Cathe Live: Fit Legs

#212 Fit Legs is another live lower body triset workout. Just like Booty Max, Fit Legs contains 4 trisets and each triset is done twice. It also contains many of the same exercises as Booty Max but Fit Legs is 12 minutes shorter. What does that mean? This workout is even more metabolic than Booty Max–which was pretty darn metabolic! Cathe crams nearly the same amount of work into less time. The pace of this workout was so frantic that there were times I wondered if I were actually in a Dream Body workout! There is literally no rest between exercises and if you do not move fast you will miss the first few reps of an exercise. Which I did at the beginning of the workout but then I start rushing to swap weights and get into place–which is what made it feel so frantic. And I think it was even too much for Cathe, because she probably only did 1/2 of the exercises. She spent more time walking around and occasionally doing a few reps sans dumbbells. In addition, your warm up is shorter than a normal Cathe warm up and her already short live stretch is even shorter than usual! This workout is go-go-go. Now I am not going to lie. I did get an excellent workout. Metabolic to the max. My FitBit did not function properly this morning and shows I worked out for 42 minutes but gave me zero stats. Not even a calorie burn–even tho I know I had to be in my peak heart rate during the majority of this workout. But I won’t be returning to this workout. I don’t like frantic workouts. I can get just as good of a workout with Booty Max without all the rushing around. You can do Cathe’s live workouts by subscribing to her streaming site or purchasing the individual downloads. Here is a video clip of this workout.

Fit Legs is 41:30 minutes; 4 warm up and 1:40 minute stretch. Equipment: full step with 3 risers (10 inches), dumbbells and a barbell. Cathe’s barbell starts at 30 pounds. At the beginning of the workout Cathe and class only have 2 risers under their step (8 inches) but during the warm up one of the class members (I think her name is Nancy and she counts for Cathe in most of the workouts) gets more risers for Cathe. The rest of the class stays at 8 inches but Cathe tells the home exerciser to have 3 risers like her.

Triset #1:

  1. Barbell squats, singles, pulses and partial reps (Cathe is using 30# BB; I used 40# BB)
  2. Stationary/static lunges, 16 reps (Cathe is using 15# DBs)
  3. Drop squats off side of step (Cathe is using one 15# DB)
  4. Repeat #1-3

Triset #2:

  1. Elevated lunges (back leg is on step behind you), singles and pulses (Cathe is using 12# DBs)
  2. Plie squats, single, pulses and partial reps (Cathe is using 30# BB; I used 40# BB)
  3. Alternating curtsy lunges, singles and pulses (Cathe is using 12# DBs)
  4. Repeat #1-3

Triset #3 (before this triset starts, Cathe has you load more weight onto your barbell and remove the platform from the step and place it on the floor):

  1. Push dip, singles and pulses (in stationary lunge with back foot on platform behind you, hinge torso forward and do partial reps–DBs will lower to ankles and only raise to knee height) (Cathe is using 10# DBs)
  2. Deadlifts, 16 reps (Cathe is using 40# BB; I used 60# BB)
  3. Alternating side lunges, reaching DB down toward opposite foot when lunging, 12 reps (Cathe is using 10# DBs)
  4. Repeat #1-3

Triset #4 (re-assemble step so it is 10 inches again):

  1. Start standing on top of step and do rear lunges off top of step, 16 reps each leg (Cathe is using 12# DBs)
  2. Deadlifts, 16 reps (Cathe is using 40# BB; I used 60# BB)
  3. Alternating diagonal Front Lunges, 20 reps (Cathe is using 12# DBs)
  4. Repeat #1-3

4 thoughts on “Cathe Live: Fit Legs

  1. Totally agree on this one! It’s on my don’t do again list. I found myself getting angry about the pace, lol!

    I hope #203, Lower Body Confusion, is on your to do list. Excellent one, similar to Fit Tower Cardio Legs just not as long.


    1. It is and it isn’t. I have a list of 12 live workouts that were bottom of my To Do list that I cannot get to in the 2 months I subscribed. That one is on the list! I will do it when I re-subscribe, probably in about 6 months.


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