foot on floor behind ball and place top hand on top of ball–lift and lower bottom leg; hold knee up and bend knee to chest and press back out (still holding ball on leg); hold leg out straight and pulse
    13. Repeat 11 & 12 on other side of body
    14. Lay on back, ball between ankles again and legs raised to ceiling–cross crunches (bringing elbows to opposite knees; hold ball in hands, raised toward ceiling, place feet on floor and raise hips–pulse hips

9 thoughts on “Dream Body Workout Series

  1. I ordered yoga Barre fusion on Amazon and it came in 2 days, gotta love that prime! I haven’t seen the other 2 you mentioned on Amazon yet but I am looking for them. I have other individual workouts ordered through Linda, and I haven’t gotten them yet either (and previous orders through her were quicker.) So I am sure the hurricanes have something to do with it. I did her lower strength workout on YouTube (I think all the strength workouts are available on YouTube?) and I really liked that she combined weight work with barre exercises… and lots of pulsing with both types of exercises. I think it’s such an effective way to strength train!
    And I agree with your list except I would add Jari Love too…. whenever I get back to her workouts I am happy I did because I like all the compound work. I wish she would do more cardio/ strength workouts. I feel like I accomplish a lot with her in a short time. When I was checking FB more often, I saw that she had filmed a new 1000 workout, but that was months ago and I haven’t seen anything more about it.
    But I will give Jessica a try, I think that one you reviewed about building muscle and boosting metabolism sounds the most interesting (and one that at first doesn’t seem like it would be very challenging.) However your review makes me think otherwise, so thank you!


  2. Yes I think I too will hold off on the Dream Body cardio series and save my money for more of Linda’s workouts! Yoga Barre fusion just came in the mail today and I really want to get her flex tone stretch workouts (which I think Linda said will be part of a 3-DVD series for total fitness DVD’s, and those are an amazing deal for the amount of content you get.) And the more you post about Jessica Smith, the more I want to try her workouts… just when I thought I had enough trainers in my life and a full- enough workout library lol!


    1. I ordered Barre Yoga Fusion! Directly from Linda and I am still waiting on it. )o: I have only ordered from her once before and it arrived surprisingly quickly. It is now nearing 3 weeks and still no DVDs. I know the hurricanes messed up the mail in Australia (and other places) so hopefully it arrives soon. I also ordered Flex Tone Lower and Lower Body Strength. I am itching for them all to arrive!

      And I love Jessica! I am obsessed with her workouts. I have 4 absolute favorite trainers now–Cathe, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, Linda and Jessica. And though they are all my favorites for different reasons, with Jessica it is definitely the enjoyment factor. She works me out well–not as hard as Cathe or Linda–but I always feel good after her workouts.


  3. Yes I think I too will hold off on the Dream Body cardio series and save my money for more of Linda’s workouts! Yoga Barre fusion just came in the mail today and I really want to get her flex tone stretch workouts (which I think Linda said will be part of a 3-DVD series for total fitness DVD’s, and those are an amazing deal for the amount of content you get.) And the more you post about Jessica Smith, the more I want to try her workouts… just when I thought I had enough trainers in my life lol!!


  4. I too bought this set for about $30 on eBay and it took me a while to try it… I know Linda wooldridge always posts that she is doing their workouts (they offer streaming too) so that is what made me finally try them. I really liked tabata and toning and the bikini bootcamp workouts (Darby’s is the only one I have been afraid to try lol!) I wear a garmin running watch that has wrist heartrate (and a mode for indoor cardio exercise) and my average heartrate for the cardio portion of these workouts was the same if not a little higher that when I do Cathe hiit workouts. But I haven’t returned to them a lot, maybe it’s a little bit of a dread or fear factor lol?! Some of the moves I feel like I would get more out of is I wasn’t moving so fast. I get plenty of cardio with running, cycling, and other more athletic-type hiit workouts, so I think I don’t need barre-type workouts to be that fast. Even Linda’s workouts you mentioned don’t move that quickly, and I feel like I can watch my form better. But the interesting thing Linda said in her review was that these were the workouts that leaned her out (because some of the heavy lifting was adding too much bulk.) I think ultimately it’s about finding balance and workouts you enjoy doing repeatedly. So I will stick more with her over dream body. I have been thinking about the dream body cardio series, but I read a review where they said it was even more frantic than this series. Have you tried those or do you plan to?


    1. I have no explanation for the heart rate thing because I was working very hard during those workouts. But my Fitbit is a like that. Sometimes I feel like I worked very hard (other workouts, not just Dream Body) and it reflects a more moderate workout. Other times it felt like a more moderate workout and it says I worked harder than I felt like I worked. I have no explanation. I have been wearing it for years so it’s more a habit than anything else.

      I agree with you and I think that was one of the things that bothered me about the barre workout. I felt like I would have gotten a lot more out of it if it was just slowed down a little and I think that has to do with range of motion. If you have a bit more time then you get a bigger/deeper range of motion–better form. And in workouts, form is everything! That is what I love about Linda’s workouts, too. She gives you that little bit of extra time to do the workout with better form and range of motion so I feel like I am getting a lot more out of her workouts.

      And no, I am done with Dream Body. Out of this set I will only return to the Bikini Bootcamp workout. I don’t want to waste anymore money on workouts I won’t ever return to.


  5. I bought this series a few years ago. I figured out a way to make them a little bit more tolerable. LOL. Still ended up selling it though. I played them from my computer using the free open source program VLC player. This has an option to slow down playback. I slowed it down to around 85%… At that speed it seemed more normal. I also find it hard to believe they can talk non-stop while doing almost the entire workout. I’m ‘guessing’ they did the opposite (sped up playback) to make the workout more intense.


    1. Ha! Good idea but too much work. Linda does it better with her Barlates workouts anyway. I’ll just stick with her cardio barre workouts. I do like the Bootcamp workout in this program tho. Of the 5, that is the only one I enjoyed.


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