Jillian Michaels

Who doesn’t know who Jillian Michaels is? Her fitness career started before The Biggest Loser but that show is when the rest of the world discovered her. Since then she has created many workout DVDs and two workout programs, she has written many books, had some other TV shows and has a podcast that she has been doing forever. I love Jillian’s workouts. They are usually tough workouts but she almost always has a modifier present for less advanced exercisers. Her workouts are always metabolic. She usually creates circuit workouts with HIIT level cardio bursts. Her workouts are usually total body workouts. One of the best things about Jillian’s workouts is the value she gives you. The individual DVDs are always affordably priced and you usually get multiple workouts on a single DVD. Her programs, however, are a bit pricier, but again, worth the investment.

A lot of people don’t like Jillian’s personality and that is their biggest deterrent to doing her workouts. I personally have no problem with her personality. I like her! I watched The Biggest Loser only when she was on it. I do love Bob Harper, too, but I just had no interest in the show without Jillian. I have read almost all of her books (except her Mommy book and her most recent one, but 6 Keys is sitting on my To Read stack), and I listened to her podcast for many years (though I do not anymore; it has changed and I don’t like it anymore). My biggest beef with Jillian’s workouts is that she acts as pure trainer. She will do the first few reps of an exercise then walk to her background exercisers to point out form. So Jillian never breaks a sweat during her own workouts. I still love her workouts. They are excellent and effective but I personally like it when the trainer actually does their workouts. Another thing that irritates me about her workouts is that Jillian and her background exercisers are frequently using ridiculously light dumbbells. I think at least one exerciser, even if it isn’t Jillian herself, should be showing the home exerciser how to challenge themselves by using heavier dumbbells.

But regardless of all of that, her workouts are still excellent and I still do them. I have listed all of Jillian’s workouts that I have done and reviewed here, starting with her programs.

Body Revolution

Body Shred

Lift & Shred

Beginner Shred

Killer Cardio

10 Minute Body Transformation

10 Minute Body Transformation, 2nd Edition

No More Trouble Zones

Killer Abs

6 Week 6 Pack

Kickbox Fast Fix

Killer Arms & Back

Yoga Meltdown

Shred-It with Weights (2 kettlebell workouts)

Killer Body

One Week Shred

Hard Body

Extreme Shed & Shred

30 Day Shred

Killer Buns & Thighs

Yoga Inferno

Ripped in 30

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

Rip: 60 (this is a suspension band workout program; Jillian did not create it but she has one bonus workout included in the program)